WhoDunIt - Finally Released!

Maps, modifications, add-ons, projects, and other releases for Zandronum. Also includes announcers.
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WhoDunIt - Finally Released!

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The Art of Deception

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Spoiler: ChangeLog (Including All RC-Based changes)]Changelog RC1
  • Un-nerfed the Chainsaw a bit; the reduced movement speed and maximum fuel is enough of a nerf; the idle and attacking fuel drain rate has been decreased back to relatively original values
  • Changed a few tip messages
  • Changed the innocent tracker to a server-side script; this is seriously the last thing I can do to try and fix it for good
  • Added a new ACS Function: WDI_SetFinaleMusic(str song). In your map, if you make an array of strings containing the lump names of music tracks you want to use for a finale song, then randomly pick one in an open script and run this function, then the finale track will be whatever custom song was picked.
  • Added a new ACS Function: WDI_EndFade(bool set). Use this to enable/disable the end-of-round fadeout effect for the tally board. Should be used before end-game is reached! (preferably in an Open script)
  • Added new ACS Functions for checking/returning information: WDI_MurdID(), which returns the player id of the murderer, and WDI_IsFinale(), which returns whether the round is in finale mode or not.
  • The murderer doors now use a new technique for blocking innocents; innocents can no longer enter murderer walls at all, thus foregoing the Insta-kill lines.
  • Added the following new maps:
    • "Kiwi" by Jigsaw
    • "Sewers" by TheMisterCat
    • "Harmony Hill" by Peanut
    • "Castaway" by Conflagrated & Theshooter7
    • "Bunker Down" by Theshooter7
    • "Where-House" by Sicamore
    • "St.Mercy Hospital" by Capt. J3
  • Added the following weapons for use in "Castaway": Twig, Plank, Nailed Plank (sprite work credit goes to Lightman68)
  • Added F1 HELP images that explain the basics and premise of the game mode (Major thanks to Zeberpal for putting them together!)
  • Added Doom Builder 2-related comment entries to the DECORATE code (though sadly you still have to get "Beretta" and "Bar Key" from the respective Weapons and Keys categories; DB2 doesn't detect them as replacements and puts them in the wrong category)
  • Nerfed the Shovel slowdown amount; with the recent changes to the stun system, the shovel proved extremely powerful in the hands of skilled players
  • The Shotgun now only gives a fixed 1 shell when picked up. This forces the player with the weapon to find additional ammo and reduces the effectiveness of passing it to other players
  • Maximum amount of Shells has been reduced to 4
  • The Shotgun's clip size has been reduced to 4 shells
  • The Shovel now does slightly less damage to friendly innocents (25% -> 20%)
  • Molotov flames no longer give TK penalities when an innocent dies in them.
  • Shovel pickup sprites are now slightly bigger to stand out a bit
  • Replaced the M1 pickup sprite with the one submitted by Sicamore
  • The Beretta now spreads every shot to give it a more close to medium-range role, reserving the long-range role for the M1
  • Gave the Shotgun a clicking sound when it's empty and someone attempts to fire it
  • Made some changes to the pipe's attack speed, giving it a good sweet spot between Final5 and Final5c's attack speeds
  • Increased the Wrench's Ready speed after finishing a full combo slightly; it was excruciatingly long and often made shorter combos much more preferred
  • Buffed Wrench damage on the final combo attack, making the final blow count a lot as Minigunner had suggested (30 -> 35)
  • Pool Cue damage nerfed at Minigunner's suggested method (4/3 -> 2/5)
  • Implemented Minigunner's Beretta rebalance suggestion; reduced the damage slightly, but increased the rate of fire a bit to compensate (Damage: 12 -> 10, Fire animation total -4 tics)
  • Reduced the maximum random ammo obtained when picking up the Beretta; it's now a random amount between 1 and 8
  • Reduced the maximum random ammo obtained when picking up the M1; now a random number between 2 and 5 (down from 3 to 8)
  • In the event the murderer disconnects and only 1 player is left, the map now exits
  • Backstabs are now tracked on the tallyboard, and each backstab kill awards a bonus 2 points
  • Altered the TK penalties as follows:
    • On your first TK offence, you lose your health regen, drop all your medkits, are unable to pickup guns, and have a Yellow aura. If your health dips below 30 OR was at that value when you tk'd, the aura vanishes and you get your health regen back, however, you still cannot pick up any guns for the remainder of the round. The first TK will also force you to drop your weapon, meaning that you won't be able to pick guns back up. This encourages innocents to give you your beating in order to give your health regen back
    • On the second offence, the only change is that you lose your health regen again, permanently for the round. You still will move slower and lose your FF damage reductions and lose all your ammo/items.
    • Third offence is unchanged and you will still instantly die
  • Again upped the amount of sanity given when inflicting and receiving damage as the murderer
  • Slowdown stun from melee weapons is no longer effective against a player with < 20 health; when the stun was stacked on top of the forced walk speed (because of the runhealth property), it made the player slow to an utter crawl
  • Items no longer make a sound when respawning
  • Redid the Gnome and removed some artifact code from it's entry
  • Added the Computer Chairs from Marsis into the main PK3
  • Fixed: Occasionally when tossing the Brick or Molotov, you'd end up with the "no weapons" bug
  • Fixed: Chainsaw states should now work correctly and not bug out
  • M1 weapon drop bug has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug where players would not get stunned if they held their weapons ready and took a hit
  • WDI02: Fixed some blocking lines on the shed in the courtyard
  • WDI02: Blocked up the vents and revoked access to the upper ledges
  • WDI03: Fixed a blocking linedef on the railway

