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Draft predictions!


Post by Stall » Tue Apr 23, 2013 6:36 pm

Since we have all the captains with their franchise players solidified, along with the draft order. I think it's safe to say we can start some predictions.

For reference I will post the order here, along with the franchise player.

1. Legion - Ammar
2. X-ray - Sabertooth
3. HumanBones - Fluffles
4. Tai - Rosking
5. Zettec - Turska
6. Razgriz - Ivan
7. Water - Prime
8. Stallion - Hatred
1. This should be a decent team. I haven't seen much of ammar, but from what I see he's a good fragger. So my guess is he might be D, and Legion is left with either playing mid or o for the tournament. Depending on where legion will play I suspect he'd pick either a runner or a fragger. Possible picks: Dr.noob, Junior.

2. Jake is the worst ghost I've ever seen. Putting that aside, he has a very versatile team. Predicting what are who he'll pick is pretty tough. Since he and Saber can play any position fairly well, I'd suspect him to try and grab the best player possible. Possible picks: Nosturi, Junior or Dr.noob.

3. This is a really frag heavy team. Although bones has yet to find his fragging power on Zan. I suspect he might opt to run this time around, since fluffles can just stop anyone at mid. Possible picks: Nautilus, deww[bromance], Antlint

4. Tai grabs rosking again! I must admit, I think tai plays best when he's playing with ros. It must be his flowing beiber hair that just gets tai focused. Excellent D and O combo, they would just need to pick a solid mid player for tai to blame. Possible picks: Junyah, MassVC, Collision.

5. Zettec got a good franchise in Turska. I suspect Turska might be playing something other than O for this tourney, but things can change. They're both very capable runners, so I would suspect they pick someone who's a stay at home D. Possible picks: Nautilus, Shane, Acolyte

6. I know Ivan is a really good fragger, probably one of the best on Zan. So it depends on where strangle is going to put him. I'm fairly certain Strangle will pick either a mid or o player. Possible picks: Antlint, Tor, Godlike.

7. This team is doomed if prime doesn't shape the fuck up. His play as of late is not even close to what it was on ZD a while back when he played with me. This team's success reflects entirely on how well prime will perform.. Possible picks: Tor, Shadowstalker, Collision.

8. Doesn't matter, I'm going to win.
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RE: Draft predictions!


Post by Watermelon » Tue Apr 23, 2013 8:32 pm

My expected picks:

1. Legion - Ammar - [Junior]
Since legion has first pick, I expect him to pick a runner. Ammar will PROBABLY D unless Legion decides to get some fraggy defender. Being first pick he better not blow this. I could see him also picking Dr_noob, though as seen from his previous scrim his lack of doom playing has sadly affected his CTF gameplay in a drastic way (and that is not for the good). If he does go with Dr_noob he will need to make sure Edd picks up his game and return it to where it was. I remember back on ZD he used to be a machine and inspired me to get better, so I'm hoping that isn't lost in the sands of time and he has enough fuel to want to regain that epic status if he's picked. I know he *can*, just the question is... if he picks Edd, will Edd give enough of a shit to try?

2. X-ray - Sabertooth - [Shakal]
I expect this to be a pure R team. Since these are almost all like playoff rounds hopefully his curse stays on the other ports, but with Saber on his team they'll be pretty potent. When Saber's net isn't trolling him (and I share his pain as anyone who has noticed my router going to hell this week) he literally shits on everyone and walks away to victory. There is a reason he's a multi-timer MB winner. I expect Shak to be picked mainly because it'll be a powerful reliable team and Shak will probably actually want to play this time around being on a good team. There's probably no real strategic pick here since all members can pretty much do anything equally.

3. HumanBones - Fluffles - [MassVC]
I think if Mass shows he's willing to play, Bones will go for him due to IDL experience. I expect Fluffles to D, bones to either m/o and the opposite unpicked one for the third. Fluffles is pretty much a machine of hatred and running on him is not fun as you probably all know. If you don't, expect to be punched in the face by his brick wall. This team will need to get an effective runner to get to the end. A shitty pick here may doom this team.

4. Tai - Rosking - [capo] - [Nosturi]
This team needs a runner. While Cab can run and is pretty versatile (I see him as mainly a mid/o player), someone will need to be a defensive mid for when Tai leaves D for the 12045782nd time in doom. This team will depend on if mid can hold down Tai leaving D. IF they can, then this team will go far. If not, we'll see them in the knockout round.

