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[WIP] DMOD - Simple Garry's Mod-style sandbox menu

Posted: Mon Jul 30, 2018 12:51 pm
by FraxGamer
Alright this is my first post here and my first actually public creation. It adds an simple extra "Sandbox" menu through MENUDEF that allows you to :
-Summon any monster
-Give/Summon any weapon
-Noclip faster
-Godmode faster
-Kill all monsters on map
-Delete your inventory

So here's the link : ... e=dmod.pk3

It is reccomended to use ZDOOM Wars maps with this and mess around with your buddies.

Todo list :
A Plus version with :
-Heretic Weapons
-Some Strife weapons
-Some weapons from other mods (Stronghold,Valiant,etc.)
-A bunch of Realm667 monsters to mess around with
Freeze mode
And last but not least,summons for the Romero head and Command Keen (heh)