Eon Weapons

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Re: Eon Weapons


Post by Combinebobnt » Tue Jun 07, 2016 2:29 am

i think changing the damage from 14 to 12 would make them stop complaining. would be like the quake3 lightning nerf then

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Re: Eon Weapons


Post by Ru5tK1ng » Tue Nov 01, 2016 2:42 am

Hello, it's been awhile but I have finally settled on releasing RC5. This release addresses a few issues and adds in a couple of features. I plan on finalizing this mod once 3.0 comes out in which I can verify it works without any issues. Then probably again down the road when ZScript becomes a thing.... Anyway, here is the changelog and the download link is in the first post.

[spoiler]+Project is now a space saving pk3
+New armor system detailed at the end
+New CVAR eon_teamprojectilecolor gives teams colored projectiles (red and blue only currently)
+New CVAR eon_bluearmorlms gives vanilla blue armor in LMS mode
+New CVAR eon_rotatingweapons shows rotations for vanilla pickup sprites
-Buffed Fist's normal damage vs players
-Reworked Pistol
-Smaller spread for CG
-Nerfed rocket speed and while increasing splash damage
-Nerfed grenade damage range while increasing explode damage
-Reworked firing states for GL, LG and RG
-Dehacked lump removed
-Vanilla max ammo amounts restored; ammo taken in LMS
-Custom ammo amounts reworked
-Deathmatch versions of some weapons:
+Chaingun does 7/14/21 with vanilla firing rate in DM; vanilla DMG in 3 tics in LMS/Duel
+Lightning Gun does 15 damage in DM, 13 in LMS/Duel
+Railgun does 100 damage in DM, 80 in LMS/Duel

===Stackable Armor System===
Custom armors are tiered by save percent and stack upon each other.
Green (33%) -> Blue (50%) -> Yellow (66%) -> Red (83%)
Each custom pickup gives 100 armor initially for their respective color.
Grabbing your current armor again stacks +100.
Picking up a lower tiered armor only gives +50 points to your current armor.
Upgrading to a higher tiered armor stacks a max of 50 points of your current amount onto the new armor.
72 Green + Yellow Pickup = 150 Yellow
25 Blue + Red Pickup = 125 Red
30 Red + Yellow Pickup = 80 Red
88 Blue + Blue Pickup = 188 Blue

Non-stack vanilla armors do not have a custom pick up sound.[/spoiler]

Questions/comments always welcomed.

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Re: Eon Weapons


Post by Ru5tK1ng » Sun Sep 24, 2017 3:10 am

Now that 3.0 has been released for some time, I think it's also time for a new bug fix update. I foresee the end of this project after this version if no more bugs/issues popup. Links updated on first page.
Spoiler: Changelog: RC6 (Open)
+Improved rocket jumping
+Improved grenade hop
+New Railgun Visuals
*Fixed Silent Chaingun bug
*Fixed team colored plasma bug
*Fixed missing armor gldef
*Fixed LGun 3.0 sound issue
*Fixed Chainsaw sound issue
*Fixed custom sphere armor behavior
*Fixed armor bonus issue with armor tracking
*Armor pickup sound is not overridden
-Changed LGun lightning trail
-Remove Order Def lump; uses native Zan pwo
-PNG'd a lot of sprites
-Weapons now use vanilla switch speed after spawning for 2 seconds
Spoiler: Railgun on red team (Open)

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Re: Eon Weapons


Post by ARGENTVM » Sun Sep 24, 2017 1:19 pm

Where is the AOW chainsaw? ???
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