Changelog RC2:
  • Plank and Nailed plank damage has been reduced to balance their additional speed over the shovel counterpart
  • Fixed: "Castaway" weapons were not removed after a round ended on that map
  • Made some small tweaks to the shotgun traps that should hopefully improve their reaction speed and aim online
  • Fixed: Remote camera will no longer get stuck on players and the like when thrown
  • Sound Emitters now make a random sound less often when idle to decrease their obviousness
  • Increased the M1's jamming chance slightly (10% -> 15%)
  • Decreased the M1's spread by half (1.0 -> 0.5)
  • Changed the way the M1 handle's damage; it now does reduced damage within 176 map units, beyond that it does full damage. This is to reinforce it's role as a mid to long-range weapon. This needs to be tested to make sure it works correctly online.
  • Tiny increase to the M1's rate of fire
  • Reduced the speed of the pool cue to balance out it's high stun and reach
  • Fixed: Molotovs will no longer explode underwater
  • Fixed: Brick and molotov showed the ready state for a frame after being thrown (must test to make sure fix actually worked)
  • Players are no longer affected by weapon knockback. This includes both the murderer and the innocents
  • Reduced maximum stun capacity (5 -> 4)
  • Fixed: The murderer can no longer increase his sanity using Shotgun Traps
  • Reduced the amount of sanity received when taking and dealing damage
  • The Murderer's smoke bombs can now be thrown a small distance. This will allow him to get them around corners and better cover an approach against camping/armed innocents
  • Fixed: The shotgun now only gives one shell properly when picked up
  • Added 15 additional seconds to all of the Murderer's item respawn times
  • Shotgun Trap damage per shell has been increased (6x2 -> 6x3). With some bad luck, it can kill an innocent in one hit!
  • Thrown/Active flares can now disable Shotgun Traps and Remote Cameras. Innocents can use flares to block the murderer from setting traps in specific spots! (for a short time at least)
  • Maximum amount of flares has been reduced (3 -> 2)
  • Changed the scoring system a little: Kills done by the murderer now award 12 points instead of 10. This adds leeway for trap and medkit usage, or for making mistakes. It also allows a bit of a comeback from paranoia kills
  • Fixed: The Backstab count message on the tally board should show in the correct spot now
  • Finalized the Easter Eggs on "Castaway"
  • Widened the outside Murderer restock entry wall to make it easier to navigate on "Castaway", along with a couple other Murderer walls
  • Reduced the volume of D_SICA so it's not overly loud compared to the other music tracks
  • Player stun duration now shows up on the HUD above the health bar as a small icon with a yellow meter indicating time left
  • More fixes to the chainsaw states
  • Picking up an active Fake Stimpack now inflicts a full amount of stun on the victim
  • Nerfed Brick damage a bit (30 -> 27)
  • Players now properly start with one medkit at the beginning of a new round if they survived the last round with no medkits
  • Experimental: Made the murderer do the same damage to the innocents with melee weapons as they do to eachother; this should eliminate the "damage check" people sometimes do
  • New Crossbow pickup sprite (Credit to Mooseknuckle...Where are you mang?)
  • Experimental: The map will now do an internal reset using Zandronum's ResetMap() function when the murderer leaves the game
  • Reverted the TK system to the old Beta version system; 1 mistake nets you some penalties, second mistake removes you from the game!
    • WDI01 - Asylum
    • WDI02 - Now Museum, Now you Don't!
    • WDI03 - Clock Town Chase
    • WDI04 - Confinement
    • WDI05 - Men's Night Out
    • WDI06 - Surrounded
    • WDI07 - Cradle Under The Star
    • WDI08 - St. Mercy Hospital
    • WDI09 - Sewer Showdown
    • WDI10 - Slaughter Seminar
    • WDI11 - Bunker Down
    • WDI12 - Where-House
    • WDI13 - Echo Ridge
  • Removed "Wreck Center" from the mapset; Sorry Jigsaw, but based on feedback I've received, the map still has some gameplay problems and a number of aesthetic issues. The biggest problem is the scaling; a table or bench shouldn't be up to the player's head. I recommend trying to fix things and release as a standalone map, as it still has some cool ideas (ex. the saw room is truly unique)
  • Removed "Castaway" per Conflagrated's suggestion; it doesn't fit overall with the rest of the maps in the main set; it will be released as an addon map. Actors related to the map shall remain in the main pk3 however.
  • WDI01: Applied the key spawning fix for the SafeKey, placing 32 in the same spot
  • WDI02: Fixed the murderer item bump bug
  • WDI03: Fixed bad lines that blocked the Morgue for innocents
  • WDI03: Modified the key spawner script to spawn 32 keys in the same position, allowing every player a chance to obtain the key. This should resolve issues with people believing the key never spawns
  • WDI06: Fixed the vent shaft to allow the murderer to actually get into it
  • WDI13: Did some performance optimizations to the level; it should load quicker and run smoother now

