WEEK 1 - TIEBREAKER MAP03 (APRIL 30 - MAY 6) - Season beginnings (Time/Homefields)

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WEEK 1 - TIEBREAKER MAP03 (APRIL 30 - MAY 6) - Season beginnings (Time/Homefields)


Post by Watermelon » Wed May 01, 2013 2:35 pm

Week 1


(Legion, Ammar, DrNoob, Nautilus) vs (Stall, Hate, Tor, Killforce)
Game time: Friday 11:59 pm EST (Basically Saturday 12 midnight)


(X-ray, Saber, Shakal, Iced) vs (Water, Prime, Collision, Junior)
Game time: Sunday 11:00 pm EST


(Rangle, Ivan, Soul, Dewww) vs (Bones, Fluffles, Nosturi, Perrondon)
Game time: Sunday 4:00 pm EST


(Tai, Rosking, Shadowforce, Metal) vs (Dragon, Turska, Shane, Xaver)
Game time: Thursday 7:00 pm EST
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Damn you, long thread name!


Post by Zakken » Thu May 02, 2013 10:56 pm

Two frag-heavy teams facing off in not-so-fraggy maps. MAP29 should be a stalemate for the most part, with both teams struggling not to let their enemies get away with sneaky runs. However, ZCL's inferior offensive capabilities will be a signal for TAP to safely leave D occasionally and coordinate their caps with Hate pressuring them via fragging and Tor delivering the flags.

I assume TAP picked MAP20 because it just suits their playing style really well. One time, Stall/Hate beat one of the best IDL teams of a given season in the playoffs, which means this is one of their top form maps. ZCL's best hope is that they practice their defense into semi-perfection so that they face a less brutal journey.

In the event that MAP03 does get played, ZCL might stand a chance at this point if they made a dent in TAP's setup. Ammar might juke through their D a few times if he runs, and Dr_Noob should support him with the necessary fragging (or rocket spamming) to score those much needed captures. On the other hand, TAP's offense will be very tough if they pick the right positions for this, so the outcome of this possible tiebreaker will largely depend on the positioning of each team.

TAP 2 - 0 ZCL

Renegades vs Renegades, the game of the week! MB1 has been collecting dust for ages since last time it was played in a tournament or league... And it will be a blast to watch. ESQ should have the upper hand, since Saber and Shak (probably Jake too) truly know how to play this map, but OP could catch up a little bit if they make good use of TS communication. A battle of wits and experience.

MAP30 should favor OP more as I've seen Water and Prime play it a considerable amount of times, and the map itself favors fraggers more. Now, that doesn't mean Shakal can just camp the flag pit all game and give them a hard time scoring... I could see OP surprising them with a victory.

MAP03 is more of an ESQ map once again, as they have a stronger Mid presence (Saber himself being regarded as one of the best Mids ever), which will ultimately decide the outcome of this heated tiebreaker.

ESQ 2 - 1 OP

Tai's team and the European powerhouse will fight in popular Euro maps that are 31 and 26 (MAP03 leans towards American fame, if you ask me). MAP31 will be the usual fragfest, with Tai vs Shane racking up kills while Cab/Shad and Dragon/Turska run viciously. In the end, LSD should score more than BO and win this round.

MAP26 will give BO a harder time since LSD will most likely beast it. If BO doesn't win MAP31, they shouldn't expect a win here either. The map is not as straightforward for runners as 31 was, which means Turska will have some room to make those abstract runs and the Zandronum Window Jumps (TM) to score flags without much problem.

If MAP03 gets played, BO could probably win it. While LSD is stellar at the previous maps, this one favors BO's tactics. I don't know much about how LSD's members run on this map, but BO will get to stop them on their tracks finally.

LSD 2 - 0 BO
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RE: WEEK 1 - TIEBREAKER MAP03 (APRIL 30 - MAY 6) - Season beginnings (Time/Homefields


Post by RoSKing » Fri May 03, 2013 1:29 am

so from what i hear our game was played today.

First off, this shouldn't count at all on behalf of the fact that I received a log from water himself saying it wasn't going to be possible to do this today, then day of all of a sudden it's happening again because it's within dragon's convenience. Neither Tai or I were notified of this, we were fine to play on thursday initially. But when a log is provided from the other team saying one thing, you're going to be inclined to believe it, especially when the admins make no attempt to say otherwise.

So how do Tai and I even show up for something that's was never specifically set until day of, I would even guess a hour or so before it actually ended up happening. Sorry, I'm not just going to wait around on this game all night for something to "POTENTIALLY" happen. You give me a time, I'll show up. But if you say it's not going to happen, then don't expect me to show up unless you actually talk to me about it.

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RE: WEEK 1 -TIEBREAKER MAP03 (APRIL 30 - MAY 6) - Season beginnings (Time/Homefields)


Post by Stall » Fri May 03, 2013 8:12 pm

Someone gave false, misleading information to Tai and Rosking saying that LSD couldn't make it last night. Seeing as no team should be punished for a newbie mistake on our[Admin] part. I am left with no choice but to force these two teams to reschedule. Delaying is the last thing I wanted to do, but in this case we're left with no other alternative.

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RE: WEEK 1 - TIEBREAKER MAP03 (APRIL 30 - MAY6) - Season beginnings (Time/Homefields)


Post by Samurai » Fri May 03, 2013 10:39 pm

Thats a shame, considering the circumstances I think we did pretty well.

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Um yea


Post by Tai » Sat May 04, 2013 9:13 pm

Yea, that was my fault. I'll definitely be more thorough in confirming whether a game is actually happening or not next time. : \

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