ZanStuff Review Rules and Guidelines (As of Sept. 2015)

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ZanStuff Review Rules and Guidelines (As of Sept. 2015)


Post by Catastrophe » Sat Sep 19, 2015 9:48 pm

What is this?
This is a sub-forum dedicated towards reviews. Anyone may post a review as long as the rules below are followed. Guidelines are there to just help people write a good review, they don't have to be followed.

  • No "Lets Play" video reviews of any kind.
  • Reviews must be coherent.
  • All reviews must have a rating.
  • A download link to the project being reviewed must be provided.
  • A review of a project that is still a work-in-progress must be explicitly indicated along with its version.
  • Give an effort to format your reviews. I've been told this is better formatted than this.
  • Explain why you think something is good or bad.
  • Post screenshots! They help readers visualize whatever you're reviewing.
  • Avoid posting videos unless they're really short. People are more likely to click on fast loading images than a lengthy video.
  • Try not to ramble on one subject for too long.
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