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Actual Gameplay:
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Spoiler: Old Post Details (Open)

Spoiler: Changelog (Final5 beta)]
  • Changed the Ammo spawners to spawn shotgun shells more likely than pistol clips. Shells now spawn 60% of the time and clips 40%
  • Modified the drop weapon command so that it stops dropping the weapon when you release the button; the prevents issues with pressing the button, and changing or picking up a weapon and suddenly dropping it.
  • Increased the attack range of the Pool Cue to give it some additional edge in melee (64/72 -> 80/88)
  • Nerfed the pool cue's damage; testing proved it was too powerful with the increased reach (4/6 -> 3/4/3 for a max damage of 28/swing)
  • Fixed: In the event the level restarts (because of survival mode conditions), the tally board will disappear much quicker.
  • Fixed: Players will no longer get kicked for changing their color too rapidly
  • The Chainsaw now stays on/off when you switch weapons
  • Fixed: You could carry twice as many shotgun shells as you should have (players were somehow given a backpack, which let them carry 24 instead of 12 as intended)
  • Fixed: Crossbow bolts can now be dropped
  • Added some $limit entries to the SNDINFO for swinging sounds and the like
  • Added sounds for hitting the player and hitting a wall with the pool cue
  • Increased the time it takes for the stun effect to wear off, making the stun effect much more effective than before
  • Increased the chance of the KeySpawner to actually spawn the Bar Key (128 -> 176)
  • Flares will emit small puffs of smoke when they are down to 5 seconds of light
  • Flares now last a bit longer (700 -> 900)
  • The M1 Carbine now jams a bit less often
  • The M1 Carbine no longer loses a bullet when jamming
  • Added touched up/new sprites by Mooseknuckle (Thanks!)
  • Increased the maximum amount of slowdown you can have from the stun effect (3 -> 5)
  • Reduced maximum carryable M1 Ammo, in return the minimum M1 ammo has been increased a bit (3 -> 1)
  • Killing rats as the murderer now gives a tiny bit of sanity
  • Fake Stim traps no longer make any noise when deployed (makes them a bit more useful)
  • Fake Stim gas now deploys much quicker, making it a bit deadlier
  • Fake Stims can now take a tiny bit more of a beating before being destroyed (but not much)
  • Fake Stims no longer bleed when hit
  • Fixed: players now only receive 1 flare each map
  • The stun effect now reduces your speed a bit more (25% -> 30%)
  • Fixed: Some of the machinery on WDI05 was still impassible
  • Bertholite is a bit more damaging now (it deals damage every 18 tics instead of every 35)
  • Bertholite was given some flags to make it cover an area more
  • Bertholite clouds' physical size has been reduced
  • WDI04: Fixed a bad murderer door in the basement cells that could not be opened from the inside
  • WDI04: Added a murderer hall that leads out of the security room. This allows the murderer to escape this dead-end room
  • WDI04: Added a fixed spawn for the pistol in the security room
  • WDI04: Added several random spawn positions for the Shotgun; it has a gurantee spawn at one of the points
  • WDI02: Replaced the Crossbow with a shovel
  • WDI02: Removed some bad floor tags
  • WDI02: Added a path between the upper balcony (formerly a dead end) in the main hall and the back cellar
  • WDI02: Added a fixed spawn for the pistol in one of the lounge rooms (replacing the random spawner)
  • WDI02: Added an extra bertholite bottle and 2 extra fake stims to the murderer's restock room
  • Added two additional songs to the Finale Music
  • Increased D_FATE easter egg song chance slightly (1% -> 2%)
  • Merged the Classic gamemode code into the main pk3; WDI is now just one pk3 for the core contents
  • Updated WDI03 with Zeberpal's latest changes
  • Fixed an exploit on WDI06 involving the basement door; it now stays open once opened
  • Tiny increase to the Pipe's attack speed on combo attacks
  • The chainsaw's fuel drain rate has been increased a tiny bit
