[FINAL] HaloWeps

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[FINAL] HaloWeps


Post by doomista » Sat Jul 13, 2019 5:14 pm


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HaloWeps is a weapon replacement mod which oughts to bring some of the Halo CE feel to Doom without undermining classic Doom gameplay way too much. I worked on this for the last year or so and now the mod is in releaseworthy state (unlike my previous attempts on some mods).

All weapons in the mod have a primary fire, melee attack, most of them have reload animation and you can throw grenades while wielding any of those weapons. HUD has been redesigned to resemble HUDs from more modern Halo titles. It tracks health, shields, grenades, ammo, frags and keys.

This mod can be used with any vanilla SP/DM wads and most probably with any mod that doesn't replace any items.

haloweps-1.4.7 (current)

Please consult README.txt provided in archive with release.

Spoiler: weapons (Open)
Plasma Pistol - Crappy laser gun which replaces Chainsaw. It uses plasma ammo but it can't overheat.

Human Pistol - Fairly powerful weapon, with 12 bullet clip. Very precise, good for long range combat.

Shotgun - Classic pump action shotgun. Good for close range combat, its reload cycle can be interrupted.

Combat Rifle - Typical spray and pray weapon. It has a huge magazine, but you'll burn through it very quickly.

Rocket Launcher - Destructive weapon with large blast radius and very fast projectiles.

Plasma Rifle - Powerful weapon which fires concentrated plasma. Be careful as it can overheats.

Sniper Rifle - No need for words. Precise long range weapons, which means IK for the most of the time.
Spoiler: screens (Open)
Image Image Image Image Image Image
Spoiler: FAQ (Open)
Q: Is this really 4:3? AYFKM?
A: Unfortunately yes, it is only 4:3. Animations were ripped from Trial version of Halo CE, which runs only in 4:3. I recommend forcing 4:3 aspect ratio in Zandronum, this works nicely with non 4:3 screen resolutions.

Q: So much invisibility? WTF?
A: Two major powerups of Halo CE are Overshield and Invisibility. I simply wanted this part of Halo multiplayer in this mod and after many hours of playtesting I still think it was a good idea.

Q: Can I turn off grenade drops?
A: No, not in this version. Each player drops exactly one grenade on death but only if they have at least one grenade in inventory on death.

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