[WIP] overpowered Kingdom Hearts mod - Doomguy with a keyblade

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[WIP] overpowered Kingdom Hearts mod - Doomguy with a keyblade


Post by Aqua Kitty » Tue May 22, 2018 11:39 pm

Been working on this for weeks and figured for Kingdom Hearts 3 hype, I might as well make it public here.
Ever since I edited the Powerslave machete weapon to be a keyblade, I've been experimenting with gameplay mods for it.Through sheer hackery and determination, I managed to put out a weird amalgamation of Doom weapons and Hexen spells with a level up system that somehow works. I also decided to make playerclasses based on the Dream Sword/Shield/Rod thing in KH1. While you largely got the same weapons and abilities, the aspect you chose affected how Sora is built - same thing applies to the custom classes here.

For a future release, I plan on hacking the inventory system into a Birth by Sleep style Command Deck and learning HUDINFO.

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===Kingdom Hearts Gameplay prototype by Aqua Kitty (khgmeply.wad)===

A non-standard txt for a WAD of non-standard distribution

From the guy who made the failed experiment DoomMaku as well as other dumb learning projects here and there - Kingdom Hearts Doom (tentative title) is a Kingdom Hearts themed gameplay mod designed for multiplayer deathmatch, but it's also playable in Single player and co-op as far as I know. Only works with Zandronum, tested with Zandronum 3.0.

Classes Overview:
(They all use pretty much the same weapons except pistol start, each starts with a variant of the keyblade weapon that boosts their class abilities)

Warrior - Higher speed than stock Doomguy plus all round boost to damage, but takes 1.25x damage from enemies. Starts with pistol, shotgun, and a few shells.

Guardian. Can pick up to 400 health in addition to taking almost half damage from enemies, but moves at 3/4 speed of stock Doomguy. Starts with a ShieldGun and a MegaSphere.

Mystic: Constant, rapid mana regeneration and 3x damage for magic use (wand included), but takes 1.5x Damage from enemies. Starts with Hexen's Sapphire Wand.

Rundown of new weapons:

Slot 1
Keyblade - A melee replacement with a three-hit combo, that can also be powered up by berserk pack.

Cure - A simple healing spell that restores your health to 100. Altfire drops several special healing items for allies. (Both modes use 100 mana)

Slot 2
Fire - Hexen's Firestorm weapon (uses 15 Mana)

Slot 3
Blizzard - Hexen's Frost Shards weapon (uses 20 mana)

Slot 4
Thunder - Hexen's Arc of Death weapon (uses 25 mana)

Slot 5
Gravity - Concentrates a powerful gravity force that stunlocks and kills by pressure (uses 50 mana)

Slot 6
Aero - A windblast spell that throws around players and monsters in its blast radius, useful for "rocket jumping" (uses 10 mana)

Slot 7
Holy - A massive ball of light that deals immense damage to anything in its blast radius. (uses 100 mana)

Known bugs: Gravity has been a fucking headache to work with balancing, also due to how the animation works that doesn't work on GZDoom. Also Duel doesn't work for now but Deathmatch does. Also for some reason when you enter a map with spellrank 0, it says you learned how to chant "Fire" like Beavis.

Keyblade is an edit of the machete from Powerslave, credit to Xim for the original DECORATE and spritework.
All magical weapons are either straight from Hexen or edited.
ShieldGun made by Captain Toenail.
The crappier spell effects like "sparklingwiggles" were made by me.
Spell sounds for Cure, Gravity, Aero, Holy, as well as the sound for learning spells, comes from this sound pack by p0ss https://opengameart.org/content/spell-sounds-starter-packhttps://opengameart.org/content/spell-sounds-starter-pack
Update 0.1a - made the gravity spell slightly less gay and radius buff for Holy
Update 0.1b - scripting fixes

https://www.dropbox.com/s/e5bw17i21xtth ... b.zip?dl=0
https://www.dropbox.com/s/k1a0cwlf5x0y5 ... a.zip?dl=0
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