  • SBARINFO: doubled the speed the health interpolates, making it so your actual health value is displayed a bit faster
  • Fixed: D_FATE easter egg was broken; the sound file was in the wrong place in the pk3 (oops)
  • Changed the TK system a tiny bit: 3 TK's now result in being instantly killed
  • Added an official new weapon: The Brick! Pick one up, and throw it at your target. If it hits, it'll deal 30 damage and stun them for a good while. Pick it back up afterwards.
  • Fixed: Shotguntraps could be knocked around with damage
  • Fixed: The shovel didn't have a pickup message
  • Fixed offsets for several beretta effects (such as the smoke and casings)
  • Added the Carbine Marine skins from MarineSkinsv7 for the M1 (replacing the rather out-of-place Sniper Rifle skin)
  • Added a CONFONT replacement originally made by Zeberpal
  • Fake stimpack's sprites were adjusted to be less noticeable
  • Removed the obituary message from the Shotgun Traps
  • The Murderer now does additional damage with the Chainsaw in his hands, more than he did before (the knife is still better all around but now the chainsaw does more raw damage)
  • Fixed a bug related to the slowdown script
  • Equipping the Chainsaw now reduces your speed by 5%
  • Halved the max amount of Chainsaw fuel the player can have, but in return increased the minimum amount of fuel obtained when picking it up (1000 -> 500)
  • Fixed: The console log message would not properly show the name of whoever killed the murderer
  • Fixed: On-screen bloodsplatters were not working properly, they now draw each time you are hit and remove previous splatters to prevent clogging up the screen too much
  • Added another official weapon: The Molotov! Equip it and it must be lit (similar to how the Chainsaw must be revved), toss it to create a patch of fire on impact. If you die holding it, it'll burst next to your body!
  • Fixed: You can no longer take damage from bertholite poison at the end of a round
  • Fixed some problems with Murderer nerfs/innocent buffs and FF damage
  • Buffed Wrench damage a little bit (20/25/27 -> 25/25/30)
  • Made some major tweaks to the Knife backstab script; it should now be much less finnicky and work more often
  • Added sv_disallowsuicide to the autoconfig script (forcing it to true)
  • Fixed Crossbow ammo exploit
  • Health regen now only begins to take effect 6 seconds after the last time you received damage. In return, health regen is now slightly faster.
  • Fixed issues involving survival conditions where the murderer could die (for example, by Bertholite before the round ended) during the tally board and break the game a bit
  • Fixed some potential miscounts regarding murderer kills when a new murderer is selected if the old one leaves (particular variables were not reset and inventory items related to kills were never removed)
  • Increased the range of activation for the Sound Emitters. This should buff their usage and no longer practically require you to place them in someone's path to work
  • Sound Emitters now play the knife draw and knife hit sounds more often.
  • Sound Emitters no longer make the item drop sound when deployed; they still make their electronic activation noise, however
  • Added Minigunner's Beretta sprite and animation edits. Thanks!
  • Added bullethole decals for the guns
  • Renamed wdi_allow_autoconfig CVAR to wdi_disable_autoconfig in order to fix some issues with it
  • Removed some relic DECORATE entries
  • TK Halos now work as intended since the start (using a trick to pull it off)
  • Fixed: TK Penalties would not take effect for the second and/or third TK if the TKer's health never dipped below 20 (fulfilling the "beating" requirement)
  • Fixed: Innocent Players will now be penalized if they kill a first-offense TKer
  • Increased the amount of health needed to be considered to have gotten a "beating", thus removing the yellow halo (20 -> 30)
  • Did some cleanup and improvements to the Sound Emitter behavior to make it less dodgey and more consistent
  • Upped the immediate damage received from a fake stimpack when picking it up by a slight amount (15 -> 20)
