Doom VS Rise of the triad.

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Doom VS Rise of the triad.


Post by Hellsmith1 » Sat Feb 15, 2020 8:15 pm

Doom VS Rise of the Triad?
This topic is going to be a comparison between the best 2 games Doom and Rise of the triad. For comparison is going to be weapons, items, power ups, monsters, music, sound, traps, and the maps layout.
First off the weapons? Which of these weapons in doom and rise of the triad are the best & worst to use when fighting against a monster or mercenaries.

Doom Weapons:
Super shotgun
Rocket launcher
Plasma rifle

Rise of the Triad weapons.
Extra Pistol
Split missile launcher
Drunk missile launcher
Dark staff
Baseball bat
God mode
Dog mode
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Re: Doom VS Rise of the triad.


Post by TDRR » Sun Feb 16, 2020 11:34 pm

I'd easily take Doom over ROTT any day.
Weapons in Doom feel like none of them (except the Pistol) are useless.
About Items, well not sure really but maybe ROTT.
As for monsters, Doom easily beats ROTT's any day, it's more varied and balanced.
Music, Doom is much better and has IMO more memorable tracks than ROTT.
Sound, definitely nothing matches the simple and memorable sound design Doom 1/2 had.
Maps, Doom definitely wins. ROTT might have floor over floor and that kind of junk, but is otherwise technically inferior and less varied due to more limitations-
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Re: Doom VS Rise of the triad.


Post by MSX » Mon Feb 17, 2020 2:04 pm

C´mon.... DOOM is DOOM and ROTT is just another generic FPS from the 90´s and directly linked to DOOM´s success. There is no VS between them. There is not enought substance on ROTT`s side to justify one.

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Re: Doom VS Rise of the triad.


Post by Haze » Mon Feb 17, 2020 3:43 pm

If you're so bent on getting some kind of comparison. Here's "My Opinion" enjoy :> (mostly speculation and subjective)

First of all you forgot rott's dog. How can you not consider this as a weapon? It's given and acts like a weapon.
And GOD item gives the Hand Weapon. Doom's SSG needs to be in this list to help populate the list of weapons. Second, I compare apples to apples the best I can.

If we start by "Your list" In that order, 1 by 1,

Fist vs... : rott Has no hand weapon except GOD. If we compare those 2, Doom fist is much weaker than Rott's God hand. -- R 1 / D 0
Chainsaw vs Baseball bat : Again there's not really any melee weapons in rott besides Baseball bat. If we compare the two, Baseball bat has multiple functions to fire at range or close range. Chainsaw can only do close range and if damage is compared on the close range only (since chainsaw has only close range to put them on the same line), Baseball bat has the advantage over chainsaw. -- R 2 / D 0
Pistol vs Pistol : Since rott has more weapons than doom, we'll have to combine rott's pistol to Double Pistol only. Why? Because you get them at the very start of the game on first map in just few feet without any killing needed./have unlimited ammo/stick around. Now this is a good point Rott's pistols are infinite while doom's pistol requires ammo. Doom's pistol only requires 3 shots for a zombiemen, rott's pistol is 5 shots. Even though the damage is inflicted faster with rott's double pistols
Doom's pistol wins this round. -- R 2 / D 1
MP40 vs Chaingun : In this vs the doom's chaingun pretty much acts like a faster version of the pistol this is the same story for the MP40. The damage they inflict and how fast they shoot they're pretty neck and neck.
You could say that because of the last VS, the chaingun is the winner, you aren't wrong because even though the MP40 shoots faster than chaingun, the enemies go down quicker with the chaingun. This VS goes to Chaingun. -- R 2 / D 2.
Now comes the easy part.
Shotgun vs Bazooka : Well this is a no brainer. The bazooka inflicts much more damage than the shotgun, just to mention that the doom shotgun kills zombiemen/shotgun guy/imps in 1 kill. But the shotgun does not insta-gib the monster,
since both games contain a gibbing state. For this VS goes to Bazooka -- R 3 / D 2.
Heat-Seeker vs Rocket Launcher : Because the rest of the weapons shoot in multiple projectiles, and we've already done the bazooka, that is what is remaining.
The rocket launcher inflicts a ton of damage much like the Heat-Seeker but the projectile is faster on Rott than doom's. The rocket launcher doesn't have a heat seeking function. It's down to how much damage one does more than the other.
Heat Seeker 162-100 & Rocket Launcher 20-160. The Doom's Rocket launcher has a much larger margin of error to cause little damage than rott's minimum of 100. Because of this alone, Heat-Seeker wins this VS. -- R 4 / D 2
Plasma Rifle vs Dark Staff : -- R 5 / D 2 The Dark staff wins no doubt but I'd like to talk about it anyways. The plasma rifle does much less damage than the dark staff by a long shot. What is convenient with the plasma is that you have a much larger ammo capacity (to 600) while the Dark staff goes only to 7. The Plasma also shoots much faster than the staff, giving the advantage of lasting longer. But because the damage is so high up on Dark staff, it cannot even begin to duel against staff.
Super Shotgun VS Split Missile Launcher(SML) : The super shotgun is not a projectile launcher and the SML launches a double missle. These guys are neck and neck on Damage, SML doing 324 - 200 and rocket launcher
doing a total of 300 and a larger margin of little damage to 100. The win goes to SML by a small fraction of advantage because smaller damage margin. -- R 6 / D 2
FireBomber vs ... -- R 7 / D 2
Flamewall vs ... -- R 8 / D 2
Dog VS BFG 9000 : The bfg wins no doubt by getting at a whopping 800 max to 100 min. The dog's bite is 30 and 100 per bark blast. While the bark blast is infinite, it's still no comparison to the BFG. -- R 8 / D 3

