Late Train - Review by Slyfox

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Late Train - Review by Slyfox


Post by Slyfox » Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:51 pm

Created by (enderkevin13)
Project Background: "Okay, so here's a level I redid to make it better in some ways than it was before.
The idea is, you're on a train, and you have to stop it and retreat to a bunker or some shit."

Content: Just one map, kind of short at that.
Ok, so you start in the map with a little slideshow of text telling you that you need to kill monsters through the train, hit a switch and stop it. Pretty simple start. The map overall in terms of difficulty... is not that hard at all. There is plenty of ammo to take out the oncoming monsters, and the blue armor secret damn near guarantees that you can live through the rest of the map.

So the map gives you 4 minutes to exit the map... but I mean come on, I sat there pistoling almost everything throughout the map, and still managed to clear the map within 2 minutes. I mean I guess 4 minutes is enough leeway for any newer players that wanna try it, but honestly I didn't at all feel the urgency of the clock ticking.

Fun Factor - 5 / 10 - I mean its just a quick little time attack map with monsters, but I guess I had a bit of fun with it.
Balance - 6 / 10 - The time you're allowed in conjunction with the monsters on the map don't really sit well with me in my opinion. I was able to turtle and still finish the map with 2 minutes left out of 4.
Creativity - 5 / 10 - I mean... it is a train map.
Replay Value - 4 / 10 - Uhhhh.... not really for a single map that lasts 5 minutes. I guess you can try to beat your previous time? Nightmare?

4 / 10
This train is barely on the rails

Note: I reviewed this shorter wad because my summer is honestly gonna be packed with a bunch of random training drills. I'll try to get to the longer wads I have yet to review, but for now heres some filler reviews of short projects.

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Re: Late Train - Review by Slyfox


Post by Combinebobnt » Fri Jun 03, 2016 1:53 am

but how late was the train sly

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