  • Fixed: players would not properly drop their currently held weapon on death if they were too close to a wall or another actor
  • Score penalties for Smoke Bombs and Sound Emitters have been reduced; they now subtract 1 point for every 2 used (giving 1 free use at the start)
  • Increased the amount of sanity received when harming players and when taking damage as the murderer by a little
  • Health and Sanity are now properly recorded BEFORE applying the bonuses received for killing the last player
  • Changed: Murderer items now respawn in much less time than before to allow him to restock more often if needed. This should allow the murderer to take on tough situations more readily. The times are as follows:
    • Bertholite: 1m 15s
    • Smoke Bomb: 45s
    • Sound Emitter: 45s
    • Fake Stimpack: 50s
    • Trip Shotgun: 1m
  • Patched up ALL possible exploits on EVERY single map to date
  • Reduced the physical height of trees to make it so they still have some height but are not impossibly high for the murd to catch you on
  • Removed the murderknife from the KEYCONF; you must now implicitly press the "use knife" key (in Customize Controls) to equip it as the murderer
  • All Maps: Tweaked key spawning scripts on all maps containing keys; they now spawn 32 keys in the same spot to allow ALL players the chance to obtain a key (in the event it was a scripted spawn; placed key spawners behave like co-op keys as normal)
  • All Maps: Added brick and molotov weapons to each map in various amounts and locations
  • All Maps: Created instant-kill lines behind murderer doors; if an innocent manages to slip in, the others will never see him again...
  • WDI01: Fixed some script issues related to the windows (may have been the cause of the crashes, though I still wager it's a SkullTag bug too)
  • WDI01: Fixed an out-of-place ceiling piece that was raised too high (revealing a missing texture)
  • WDI02: Removed vines on the back of the pillars with the Vile Statues
  • WDI03: Made the water brighter
  • WDI03: Made the blocking lines near the water block everything to prevent people from tossing items into the water
  • WDI03: Added a damage effect to the stone wall which must be stacked over for the easter egg; don't stay up there too long!
  • WDI03: Made the teleport for the Easter Egg a line action so that people can't get trapped back there
  • WDI03: Lowered the clock on the train platform
  • WDI04: Added some more detailing to the hub tunnel to better distinguish which direction you are heading
  • WDI04: Redid the room leading up to the grating platform; it is now just a simple, twisting staircase
  • WDI04: Tweaked the shotgun spawn a bit; it now has a chance to spawn in one of the basement cells, too
  • WDI04: Reduced amount of ammo that can be found on the map
  • WDI04: Added some extra melee spawners around the locale
  • WDI04: Added additional dynamic lights to various areas
  • WDI05: Reduced the height of the shelving support bars in the storage room. This should make it much easier to navigate the tops of the shelves
  • WDI05: Moved the M1 to another, more difficult to reach location. This helps spread the weapons out a bit instead of all of them being bunched up by the bar wing (in the M1's place is a melee spawner)
  • WDI05: Added an extra pool cue, and changed the ones by the rack to the standing version
  • WDI06: Reduced global brightness by 8
  • Removed the "fine" film grain option to reduce file size
  • Upgraded the mapinfo format to the updated format
  • WDI06: Changed name to "Slaughter Seminar" (it isn't really a high school anyway...)
  • If a player disconnects or spectates during the round, the murderer now receives a bit of health and sanity.
  • Fixed: The end-game console log message did not accurately get the score of the murd if he won
  • Pool Cue damage increased a tiny, ever so slight bit (3/4/3 -> 4/4/3 for a maximum 30 damage/hit)
[spoiler=Changelog (Final4)]
  • Fixed: The Shotgun was not added to the weapon drop list, so a player carrying it would never drop it when they died
