Doomseeker 1.3.3-p1

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Doomseeker 1.3.3-p1


Post by Zalewa » Fri Sep 23, 2022 9:00 am

Hi all,

we're releasing a plugin update for the Zandronum and Q-Zandronum plugins. In regards to Zandronum this release fixes an important bug #4024 which was preventing the newest Zandronum betas from being downloaded properly. The version of the base Doomseeker remains the same as in 1.3.3.

For the time being this update is for Windows users only.

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## [1.3.3-p1] 2022-09-23
### Changed
- Zandronum, Q-Zandronum: rely on Doomseeker's internal mechanism to
calculate the ping to the game server rather than using the port's
feature where the timestamp is sent back in the challenge reply
packet. (#3992)
- Zandronum: remove the defunct IRC server.

### Fixed
- Zandronum, Q-Zandronum: servers that emitted empty PWAD names in their
challenge reply would appear as errored because the plugins failed to
parse the subsequent MD5 checksum hashes for these PWADs. The plugins
will now sanitize such empty PWADs so that such servers can appear
correctly on the list. (#3624)
- Zandronum: fix a failure to parse the version of the game for the
servers, which resulted in the dmflags being displayed incorrectly
in the server details and the beta downloads not functioning. (#4020, #4024)
- Zandronum: update the game icon to Zandronum 3.1's.
Doomseeker 1.3.3-p1 can be downloaded from the official website, and, on Windows, also from the stable channel of the auto-updater.

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