[WIP] Escape From Phobos

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[WIP] Escape From Phobos


Post by Spottswoode » Fri Aug 03, 2018 8:32 am

:igor: I'm doing stuff again.

Anyway, this is a pretty big long term project. (For me anyways...I don't plan on doing it alone.) The idea is a roguelike along the lines of something Sword of Stars: The Pit and similar roguelikes.
  • Very hiked difficulty. Dark Souls level stuff. Expect all enemies to be able to kill you easily.
  • Totally randomized levels and spawns. You will never experience anything the same way twice.
  • Reloading weapons and enemy weapons. All enemies equipped with guns will reload periodically and give you an opening. You will have the same openings.
  • Loads and loads of traps. Also some tools to help find them.
  • Managed inventory. Namely, limited weapons, ammo, and items. I would love to do grid inventory, but that's beyond my ability with ACS.
  • Several starting classes. Each one will have different starting equipment and some unique weapons and equipment.
These WAD will be designed for multiplayer modes with each difficulty setting being for a certain number of players. (And hence more difficult for less than said amount.) The lowest difficulty setting will be designed for solo play. The entire thing is going to be built around Survival mode. I'll also make an Invasion compatibility WAD.

Some things I need from other people:
I need a mapper to build maps, but the maps have to be very large to accommodate heavy randomization. Multiple pathways and a large number of rooms are a necessity.

There also needs to be an ACS script built we will call "Questbuilder" that will make sure players can finish the level.

What I'm working on right now:
Spoiler: Weapons and tools (Open)
There will be a large number of Realm 667 rips and the like.
Weapons are divided into 5 categories:
Melee (Rare drops tending toward hilarious effects) 1 slot
Sidearms (Most plentiful ammo source) 2 slots
Long Guns (Standard weapons for damage) 2 slots
Heavy Weapons (Heavy damage weapons) 2 slots
Special Weapons (Unique Ammo) 1 slot
You can carry 8 weapons in all (not including your fists) and need to drop what you are carrying to pick up more in the other slots.

Weapons are further divided into Standard, Tech, and Hellmake. Standard weapons use a specified ammunition and have the most diverse uses. Tech weapons all use power cells and need to be recharged at charging stations or with new HDC batteries (High Density Cell). Hellmake weapons can use souls or blood as ammo.

Tools will all be one slot and have no limit on the number you can carry. Some tools require ammo to use but never need to be discarded.
Spoiler: Classes (Open)
All classes will have a starting weapon, melee attack, some tools, and armor. Each class will have at least one unique item.
Classes that will definitely be added:
  • Marine- Standard weapons and armor. Starts with pistol, assault rifle, grenades, and one medkit.
  • Combat Engineer-Starts with a shotgun, heavy armor, and some demo equipment, a bomb drone, and an explosives detector.
  • Officer- Starts with light armor, an autopistol, grenades, and the officers portable terminal.
  • Black Ops- Starts with medium armor, silenced pistol, SMG, grenades, and black ops portable terminal.
  • Pilot- starts with light armor, plasma pistol, grenades, pilot's portable terminal, and survival knife.
  • Tech Specialist- Starts with medium armor, plasma rifle, rail pistol, grenades, and Tech Portable Terminal.
  • Recruit- starts with no armor, no weapons, Recruiter Terminal, and triple credits.
Spoiler: Enemies (Open)
Spoiler: Traps (Open)
Spoiler: Extras (Open)

The project will be released individual WADs to make it more customizable and easily moddable. It will be designed as a gameplay template.
I'll update this some more later.

Edit: Picked a name. Added some planned classes.
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[WIP] Re: [WIP] Roguelike Project


Post by Ænima » Fri Aug 03, 2018 1:36 pm


Welcome back, bro!
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[WIP] Re: [WIP] Roguelike Project


Post by Spottswoode » Sat Aug 04, 2018 2:15 pm

WOOT! (Don't ever get married.)

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[WIP] Re: Escape From Phobos


Post by Spottswoode » Thu Jul 04, 2019 5:53 am

Jesus.....been almost a year and still haven't got much to show for it.... )then again, this is an extremely low priority for me......) Mostly due to me being a terrible mapper and hating my work for testing.

I will have some screenshots probably by the end of August and hopefully a working alpha for Halloween.

So this project is way more horror themed than the original doom incarnation with an extremely hiked difficulty. I might even make a battle royale map before the end of the year to test weapons for PVP. I'll update this later in August.

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