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Zandronum 3.1-alpha-211205-2031


Post by Kaminsky » Sun Dec 05, 2021 9:10 pm

We have a new beta ready that fixes a few 3.1 regressions and adds some final tweaks to the skip correction. In this build, movement commands sent by the clients are no longer dropped if they arrive too late, much like in 3.0. Instead, they'll only be dropped if they're duplicates (i.e. backups) of commands already received by the server. In addition, "cl_backupcommands" now works even when the skip correction is disabled, as it used to.

If everything is okay with this build and we don't have to make anymore changes, we'll move forward with the final release! Happy testing everyone!

Here is the full Mercurial changelog:

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changeset:   10731:ffb075a80926
user:        Sean Baggaley <>
ACS: fixed an old regression in which printing a map char array did not dereference the given array variable

changeset:   10732:58ea7b4323b6
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed survival being stuck in the "mission failed" state indefinitely if it was interrupted by the intermission screen.

changeset:   10733:09dc59d3b5fb
user:        Torr Samaho
fixed a GCC warning

changeset:   10734:bba433aeddae
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed actors with the NODAMAGE flag not entering their pain states if they also triggered a damage event script.

changeset:   10735:52c95f097d24
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Added a sanity check to ensure that a team's carrier is still a valid player.

changeset:   10736:e621cccd7a0e
user:        Torr Samaho
fixed another GCC warning

changeset:   10737:3147116cf3a2
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed color codes appearing in the hostname when the server was minimized in the systray.

changeset:   10738:4b053a8fb9c6
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed players feeling jittery while jumping when the skip correction was enabled.

changeset:   10739:1106f2a4c6ed
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
The server now waits until it has received as many move commands from the player as it emulated during extrapolation, then performs a backtrace. This means that the gametics associated with each command don't matter anymore and no commands shall be ignored.

changeset:   10740:e251d09a4695
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
The server no longer ignores commands that arrived too late anymore, but rather only ignores duplicates of commands it already received from a player.

changeset:   10741:1132d04456c5
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
The server now only restricts playing certain sounds while backtracing a player.

changeset:   10742:82135ae9c4e0
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Let clients always send backup commands even when the skip correction is off.

changeset:   10743:669df2dc2c65
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed the loser of a duel not being sent to spectators if the level changed in the middle of the win sequence.

changeset:   10744:a3115fc55f31
tag:         tip
user:        Torr Samaho
Added some missing client side checks (fixing 3830 and 3828). Kudos to mmmds for reporting these problems.

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