[WIP] Alphatius - Competitive Deathmatch Mod

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[WIP] Alphatius - Competitive Deathmatch Mod


Post by auratoostronk » Sun Dec 03, 2017 8:47 pm

Download is at the bottom of this post!

Alphatius is intended to be a competitive multiplayer deathmatch mod for Zandronum. It's still early in development, and I have a lot of sweet things planned for it, so stay posted! Currently, there are 5 weapons, each with its own unique fire and alt-fire, 3 player classes, and 4 travel abilities, as well as one map. I plan to add more weapons, player classes, and a few more travel abilities, as well as a lot of action abilities, and perks.

Here's a video of what's been done:
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[spoiler]Telsa SMG
Shoots a stream of weak electricity. Alt-fire for a deadly melee attack.

Particle Splitter
Shoots a cone of small particle projectiles. Alt-fire for a single pellet,
then Alt-fire again to detonate it into a cone of pellets. (In Zandronum,
the pellet auto-detonates because it uses a function that isn't available
in Zandronum. Working on a fix soon!)

C-14 Assault Rifle
Fires explosive energy projectiles. Alt-fire for a deadly gas grenade.

Advanced Burst Rifle
Fires 3 consecutive rail attacks. Alt-fire for a weak shotgun attack that recoils the user back.

Photon Carbine
Well-rounded carbine with projectiles that bounce off of walls. Alt-fire for a powerful grenade attack.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Juggernaut: High health, low mobility
Lightweight: Low health, high mobility
Infantry: Medium health, medium mobility, placeholder class (will be removed in future versions)[/spoiler]

Travel Abilities:
[spoiler]Thruster Boots: Thrusts you along the ground with no vertical momentum.
Rocket Jump: Boosts you upward and outward
Warp Drive: Phases you out of existence for a moment, thrusts you forwards,
then phases you back.
Jet Pack: Allows for a rechargeable flight[/spoiler]

Planned Stuff
https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/fold ... 8LEyTjw3NA

Please let me know what you think! Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!

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