Staff & Moderator Rules, Guidelines

Public discussion of the forum software and other things run by Zandronum staff.
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Staff & Moderator Rules, Guidelines


Post by Metal » Fri Jun 01, 2012 12:11 am

Code of conduct for the Zandronum staff, and volunteers with moderator access (FNF, review, tournament, etc.)
If you do not have access to a moderator right that is discussed below, don't worry about it.

Moderator Rules
  • Do not edit a user's post for any other reason than moderation.
  • All bans must be logged and contain user, IP, and reason. This reason must have legitimate standing within the rules of our site and must be noted directly on the user's suspension notice and duplicated on this thread here.
  • Never insult a user even if he or she deserves it. This includes trolling, sarcasm, and rude immaturity. Be civil and concise.
  • NEVER flaunt your power around and do not become power hungry. It will not be tolerated.
  • Do not reverse other staffs decisions (e.g. Bans, warns, etc). Speak to an administrator if you think something was done unfairly.
  • Don't make an ass out of yourself in public, we are here to represent the port as well as moderate it. Be on your best behavior.
Suggested Guidelines

Warn users when necessary - if you split a thread over and over without warning then they won't know/care. For Zandronum staff: Be sure to check users warnings periodically, and before you warn them, to ensure they weren't warned before or if they should be banned instead.

How to address users asking why they or a friend were banned
If you don't know why someone was banned, don't give a BS answer, or a vague/half answer.
Tell the user to patiently wait while you get the info, or direct them to:
If they're super paranoid or think they will be ignored, you may tell them that the forum staff tries to read everything sent to, but obviously can't answer every email or fix every problem. We're volunteers, not wizards!

Playing Favorites
Don't coddle the users - if a user creates problems and then is forced to deal with the consequences, forcing the situation to end may send the message that people can act stupid and we will save the day. This means NO "VIP"s. The community needs to be mature and this helps users grow. We essentially are users as well.

You are all users - don't distance yourself from the players, we want them to find it easy to talk to us at any time. Know your place, you are a staff member, act like one accordingly but do not flaunt it or be an ass with it. We're just like anyone else here, act like it, and it won't be such a big deal when you join servers.

Try not to bicker in public - this will be an open house so some things cannot be hidden, but if nothing else you must be civil with each other. We do not expect everyone to agree and would be worried if nobody speaks up, however there's the right and wrong way to do it

Who we are
If we work together as a team and not as one person, this train will keep trucking along without any hitches. We will encounter problems, we will encounter "Oh shit" times, and we WILL disagree with each other at some points, but if we're civil, mature and professional, it will be MUCH easier to overcome.
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