Signups end Monday April 15th 2013 + additional notes

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Signups end Monday April 15th 2013 + additional notes


Post by Watermelon » Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:37 pm

With the playerbase we have and how much time has passed, the signups will be ending on April 15th. Anyone in the registry will be considered a free agent if not picked.

Within the following week the rules, maplist, and all the good stuff will be coming out. Maybe the website too. Servers will be setup soon as well on NJ Funcrusher, BE, and maybe some alternative servers.

Due to euro demand, chances are the main server will be NJ for these tournaments, with other clusters being a backup. There will also be a private server with the new fixes. They will in addition contain the fixes put forth by the custom binary as you've seen in the signups and you are all familiar with by now.

Following IDL format, teams will be 3 people (with a 4th player who will partake if one of the three is missing).

If by chance you don't get picked, you can still play with teams to help them practice.

Remember: This is designed to be a quick tourney. If successful, next time (if hosted) there will be much more captains to compensate for our mass turnout. Therefore you should consider playing with teams even if you aren't picked so you can get your name out there and get some good practice.
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