5. Zettec - Turska - [Shane]
This team is a powerhouse of O but doesn't quite have a D. The only way this team can prevent themselves from getting slaughtered on the defense side is to get a native D who has low ping. On paper this team has one hell of a lethal offense, so if Dragon picks up a solid D then this team will probably murder a lot. Therefore I predict Shane to be picked as the need a heavy fragger.

6. Razgriz - Ivan - [Antlint]
Rangle is a really good cap with lots of experience, and with Ivan being his pick, this team is rock solid in terms of defense. Ivan will be literally a wall of "fuck you" when he ruins everyone who runs at him, and rangle will clean up anything else. I expect Rangle to go with soul because it's been shown that he picks people he is familiar with (which is pretty much what most people do), mainly because he always picks Spider. This time around, Spider will be not be around to sink Rangle's team. If these two hold down the D, I can see them getting far. Of course this is somewhat dangerous because that makes everyone a d/mid player with no offense. They could win by pure attrition though.

7. Water - Prime - [Collision]
Stall, when we warm up Prime you are so fucked, along with everyone else.
I'm hoping to get Collision because he will probably actually want to play with Prime (and hopefully me). We need an offensive player. While I don't specialize in offense I could always do it if we end up with a D, but I feel most comfortable on D or mid.

8. Stallion - Hatred - [Shadowforce]
This last pick is a tough one because any O player could work good here. Stall is notorious for his D, Hatred is notorious for his o/mid, all that's left is the remaining. I think he may go with shad because they will just win through raw obliteration of the enemy. This will probably depend on how much Hatred warms up. This team could run into problems if the O does not do pure running. If they somehow end up with a specialized O like Junior then I hope I don't have to face them in the first round. I expect hate to actually do middle since he's all about strategy in addition to just being a beast.

I also see some possible position changes, like I would not be surprised if Aco, Godlike, Metal, Tor, and Dewww among others are picked. They for sure will be getting on a team. We will see the placement when it comes.
I think Kiwi will be an epic pick. You know those guys who aren't really known but have good skill? He's one of them and can easily perform.
There's some other great names (ex: ourhero) in the list who will be on a team as well. I hope they get their name out.
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RE: Draft predictions!


Post by Zakken » Fri Apr 26, 2013 4:55 am

It's time for my pre-pre-pre-predictions! These are always fun to do and, with a large and skillful player pool such as this tournament's, all teams might have a good shot at winning if no one goes too crazy on the picks (I'm looking at you, Legion... Maybe Rangle too :P ).

As just mentioned previously, the player pool is quite big: 53 people off the bat, including Zandronum commoners, a few ZD Mexicans, Odamex/IDL players, ex-IDL and League of Legends veterans and, obviously, the few players we never heard about before. I know around 90% of the players in the roster, so my draft will hopefully be accurate enough... So let's get to it. >_<

#1 Legion / Ammar:
Luckily having the first pick is Legion over here. He's got a great all-around player on his side which is Ammar, so he has quite a few options at first. He will choose to put Ammar on D and pick a runner, so he can play mid freely and blame either D or O if he loses. He should pick Collision.

#2 X-ray / Saber:
I assume Caution is willing to be a runner for this team just like he's been playing offense for a good while. Although also a good runner, Nosturi is most likely going to be picked as he can do just about fine in any other position.

#3 HumanBones / Fluffles:
Unexpected captain Bones comes out to play, and he brings everyone's favorite Brit, Fluffles, with him. They should pick a seasoned IDL player or an otherwise skilled euro. Since Bones can play D or O, their pick is gonna be someone like ShadowForce.

#4 Tai / Rosk1ng:
KGB Reincarnated could be quite troublesome for other teams to handle. Unlike on Odamex, Caboose is not as hindered in this port, so the team should be playing at their fullest. I have a feeling Cab will be the one telling Tai who to pick in this draft. Their first pick shall be Shakal, as Cab keeps his fingers crossed that he won't bail like back on IDL season 9's DMC...

#5 Zettec / Turska:
The Euro powerhouse of the bunch, MasterBowl contender Dragon and Finnish doomgod Turska could very well win the championship if they play their cards right. They will pick yet another euro, Xaver, while Dragon uses his great rallying skills to make that guy active again.

#6 Razgriz / Ivan:
This is a good time for Rangle to get back in shape after about a year of slacking (and playing DWO 24/7). Ivan will be there to carry the team and slap his captain around when needed. Perhaps they won't miss out on the opportunity and pick none other than yours truly (Antlint)! Team A3? Why yes, Team A3.

