[ALPHA] DUBG - Version 6 (new name pending)

Maps, modifications, add-ons, projects, and other releases for Zandronum. Also includes announcers.
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[ALPHA] DUBG - Version 6 (new name pending)


Post by TDRR » Fri Jan 04, 2019 6:18 am

Doomguy's Unknown Battlegrounds

DUBG, currently in Alpha 6, is a mod that adds a bunch o' weapons to Doom and makes the
experience a bit more varied but without absolutely murdering balance. It has also neat stuff like cars and PvP glory kills, along with a small filesize, It's also compatible with Heretic, Hexen, Chex Quest and Square, althrough Hexen compatibility is pretty bad.
Additionally it includes 3 maps, 1 is Doom City by Shamus Young albeit modified, and the other two are Ralphis' magical ice forts by, well, Ralphis, and FortressCTF by ZDoomBot Creator. Do note that to play the CTF maps you need to choose team deathmatch, not Capture The Flag.

Let's get to the good stuff, shall we?
Spoiler: Features! (Open)
  • -D-Touch/Zandro/1.8.6 Compatible! (well, duh)
    -Optimized for VERY potatoey computers and phones
    -Animated using the latest TEXTURES technology, saving a lot of disk space
    -15 new weapons
    -Female status bar face controlled via the current player skin
    (That means it works on GZDoom too!)

    -Compatibility with Adventures of Square, Chex Quest, Heretic, Hexen (but Hexen compat is pretty bad and meant for DM only)
    -One menu where you can switch to the next map, add/remove bots and a bit more
    -Splitscreen compatibility using SSZDoom and the file DUBG-Splitscreen.pk3
    -(Optional) Sprays! code from this adapted for 1.8.6 (currently not ingame)

    -3, count em', THREE new maps! (DoomCity by Shamus Young, Magic Ice Forts by Ralphis, Fortress CTF by ZDoomBot creator)
    More in later updates.

    -Compatible with any monster mod
    -Compatible with basically any map compatible with ZDoom
    -Player vs Player Glory kills
    -A bunch of stolen borrowed sprites
Spoiler: Weapons! (Open)
Fist: Your fist, which alternating both fire and altfire keys can combo, and killing an enemy player
with the fist executes a glory kill animation
  • AltFire: Use your right fist, alternating this with fire
    allows you to execute combos
    Ammo: Infinite (You can't run out of fist)
Pistol: Just a regular semi-automatic handgun
  • AltFire: Toggle laser sight, boosting damage and accuracy
    at the cost of firing speed, can be held akimbo to fire faster and have more rounds.
    Ammo: Bullets
    Clip capacity: 18 bullets
Colt Revolver: A strong single-action revolver with great accuracy
  • AltFire: Fire an aimed shot with twice the damage, twice the ammo cost but with the ability to penetrate through targets
    Ammo: 2 Bullets per shot
    Clip capacity: 8 shots
Shotgun: A pretty accurate pump-action shotgun
  • AltFire: Kick, dealing a fair amount of damage
    Ammo: Shells
    Clip capacity: 10 shells
Super Shotgun: A very strong double barrel shotgun with a long reloading time and recoil that can be used for vertical and horizontal mobility
  • AltFire: Fire one barrel at a time
    Ammo: Shells
    Clip capacity: Draws directly from ammo pool
Assault Shotgun: An automatic shotgun with fast firerate, but slow reload time and big spread
  • AltFire: Kick
    Ammo: Shells (See a pattern yet?)
    Clip capacity: 20 shells
Minigun: A really fast firing minigun,but it has a LOT of recoil, also, ammo consumption
  • AltFire: Nothing
    Ammo: Bullets
UAC Compact SMG: A side-loaded sub machinegun with a fast firerate but a fairly long reload
  • AltFire: Nothing
    Ammo: Bullets
    Clip Capacity: 35
Assault rifle: A rifle that works best in short controlled bursts to keep accuracy
  • AltFire: Switch between Burst/Automatic firemodes
    Ammo: Bullets
    Clip Capacity: 25
Heavy Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher: Just the regular Doom rocket launcher but with reloading.
  • AltFire: Nothing
    Ammo: Rockets
    Clip Capacity: 2
Grenade Launcher: A grenade launcher that can be used to bounce grenades around corners
  • AltFire: Nothing
    Ammo: Rockets
    Clip Capacity: 2
UAC Mark II Plasma Rifle: Your regular plasma rifle with a heat accumulating mechanism
  • AltFire: release the heat
    charged after 20 shots
    Ammo: 1 cell per shot
    Clip capacity: 40 shots
UAC Mark II Railgun: A very powerful Railgun with perfect accuracy but at a small speed
  • AltFire: Zoom in, immobilizing the user (pretty heavy eh?)
    Ammo: 10 Cells per shot
    Clip Capacity: 40
The BFG 10k: The latest in plasma technology, this gun delivers a lot of really hot plasma at a frightening rate,
the ammo consumption is frightening, too
  • AltFire: Nothing
    Ammo: 10 Cells per shot
    Clip Capacity: No reloading
Mysterious red sphere: Has a chance to spawn in place of the Soulsphere or Megasphere
  • AltFire: ???
    Ammo: ???
Spoiler: Vehicles (Open)
Note: To use vehicles, get close to them and press the "Use" key
They are controlled using your movement keys or any device you use for moving
Press E to get off them
Code for these vehicles is to be rewritten for more realistic handling

Motorbike: A regular motorbike with great speed but crappy handling
Health: 150

Green Car: A normal car with bad speed but great handling
Health: 500
Spoiler: Screenshots! (Open)
Credits can be found in the main PK3 itself.

Remember to bind your keys before playing, and to have a look at the DUBG options menu!
EDIT: Also remember to set the compatibility flag "Send Full Button Info" to on if you are going to play on a map with vehicles, i only now figured out that's why the vehicles freaked out online.

Download Alpha 6!

Patch meant for playing with SSZDoom (split-screen ZDoom) with it, in an Xbox 360 controller LT throws grenades, and A reloads and is also the "use" button. Using other controllers requires X360CE.
Download SSZDoom compatibility patch

Feedback is greatly appreciated, any suggestions will be considered.
My smile shining like bling-bling, i'm so blessed feeling like a king!

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