Doomseeker 1.4.1

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Doomseeker 1.4.1


Post by Zalewa » Fri Mar 17, 2023 6:28 pm

Image We're happy to announce the release of Doomseeker 1.4.1. This release fixes a few bugs and polishes some rough edges of the previous release. Most importantly, Zandronum testing releases were affected again. Two separate issues are fixed: failure to find .so libraries on Linux and failure to generate proper launch scripts in the --portable mode.

We also have an experimental Qt6 build for Mac: ... macosx.dmg
This is the first time we're testing the support for Qt6. The above package is universal for Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.

The full list of changes and fixes is here:

Code: Select all

## [1.4.1] - 2023-03-12
### Added
- Tooltips to the buttons in the file paths config page.

### Changed
- Rename "Add" buttons that would add empty path elements to lists to
"Add empty". (#4102)
- Wadseeker: allfearthesentinel is now a .com domain, not a .net. (#4099)
- Zandronum: correct the appearance of the testing binary download
progress dialog - fix the title and remove the `?` button.

### Fixed
- Avoid refreshing the same game server twice in a quick succession if
the server is both pinned and returned from the master server. (#4093)
- Siblings to a recursive file search path would be ignored if their basename
would begin with the basename of the recursive path. (#4106)
- The create game box will ignore the empty paths to additional files, thus it
will avoid showing error boxes saying that an empty path doesn't exist. (#4102)
- Updater: fix failure to update in `--portable` mode by passing the absolute
paths to the updater.exe. (#4105)
- Q-Zandronum, Zandronum: servers were queried with only a partially prepared
challenge, which could result in the extended server information not being
returned as expected.
- Zandronum: the changes in 1.4.0 to the portable paths have broken the
generation of the launcher scripts for the testing binaries. Fix that. (#4101)
- Zandronum/Linux: the testing binaries come bundled with dynamic
libraries. `LD_LIBRARY_PATH` needs to be set to the testing binary
directory or else those libs won't be found.

Doomseeker 1.4.1 can be downloaded from the official website, and, on Windows, also from the auto-updater's stable channel.

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