  • Fixed an exploit involving the gym storage door on WDI06; the door now stays open once it has been opened
  • Fixed: The windows on WDI01 can now be jumped through. The rest of the ledge is still inaccessible, however
  • Fixed exploits on WDI02 involving the vent shafts; the areas that should not be accessible are now blocked by invisible walls
  • Changed: The innocent tracker underwent some changes under the hood, using a new method for tracking the innocents. With this, the game should no longer "forget" an innocent on occasions and not show their marker
  • Added sv_randomcoopstarts (forcing to true) to the autoconfig script
  • Changed: Equipment should now fully carry over between maps. This mainly means that ammo, flares, and medkits will remain with you in the next round (I simply added the -INVENTORY.INTERHUBSTRIP flag to all of the items, the scripts never removed anything however)
  • Changed: The chainsaw now drains fuel a bit more rapidly while active, even without attacking. This balances it out for 1v1 with the murderer and gives more incentive to turn it off
  • Changed: Attacking with the knife now causes you to lunge forward a tiny bit
  • Fixed: Removed some invisible actors in the central room of WDI05 that could block players going around the corners
[spoiler=Changelog (Final1-Final3)]
  • Fixed: Removed garbage states from sanity items
  • Fixed: Melee weapons now loop in the Hold state correctly instead of forcing itself back into the Fire state
  • Added new ACS function: WDI_GameState() - returns the current gamemode's gamestate; this can return as GAMESTATE_WAITFORPLAYERS (0), GAMESTATE_SAFETYCOUNTDOWN (1), GAMESTATE_MURDERCHOOSE (2), GAMESTATE_GAMEACTIVE (3), or GAMESTATE_GAMEOVER (4)
  • Added new ACS function: WDI_Ending() - returns the ending condition of the current round. Can be: END_INOLOSE (0), END_MURLOSE (1), or END_MURSUICIDE (2)
  • Fixed: [strikethrough]TK halos should now work correctly[/strikethrough] This is not working as intended; I've exhausted every method possible and it refuses to work 100%. It works _SOMETIMES_ but seems to be rare. And trying HudMessageOnActor() as a replacement doesn't work right either, despite being in the same script as the innocent tracker! Ultimately, I've just left the halos out; there is nothing that can be done to fix it.
  • Fixed: [strikethrough]Action markers now properly hide for all players but the murderer (as intended)[/strikethrough] It's impossible to fix this; I've tried everything, but you cannot hide an actor from some clients and show it for others.
  • Fixed: Fists now do equal damage to all players (no more punch checking)
  • Fixed: Tips during the safety period should no longer spaz out
  • Fixed: The end-game console log message (which details the final score results) no longer appears in the upper-left corner at random
  • Fixed: The tension message ("a murderer has been chosen." etc.) should now reappear correctly if the murderer disconnects and a new murderer is selected
  • Fixed: Innocent tracker/marker should always work correctly now, instead of sometimes not showing the last innocent or breaking in general
  • Changed: Added proper icons to the weapons on the HUD. Now it is apparent which number is the ammo in the gun, and which is the extra ammo
  • Changed: The fists now behave like the fist patch with some changes; the primary fire is the right hook, which does little damage but is faster, and the secondary is the left hook, which does considerably more damage (8 damage a hit), but is much slower.
  • Changed: The shotgun was given a slightly narrower cone of spread (5.6 -> 5)
  • Fixed: The pistol and shotgun should no longer switch away if you attempt to reload without any extra ammo
  • Changed: The pistol's offsets have been adjusted so it is easier to aim with
  • Changed: The pistol is now slightly more accurate (2 -> 1.75)
  • Changed: Wrench damage nerfed (25/30/35 -> 20/20/25)
  • Changed: Pool cue now has a slight attack speed increase (it is still pretty weak, but now it isn't completely worthless)
  • Fixed: The pistol had missing frames when reloading, causing it to flicker twice during the animation
