BDLite: Zandronum Edition

Maps, modifications, add-ons, projects, and other releases for Zandronum. Also includes announcers.
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BDLite: Zandronum Edition


Post by TDRR » Tue Jul 02, 2019 8:23 pm

BDLite is basically a modder-friendly Brutal Doom, with organized code and easier to add things on top of it.
It also has removed some of the features BD had, like fatalities, alt-fire and other things like that. I think it's a good improvement to BD as it's simpler and easier to play and much more balanced on any map not made for it.

I'm not DavidN and i did not make the original BDLite, this is just a Zandronum port of it. I don't even know if it plays well online but i imagine it does as DavidN never removed any of the +CLIENTSIDEONLY flags.


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Here's most of DavidN's original post:
🎵 BdLite, BdLite
🎵 It's like Brutal Doom but without so much shite

BDLite home page

BDLite V1.1, Feb 16th 2018

Trello board


Brutal Doom brought me back to the Doom modding community a couple of years ago. By just throwing together absolutely everything that interested me, I made an episode of my own called Vulkan, after carefully looking around to make sure there wasn't a WAD already called that and overlooking that it was the name of an entire graphics library. It was built on top of Brutal Doom because at the time I loved the pace and effects of it, and it got a surprisingly good reception but people couldn't help noticing inconsistencies like the new enemies not having all the hitbox detection and special death animations that the standard enemies did.

But when I started looking at the Brutal Doom code, I discovered it was... challenging to understand how best to extend it. Mark-IV compiled a ton of content from a lot of disparate mods, producing something that held together when you were playing it but which underneath was an unnavigable mesh characterized by many, many redundant or completely unused classes and a maze of different naming schemes. I also wanted to distance my project from Brutal Doom for various other reasons and to make it my own.

So, perhaps not quite understanding the magnitude of the task ahead, I went in and started rewriting the whole thing, removing the parts that I didn't need and simplifying a lot of the code, with the aim being to keep the idea of a faster and more intense take on Doom but without straying too far from the core gameplay. I also wanted to get it into a state where people could build on top of it without having to understand the terrible guts of it.
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