demon house 1

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demon house 1


Post by haruko haruhara123 » Thu Jun 25, 2020 2:38 am

hi everyone today while hells realm has been delayed enough i will start to work on it more but for this project its my first attempt of a horror wad inspired by readheadmetalC's work nightmare maze an science hazard
this wad may not be much because my mapping needs to improve but there is only 1 map very dark map an here are the details

maps only 1
sourceport zandronum with st content
new music yes
new guns yes
new monsters yes

now here is the download link let me know if i need to improve anything :) ... 2.wad/file

here is a video trailer

here is the teaser ...

an screenshots
LightBringer Corp Project's

Demon House 1

Hell's Realm v3.2

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