Submission Guidelines

Submit news here. It will be added to the news feed at the staff's approval.
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Submission Guidelines


Post by Wartorn » Fri Sep 21, 2012 2:46 am

These are the general guidelines for news submissions. Although the news headlines do not allow for a lot of space, your submission is more likely to make it through and onto the portal/event ticker if you keep the topic you're writing about with these guidelines in mind.

1) Proper grammar and spelling please. No vulgarity in your writing and keep it professional. Please do not write in first person.
2) Try to include links and cite your sources in whatever it is you're writing about. If you're copying and pasting another one's writing, use quotes and link back to the original writing instead of attempting to plagiarize.
3) If you're writing a headline for the main page, thumbnails have a resolution of 427x229. Active event banners have a resolution of 470x88.
4) If you're writing about an event, it will appear on the orange ticker as a link. Please have a banner prepared if you would like us to reserve a time when your event goes live.

Submissions are port-neutral, so it's fine to write about your own project or source port (And thereby events). All submissions are subject to admin approval.
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