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ZCL Ruleset


Post by legion » Fri May 03, 2013 12:27 am

Short-hand quick rule reference
  • Pick a homefield each week, you cannot use that homefield again, it may also be the tiebreaker map
  • Avails must be given by Monday night 11:59 pm EST. The week starts from Tuesday until Monday evening
  • This is double elimination, so losing one round will not eliminate you, but twice will
  • Final game is the only one whereby there will be no homefields. It has a few changes (see official rules)
  • No trades unless you're removing someone to the free agency
  • Once the game starts officially, it keeps going even if someone times out
  • You can play on BE or NJ but if anyone disagrees it defaults to NJ
  • Please record a demo for stats(!), but demos are not mandatory (and there will be no infractions)
  • If you miss your game you get disqualified unless the other team wants to give you 24 hours rescheduling
  • Common sense will dictate anything else
Official Rules

The tournament will be double elimination:

- If a team loses, they will be placed into the loser's bracket of the tournament, unless the game that is lost is part of a final. The team that loses in the final of the winner's bracket will be eliminated from the tournament. This was decided to keep the tournament short, and to prevent the winner of the winner's bracket from waiting two full weeks to play the final game.
- To lessen the risk of teams purposely losing their first game to drop into the loser's bracket. The winner of the winner's bracket will be awarded a one win advantage in the finals. Thus resulting in the final being a best of 5 format.

Board members:
- Each team has a captain, and the captain will act as one of the board members. For example, in season 1 there is 8 teams. Therefore there will be 8 board members. Of these, there will be the director of the league who will be the final decision maker should there be a tie in any decision. All decisions will be made democratically and need 50% + 1 to pass unless the previously described conflict comes up.
- If a captain resigns for whatever reason, the first pick will take over unless there are specific instructions otherwise. The following captain will then assume responsibility. Priority is given to the highest pick (first pick being most important) if no one is designated by the captain's wishes.

- The league will consist of as many teams as decided pre-season. For season 1, this particular case is 8 teams which consist of 4 members. Three members will play, the fourth will act as a reservoir in case one of the core members cannot attend.
- Free Agency players may be used in case a member of a team cannot show up. If a member on a team refuses to show up and gives any kind of indication they are not taking their position seriously, they can be removed from the league with board approval and someone from the free agency fill their spot.
- Trades will be done in the preseason only. As soon as the season starts (in season 1 it starts on Tuesday April 30th 2013) then trading is done. Trades should be done of equal level or lower (ex: you cannot trade a first pick for a fourth pick, this prevents team skewing). You may trade a second pick for a third or fourth as an applicable example. Captains wishing to do so should inform the board members.
- Captains are responsible for scheduling. Once a date is set, and a team cannot play due to lack of players, they will be disqualified. There will be 24 hour grace period in which a team can choose to reschedule, if both teams agreed to the terms. If one team decides they do not want to re-schedule, they will be awarded a victory. Furthermore, a team must have submitted their week availaibility by Tuesday at the latest -- as this will account for games that occur on Monday (which is discouraged).
- Games must start at the specified time. If a team is late, the team who is present can claim victory. We recommend you allow teams 15 minutes of a grace period, but you do not have to should you choose to not do so.

What is not allowed:
- Any cheating will result in ejection from the league. The board will evaluate any suspicious demos with staff members and take appropriate action. Significant proof will also result in a master ban from the port itself almost assuredly. Cheating at a high level of gameplay is unacceptable and will be up to the boards' discretion whether to allow the user to return. This includes, and is not limited to, a permanent banishment from the league. At minimum the offender must refrain from entering the league for at least a year.
- Doing anything to give one team an advantage (ex: giving demos of other teams playing to give a team an advantage). Common sense will be used to determine if one team is trying to actively undermine another team. You should not join a practice game for another team.
- Any kind of glitch or exploit that is not intended to give one team an unfair advantage is disallowed and will result in nullified games... possibly even penalties for the team. This does not include physics changes that Zandronum has which other ports do not have (ex: Map26 jump). As of Zandronum 1.1, the board may choose to enable the old physics jump flag. SR50 is allowed as per usual. Dropping flags into hard to get places upon death to stall a game is allowed (ex: Map01 gap near the flag). A good example of a bug that is clearly in violation would be to go outside the map like you can in Dwango5 Map01 to prevent captures if you have the flag. Again, common sense will be employed in fringe cases. So far none have been discovered but if any are they will be held on a case by case basis.
- If a captain wishes you not participate in a server for a valid reason, you must leave the server. Any issues should be brought up with the board immediately.

- The draft will be a snake pick from randomly determined players via random.org. As franchising results in the first spot being filled up, the first pick by the leading player will be done to select his second and player selection will proceed to the last captain. The last captain will then make his first fourth pick, thus ending the draft when all teams are filled up.