  • Changed: Updated WDI03: Removed rain, fixed flying bugs/exploits, some other small changes
  • Fixed: Patched out exploits on WDI01; it is no longer possible to get on the thin outside ledge, or the bridge roof
  • Changed: The ambient brightness levels of all maps has been increased slightly
  • Added: xsnake's map is officially part of the WDI package and takes the slot of WDI05
  • Changed: The conveyor belts/machinery in WDI05 is no longer impassible; the machinery can now be climbed over
  • Fixed: WDI05 now uses the newer way of spawning action markers for the murderer
  • Changed: Killing an innocent now awards less health to the murderer (50 -> 25)
  • Added: Capt. J3's map has been added to the WDI package as WDI06
  • Changed: Greatly tweaked brightness levels of WDI06
  • Changed: Bolts fired from the crossbow will fall to the ground 10 seconds after impact, allowing them to be picked back up
  • Changed: Crossbow bolts are now smaller in physical size (i.e. in the DECORATE definition; their appearance is unchanged) (8 -> 4)
  • Changed: Crossbow bolts now move faster; this reduces the overall damage they deal but makes them more accurate at range (120 -> 180)
  • Added: Crossbow bolts now show up on the inventory bar
  • Changed: SBARINFO now accepts ammo icons to show an image next to the ammo display
  • Changed: Crossbow damage increased slightly to offset the damage reduction from speed and size changes (3 -> 4)
  • Added: "Colour Changer v2" has been integrated directly into WDI as a core component
  • Fixed: Sound Emitter usage was not properly recorded because of a DECORATE inconsistancy
  • Fixed: Some DECORATE-related errors/typos
  • Fixed: Missing texture on WDI04
  • Fixed: Crossbow on WDI05 can no longer be "plasma bumped" through the glass
  • Added: player skins for Wrench and Pipe weapons by Zeberpal
  • Changed: The score system now gives the murderer a bonus 5 free points each round. This gives some leeway for the perfect medal, and makes it a bit harder to get the Pathetic medal
  • Fixed: All players should now properly receive a black fadeout at the end of a round
  • Fixed: paranoia kills will no longer go below 0 on rare occasions
  • Added: the M1 carbine is now an official weapon in WDI and has been added to several current maps
  • Changed: the innocent tracker now activates if 25% of the players remain (as before), or if 2 innocents are left alive (up from 1 innocent)
  • Added: put the M1 Carbine in the equipment list/scripts; map makers can now use it freely without using a seperate script to remove it
  • Changed: Brought back D_FATE easter-egg song. It has a 1% chance of playing when the innocents numbers get low, and unlike previous iterations, it will only play once, then play one of the alternate tracks as usual
  • Added: readded the rage-quit messages, tweaked them to work correctly and appear less-frequently
  • Changed: M1 Carbine has much tighter spread but now spreads on every shot (3/4 -> 1/1)
Spoiler (Open)
Custom Commands
  • wdi_blacklist_rounds <amount> -- Sets the number of rounds ex-murderers cannot be the murderer for. (Default: 5)
  • wdi_murd_healthbonus <amount> -- Sets the extra maximum health the murderer gets per player. (Default is 10)
  • wdi_murd_maxbonus <amount> -- Sets the MAXIMUM health murderer can have. (So if you don't want him to have 400 health in a 32 player game, use this)
  • wdi_safety_time <time> -- Sets the time, in seconds, that players have to setup before the murderer is chosen. (Default is 30)
  • wdi_filmgrain_level <level> -- (CLIENT) Sets the type of film grain to use. 0: Off, 1: Coarse, 2: Fine. (Default is 1)
  • wdi_voteyes -- Votes 'Yes' on an admin punishment vote when the prompt is active. Bind this to a key, or type it in the console when voting. You can also bind it with the regular vote command like so: bind pgup "vote_yes;wdi_voteyes"
  • wdi_voteno -- Votes 'No" on an admin punishment vote when the prompt is active. Bind this to a key, or type it in the console when voting. You can also bind it with the regular vote command like so: bind pgdn "vote_no;wdi_voteno"