So the Winner is Rise of the Triad!

So you're asking yourself, is this guy right? wrong? Why don't the points add up better? Rott shouldn't win that high.
Either you think I'm right or wrong this is just my look at it and my personal opinion.
Why don't the points add up better? The two games are drastically different, ROTT is a full year later released, in the 90's things changed drastically fast. Rott is just a more capable game but does it make it better than doom?
No You cannot scale doom to rott as seen in my comparison of the guns. Doom is equally as fun to play as much as ROTT. It targets different audience. To me, they are neck and neck. Not one is better than the other.

No comparison.
(after comparing)

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Re: Doom VS Rise of the triad.


Post by Hellsmith1 » Mon Feb 24, 2020 10:41 am

The only thing that doom didn't do is the traps. You have biohazard pools, ceiling that smashes, and monster closets & that's it. But in ROTT there's so many different types of traps like the spin blades, spikes, moving walls, fire jets and etc... so yes ROTT wins this part for sure.

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Re: Doom VS Rise of the triad.


Post by Ivan » Tue Feb 25, 2020 7:44 am

I'll give you a very quick comparison as an avid player of both games.

Weapons => RoTT wins easily because their weapons are more fun to use and placement wise require you to carefully manage them. In Doom you usually spend more than 60% of the game RELOADING SSG. Yes, you do that. Go play without SSG and see how shitty the game becomes. You need that gun.

Enemies => Doom wins. RoTT enemies are generic soldiers. The robots are fine but the later parts of the game are a slog due to poor enemy balance. Doom doesn't have that and in fact Doom enemies are something of a design perfection.

Items and Powerups => I combined these here as it made no sense to seperate them. RoTT has more fun and quirkier powerups than Doom.

Music => I can't believe anyone can think Doom "OST" is better than RoTT's... when Bobby Prince practically stole 20-30% of the songs. Doom 2 songs are some of the worst there is. RoTT music on the other hand are pure perfection crafted masterfully by Lee Jackson (the ones that matter anyway, Bobby Prince made something like 5-6 as well)

Sound => Eh... Doom used a lot of stock sounds (camel zombieman sounds, imps?) but RoTT has original sounds for most of their enemies. I don't know about the guns so I won't compare that for either game. However, the overall sound choices IMO for weapons is better in RoTT. You ever fired the Firebomb into a crowd and heard the giblets combined with its glorious explosion sounds? You only get a sploosh in Doom compared to that.

Maps => Doom wins but by a very small margin. If RoTT didn't have the monk section super boring maybe... just maybe...

Make of that what you will, but I think comparing the two games is a bit pointless. I just did it because I was really bored.
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Re: Doom VS Rise of the triad.


Post by Hellsmith1 » Tue Feb 25, 2020 10:28 am

If you don't remember Rise of the Triad or haven't played it before.
Here's a YouTube video of Rise of the Triad Dark War:

This youtube video of Rise of the Triad is one of my favorite games the shareware episode: The Hunt Begins

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