Funny (or even slightly entertaining) IRC quotes

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Funny (or even slightly entertaining) IRC quotes


Post by Dark-Assassin » Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:20 pm

Oh god, it's back! Back from the dead! Original Topic: ... 85&t=30385 - Please don't copy existing ones from there.

Almost everyone has seen or maybe even said something on IRC that makes you laugh. So, break out those logs and get sharing!

Just some basic rules before you post:

1) No inappropriate links within the quote.
2) No drama. Even if you dislike the quote, keep it clean.
3) Spoiler and code each separate quote, to make them a bit more readable.
4) Please post a quote each time, it'd get a bit annoying to have to dig through random posts to the next quote.
5) 5 quote MAXIMUM per post. Feel free to multi-post, it doesn't matter.

6) IRC quotes only. I don't want this thread to get filled with OMEGLE crap. (Which is in no way close to IRC).
7) The !eightball ChanServ command isn't funny anymore and neither are M and Kilgure's quotes. Stop it.
8) Please don't post quotes centered around yourself. Chances are, if it's actually funny someone else will catch it and post it.
9) Absolutely no HI chains or stuff like that (IH is better).

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Re: Funny (or even slightly entertaining) IRC quotes


Post by Zakken » Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:05 am

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<Water> i cant see my own thing but i can see his which is fucked up
♕RoSK1ng♕ wrote:dastan is too smart for you just stop trying to comprehend water

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Re: Funny (or even slightly entertaining) IRC quotes


Post by DRL 3.33 » Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:38 pm

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* buttsex (~buttsex@108-77-147-9.lightspeed.tulsok.sbcglobal.net23) has joined
<buttsex> president people you're super homo for banning me from that gay server
* buttsex has quit ("Doomseeker End Of Line")
<PresidentPeople> What
<DRL333> lol
<PresidentPeople> I didn't even ban him lol
esselfortium wrote:Really, has the Doom community ever been anything more than a years-long shitty map contest?

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Re: Funny (or even slightly entertaining) IRC quotes


Post by Matiu » Sat May 26, 2018 3:43 am

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<Dynamo_>	the question now is, who has the higher IQ, metalguy/tehvappy, or the spambot?
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