Get the latest Zandronum-compatible zcommon here

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Get the latest Zandronum-compatible zcommon here


Post by Fused » Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:14 pm

This link contains the latest zcommon and other related files, which you will need to have up-to-date, in order to make use of the new features added to Zandronum.
Since there's no proper place to get a compiler with all Zan-compatible functions, Korshun decided to create a github page which will contain the latest compiler files.

ACC (and so BCC) and GDCC are available.
functions such as floor(), ceil() and round() are renamed to ZDoom_floor(), ZDoom_ceil() and ZDoom_round() as they do not function in the current version of Zandronum, and are useless. For proper versions of these functions, please download and make use of the ACSutils library over at You can also just copy-paste the functions out if you want. They can be found at ... csmath.acs.

To download, press the Clone or download button, and download as a ZIP (or press here for the lazy).

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