Lies. Deception. Murder.

"Who is the murderer? Some never find out, if he is cunning enough to elude them for long enough. He is normal just like the rest of us, if not a little bit too normal. He is you, and he is me. He is inside the walls, and he is waiting.

Even more interesting is this: If the "murderer" simply blends in and waits, keeping his knife hidden and watching as the innocents off each other one by one, is he still the monster? Sometimes the "innocents" kill more than the "murderer" does. So who is sane?

Don't think about it too long, or you'll become distracted enough for him (or me, or that other guy) to sneak up behind you. Good luck."

WhoDunIt is a custom gamemode for Skullta- Zandronum that rewards the observant, and punishes the clumsy.

The game starts with all the players spawning in various locales, armed with little but their fists and an array of melee weapons scattered around the levels.
After a short while, one player is chosen as the Murderer. The Murders goal is simple: Murder everyone. His preferred method to deliver death? A sliver of metal between the vertebrae.

The Murderer has to be cautious, though! For while the knife is the most efficient and satisfying method of taking out others, drawing it is very loud and visually obvious; Marking him as the largest threat in the room, usually ending with him in a corner getting his skull bashed in by 'The Innocents'.

To make matters worse, all these deaths have left the Murderer with a constantly draining sanity, eventually losing it and committing suicide when unable to watch something squirm and die.

Fortunately, the trademarked knife he carries isn't the only weapon at his disposal; Poisonous chlorine gas, remote cameras, smoke bombs, poisoned first-aid kits, and even Automated trip-wire shotguns allow The Murderer to manipulate and destroy his prey.

But what happens when The Murderer blends in a little too well? What happens if somebody loses it and kills someone completely innocent?
Two mistakes. That's all you get before everybody turns on you. After an Innocent kills one Innocent, he is marked with a Yellow Aura, enabling other players to beat him to within an inch of his life before being allowed to venture with the others.
Another mistake? A red aura visible to all players indicating "Kill on Sight". Good job, rookie.
Worse still, The Murderer has a penchant for being able to find the careless, regardless of their location.

... but of course you already know this.

[spoiler=WDI Dev Team
ConflagratedCanine - Sprites, Textures, Level Design, ACS, Decorate, Sound.
TheShooter7 - ACS, Decorate.
TheMisterCat - Models, Sprites, Sound, Level Design, Decorate.
Tribeam - ACS

- Testers -
Wartorn - Server Hosting


- Contributors -
Marty Kirra - Weapon Sprites
Wildweasel - Weapon System and something else that I seem to have forgotten!
Jimmy91 - Player Skins

-Resources Used-

Blood Texture Pack
Zdoom Splashes pack
CGMansion Texture Pack
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