#7 Water / Prime:
Two [R] members who have done a great deal for the competition scene as of late. His picks won't be easy to predict, but chances are they will pick a runner to compensate for their fragging abilities. A surely solid pick could be Water's own bro, Tor-Bjorn.

#8 Stallion / Hatred:
Stall and Hatred pretty much wrecked an IDL season together one time, only Ralphis could barely stop them from having a perfect record. While Stall is also a great captain, his picking options are varied here... He's also not one to take any chances, so he will take a solid pick for starters, Acolyte.

#9 Stallion / Hatred / Acolyte:
At this point, Hate will probably convince Stall to pick Killforce, since they're big buddies from LoL, and Hate always picks him when he has the chance. With a team made of Stall and Hate, it doesn't matter much who gets to be the 4th player anyway...

#10 Water / Prime / Tor-Bjorn:
With Tor in the team, they should go down the PRO or Spak line and pick Dr_Noob, making for a mostly Zandronum-native team.

#11 Razgriz / Ivan / Antlint:
An interesting pick at this point could be le Junior! His offense capabilities could balance out our frag-heavy setup with smart runs and the like.

#12 Zettec / Turska / Xaver:
A likely scenario for Team Euro is for Dragon to pick an American for contrast's sake. Dragon would probably pick a member here, but he should actually go get Metal instead, who could be of some help.

#13 Tai / Rosk1ng / Shakal:
Kind of a tough call, but my guess is they'll pick Strike because of the [R] connection, etc.!

#14 HumanBones / Fluffles / ShadowForce:
It is very likely this team will get le MassVC now, considering he's an IDL veteran and was also in IDL's SXP at some point in time.

#15 X-ray / Saber / Nosturi:
They could pick just about anyone now, with Jwarrier being a likely candidate! He could fill in for anyone in this team if any circumstances arise (e.g. bad times for Nosturi to show up), and the team's strength wouldn't be reduced by much.

#16 Legion / Ammar / Collision:
As the last pick in the draft, Legion should be getting Nautilus. The team ends up being quite varied in personalities and clans, but it could work out...

Sorry the last part of the draft felt a bit rushed, but none of the picks predicted were rushed. Only some of the descriptions following them were, heh.

Also, the amount of decent players that won't get to play is crazy... However, this is probably how things should be, so that a high-quality solid tournament may be maintained! A good side to this is that there are more good free agents available if somebody needs to do any trading. ^_^
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RE: Draft predictions!


Post by werewindle » Fri Apr 26, 2013 8:36 pm

Soul wrote: stuff
dude... i kinda expected you to leave me out of the draft entirely (cause me and bones ruined your ass really, really hard and you can't ignore bones), but you need to be extra special retarded to put xaver that high... especially with dragon and turska. dragon already franchised a pinging guy, he'd need to be as stupid as you to draft yet another guy with possible latency issues. who the fuck would d on that team?

i commend your pretty post formating though. keep that up and when you get a brain to match your forum posting skills, you're assured to be taken seriously!

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RE: Draft predictions!


Post by Xaver » Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:42 pm

No hatin', I'm just a little bit rusty nowadays, but still kicking ass

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RE: Draft predictions!


Post by Catastrophe » Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:47 pm

Don't be hatin on soul lol

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RE: Draft predictions!


Post by Zakken » Sat Apr 27, 2013 1:17 am

werewindle wrote:dude... i kinda expected you to leave me out of the draft entirely (cause me and bones ruined your ass really, really hard and you can't ignore bones)
My predictions were as unbiased as I could make them. As much as you want it to be true, I don't have much of a grudge against anyone here, and even if I did, I wouldn't reflect it upon my predictions. Hell, predictions aren't even that big of a deal to be complaining about...
werewindle wrote:but you need to be extra special retarded to put xaver that high... especially with dragon and turska. dragon already franchised a pinging guy, he'd need to be as stupid as you to draft yet another guy with possible latency issues. who the fuck would d on that team?
Xaver is usually drafted mildly high in most CTF tourneys he goes to, even though he has a record of bailing most of them... As I said though, if Dragon were to pick him, he could get him to stay active because he was able to bring other Euros into activity before.

As for who could D for said team, I'm fairly sure TurSKA could do it, since he knows how to frag. Dragon can also be of good defense in a select few maps.
werewindle wrote:i commend your pretty post formating though. keep that up and when you get a brain to match your forum posting skills, you're assured to be taken seriously!
Well, I am sure I'll have an easier time being taken seriously than you, considering you've taken many potshots at me unprovoked... But thanks nonetheless.
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