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Q-Zandronum 1.4.0


Post by geNia » Wed Apr 19, 2023 12:07 am

Q-Zandronum 1.4.0 has been released!

You can get the engine build from Q-Zandronum website

This is a major update that brings a new FreeformMenu feature that lets modders create complex modern menus.

  • Print STARTUP texts at the end of start console logs.
  • You can no longer vote kick a player without specifying a reason.
  • Bound action button names in bind menu are now uppercase.
  • VideoModeMenu no longer shows options for letterbox resolutions.
  • VideoModeMenu no longer prints multiple options for same resoltion.
  • Added randomclasssilent ccmd that sets your class randomly without printing any message.
  • Fixed Elevator Jump jitter in multiplayer.
  • Fixed broken railgun sound when zooming in coop.
  • Fixed FoV change interpolation when game is paused.
  • Fixed game pause breaking action scripts button states.
  • Added a FreeformOptionMenu type to MENUDEF. With that, you can freely position your menu elements at any coordinates. For details, go to Q-Zandronum wiki
  • Backported MENUDEF AddListMenu and AddOptionMenu from gzdoom.
  • Added support for back button selected texture, using menubackbutton_selection in MAPINFO.
  • Added ZA_LevelNames, ZA_LevelTitles and ZA_LevelPreviews OptionValue lists to bring more flexibility to map selection menus.
  • Added SubmenuCentered and CommandCentered types to OptionMenu.
  • Added upmenu cmd that closes current menu window and goes back to previous.
  • Added setskirmishlevel {mapname} and setcallvotemap {mapname} commands that set skirmish and callvote map selection based on provided map name. This is useful when creating a map list menu in your mod.
  • Added compatflags2, zadmflags and zacompatflags to CMPGNINF.
  • EpisodeMenu now accepts "playerclass" cvar when sending param -2.
  • Added RGF_NORANDOMPUFFZ for `A_RailAttack`
  • A_RailAttack puffs now spawn a little closer to the player, just like A_FireBullets

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Re: Q-Zandronum 1.4.0


Post by mrfudgeu » Thu Apr 27, 2023 9:28 am

suggestions for feature updates:

1. voice chat
optional between open mic & push to talk

also optional to disable this feature in the first place... for each individual
& if enabled .. option to mute others by player name from score menu...

also optional by server master
to make its sound level effected by your distance from each other on the map
or make it same level & all players in map can hear ya .. no matter where u r...

2. emojis
like this:
viewtopic.php?f=58&t=10895&p=118135&sid ... 83#p118135

3. doom eternal double jump & dash
since its a processer to a legendary game...

4. webGPU
(replacement of webGL) which use 100% of your system CPU&GPU&RAM capabilities .. unlike webGL
doomseeker on webGPU
to be able to run doom on other systems...
from a web browser
like chrome
or windows
or ChromeOS .. a google product .. based on Linux...
as in to keep up with the new tech & generations...
for example .. modern peeps or new generation peeps from schools/college/jobs
use chromeOS for education & run business
at least new ones...
not all sticking to windows...
but about webGPU
https://developer.chrome.com/blog/webgp ... d%20Vulkan.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPmkMe4 ... nteractive

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