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Q-Zandronum 1.4.3


Post by geNia » Tue Jun 13, 2023 10:20 pm

Q-Zandronum 1.4.3 has been released!

You can get the engine build from Q-Zandronum website

  • Added OpenAL sound backend support. For the time both FMOD and OpenAL are available, but over time FMOD will be removed.
  • Added "sv_fulltranslatesaturation" cvar to prevent enemy color override from lowering color saturation.
  • Refactored double tap second jump detection, it should be more consistent now.
  • Servers now tell joining clients their map list.
  • Fixed incorrect win messages in TDM.
  • Fixed a crash case when a new map opens.
  • Fixed double tap second jump not working when jump key is pressed.
  • Fixed a bug when spamming fire key to respawn results in weapon skipping it's A_Raise steps on clients.
  • Fixed "A_SetSize" not updating player height.
  • Fixed FreeformMenu and OptionMenu not skipping "else" block.
  • Fixed the crash on Linux when displaying the window to choose IWAD.
  • Added "APROP_Translation" for ACS GetActorProperty and SetActorProperty.
  • Added Decorate "Player.DoubleTapMaxTics" and ACS "APROP_DoubleTapMaxTics" parameters to configure max cooldown to perform a double tap second jump.
  • Added map category flags for MAPINFO (Category1, Category2, ..., Category9), which adds them to respected category OptionValue ("ZA_Levels#", "ZA_LevelNames#", "ZA_LevelTitles#", "ZA_LevelPreviews#").
  • Added the "NotInCategory0" map flag for MAPINFO that removes the map from default "All maps" OptionValue lists (ZA_Levels, ZA_LevelNames, ZA_LevelTitles, ZA_LevelPreviews).
  • Added map category versions for "menu_skirmishlevel" cvar and category support to "setskirmishlevel" and "menu_startskirmish" cmds as 2nd int parameter.
  • Added OptionValue lists for loaded maps (ZA_LevelsLoaded, ZA_LevelNamesLoaded, ZA_LevelTitlesLoaded, ZA_LevelPreviewsLoaded).

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