- 10 minute rounds.
- 5 flag point limit.
- No sudden death.
- Captains pick a map that they want to use for each week regardless of what bracket they are in, except for the final week which will be covered later. They must submit this by Monday evening of each week so the teams can be given enough time to practice the three maps (their homefield, enemy's homefield and the tiebreaker map).
- A captain may only use his homefield map once per season. If the captain picks map01 for week one, he/she may not use it any other week and instead will pick another map. This map may be the same as the tiebreaker map for that week.
- Best two of three rounds. This means that the first team to win two games wins the confrontation. If one of the homefield maps is a tie, then it will proceed to the tiebreaker map until one team wins 2 games. If ties continue to occur, then the teams keep playing on the tiebreaker map until one team reaches 2 wins.
- Homefields are played once at the beginning. The team with the best ratio from the previous round will determine what map is played first. If it is a tie in flags, then overall frags will be assessed from the previous game. If this is a tie, the team with the higher seed for picks will get to do their homefield map first. In anything unforeseen, a coin will be flipped.
- The default server is NJ Funcrusher+ hosted by AlexMax. Teams however if both agree may play on any of the four BE NY servers. If there is any disagreement, both teams will be forced to play on NJ Funcrusher.
- In case of a server crash the game will be replayed from the score and time leading up to the crash, once the server is back up. In such a rare event, the ZCC administators should be contacted immediately.
- At the captain's discretion, he can choose to use a player from the free agency if he cannot field 3 players at the time of the scheduled game. If this is a common occurence, the inactive player can be sent to the free agency for a more viable player.
- For the final game, there will be no homefield maps. It will be played all on one map that is decided by the board pre-season. The final game will be unique in the sense that the team who has not lost will need to win 2 games to be declared the victor, whereas the team coming up from the losing bracket will need to win 3 games to be declared the victor. This stipulation exists because it both rewards the team that has won the rounds, and discourages tier slumming. There is no definitive proof of tier slumming to get into the bottom/loser's bracket, though this will serve as a measure to prevent such an action.

- Demos are encouraged for the sake of stats. If anyone is accused of cheating, the board will review the demo provided if needed as described previously. Any malicious action will be dealt with accordingly.
- Submitted demos do not have to be done from a member playing the game, any guest may submit a demo. Since stats can be harvested from demos this will be sufficient. Stats can still be gathered from the logs, but demos can go into the database. It is highly encouraged for legacy reasons to take demos.

Port to use:
- Zandronum 1.0 will be used for the first season with a custom build. In future leagues, the most stable base will be used (with the custom build if decided on by the board). Upgrades between versions may be done as they introduce bug fixes and such, but settings must remain the same. For example, Zandronum 1.1 introduces old school jumping which makes map26's jump impossible with SR50 by standard running. In the upgrade from 1.0 to 1.1, since the league started with 1.0 physics it will keep this flag off so the game environment remains static between maps.

Miscellaneous topics:
- Anything outstanding that is not covered by the rules will be covered by the board and handled appropriately. Certain major topics may also result in player base polling to see what the community wants.

(this is late, but I felt I should post it regardless)

Referenced here: http://zcc.[bad site]/rules.php
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RE: ZCL Ruleset


Post by one_Two » Fri May 03, 2013 1:37 am

I can't imagine people would want to play on if someone lags/times out?

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RE: ZCL Ruleset


Post by Tenchu » Fri May 03, 2013 10:30 am

legion wrote:- Doing anything to give one team an advantage (ex: giving demos of other teams playing to give a team an advantage)
I know it was only used as an example, but can someone explain to me how studying how your enemy plays is giving yourself an unfair advantage?
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RE: ZCL Ruleset


Post by Catastrophe » Fri May 03, 2013 4:46 pm

If team A is coming up with a plan to take down team B, and someone leaks the plan(demo recording) to team B, then that's essentially an unfair advantage for team B.

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RE: ZCL Ruleset


Post by RoSKing » Fri May 03, 2013 5:55 pm

A lot of sports teams do this, i would say that yes it's an unfair advantage, but it could only be taken advantage of if the demos were explicitly hidden. In the IDL, all game demos were given though each week was a different map, so it is different. But in another sense, if all demos were available this would be an option to all teams, so it would eliminate the advantage factor. This would also create incentive for people to try new things, or the teams that are just that good don't need to make any changes. I know that whenever I play with a specific group of players, it's generally the same positions at times we'll make a few differences and it could potentially be better than the original strategy; but the only way to find that out is through enough practice.

It's not a bad idea, but this also insinuates people in the tournament technically can't watch other games, because of the potential that they ended up playing them. If other people were giving out practice demos, I think that would be something to be concerned about. But, you could even say that's technically committing the same act.

Either way, just making speculation.

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RE: ZCL Ruleset


Post by Saber » Sat May 04, 2013 3:48 pm

I think what the rules were trying to say there was don't spy on other teams practices and then give the dirt to the opposing team. It has nothing to do with the actual games themselves being watched.

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RE: ZCL Ruleset


Post by Tai » Mon May 06, 2013 3:08 pm

Saber wrote: I think what the rules were trying to say there was don't spy on other teams practices and then give the dirt to the opposing team. It has nothing to do with the actual games themselves being watched.
That's what I thought too; you can use demos from actual matches played, but not practices (outside your own team's, of course).

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RE: ZCL Ruleset


Post by Iced » Mon May 06, 2013 6:34 pm

If someone times out mid-game or something terrible happens, can the 4th player jump in midway through a map?

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RE: ZCL Ruleset


Post by Saber » Mon May 06, 2013 7:31 pm

Yes that is one of the reasons why he is there in the first place. For when shit fucks up

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