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Internal Conflict [v.069] - Review by Slyfox


Post by Slyfox » Sat Jun 25, 2016 7:59 pm

Note 1: This is not the final version of the wad, things are subject to change of course.
Note 2: I'm going to involve Bob's balance patch for the sake of keeping this review a fair score.

Internal Conflict
created by: Seiat
Project Background: The mod was created by a user called Seiat, and was in development for quite some time. The basis of the mod is that there are several classes of the classic doom monsters, which are the Zombieman, Imp, Demon, Revenant, Pain Elemnetal, Cacodemon, Hell Knight, Lost Soul, Arachnotron, Mancubus, and Archvile. Each kill you earn with your class grants you a refill on your 1st 3 weapons, and an additional stronger weapon.
Killing sprees allow you to spike in power, up to a slot 7 weapon being your ultimate.

Content: The content here are primarily the classes and the maps. I'm mainly going to discuss the classes more than the maps, as any map pack
that is large enough can be used with this mod.
Spoiler: The Classes (Open)
There are 11 classes, and that's a lot to balance in all honestly. As noted i'm going to involve bob's recent balance patch as this mod is still in the early stages before Seiat disappeared.

Zombieman: This class is pretty much the equivalent of playing a weapons mod in last man standing. It has armor, all of its slots are fast projectile or hit-scan weapons, and he has low base health but is also given armor. You're squishy but able to dish out a great amount of damage, sort of like a glass cannon.

Lost soul: the lost soul is a class that relies on ramming into people head-first [no pun intended] with its attacks, but also has ranged attacks to whittle them down. It is able to fly making this class quite mobile, but it also very low in the health department. You can murder some lower hp classes with this one rather effectively, but you must be cautious when you're fighter the larger beasts of this mod.

Imp: very fast and stealthy class, but also really low in hp. can throw out decent damaging attacks while cloaking himself to make fighting this class a pain for the slower tankier ones.

Demon: Pretty much the fastest class in the mod now, its extremely nimble and chomps away at enemies with its weapon slots. Has slightly higher health than the other squishy classes, but can still get torn apart if not careful.

Revenant: A slightly tankier class that fires homing projectiles with his slots, although rather slow he can dish out as pretty much an anti-air class.

Pain Elemental: slow, by its flight makes it mobile nonetheless, and can spawn lost souls as both offense and defense. pretty tanky as well, but can be picked off if not careful by the turret-like classes

Cacodemon: faster than the Pain Elemental, slower than a lost soul, but can do a lot of damage in a corridor with some of its attacks. has decent hp as well

Hellknight: wonderful duelist, high hp, pretty average in speed, and has crazy attacks at the cost of some hp. can be taken out with mobility however.

Arachnotron: slow turret-like class, high hp but rather slow, he can spam his weapon slots and has a trick up his sleeve when flanked.

Mobius Mancubus: slow moving high-hp tank, fires average speed but very damaging attacks.

Archvile: slightly high hp, decent speed, and can summon monsters to aid in his fight, whether offensively or defensively. his later slots however
also prove to do insane damage if not dodged.
In terms of balance for all of these classes, thanks to the patch aforementioned its a lot better than it was before. Most classes get playtime now, although some classes still seem to pull over more than others [demon, Hell Knight] that doesn't stop all other classes from winning however, with more skilled people pulling in wins with the lesser picked classes.

The base maps
The base maps are actually really decent to play, although there is a lot of them where i have to go to OpenGl or max my gamma in software to see properly which really annoys me [especially fighting against imps.] Other map packs can work with this wad, but they need to be large enough to fit the much larger classes of this mod.
Spoiler: Small Example video (Open)
Fun Factor - 9 / 10 - I can play this mod for days at a time, it has a wonderful pacing in last man standing, and when you get kills to add weapons to your arsenal, you feel like a true demon rising in power.
Balance - 7 / 10 - A bit iffy here and there, but for the most part the mod along with the patch puts all of the classes in decent spots, some more than others. Revenant is indeed probably the worse example to use for balance however.
Creativity - 7 / 10 - I've seen several mods similar to this, but the unique ability to gain weapons through kills makes this fresh.
Replay Value - 9 / 10 - I play this with the ts whenever they start it

8 / 10

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Re: Internal Conflict [v.069] - Review by Slyfox


Post by Dranzer » Sat Jun 25, 2016 8:07 pm

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