Doomjoshuaboy's mod 2 v12

Maps, modifications, add-ons, projects, and other releases for Zandronum. Also includes announcers.
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Doomjoshuaboy's mod 2 v12


Post by doomjoshuaboy » Sat Mar 05, 2016 10:58 am

Hey there people
I decide to make a topic of my mod this is a very different mod better than my other mod.
I have made this mod since August and post it via youtube halfway in november working hard as i could.

New Video, new version Trailer:
phpBB [video]
The [video] tag is deprecated, please use the [media] tag
I decide to make it early release of my mod so Zan 3.0 and ZD/GZDoom is the only compatible with this.

DoomJoshuaBoy's mod version 12 Zan 3.0 and ZD/GZDoom DL here

Add-on: Music package volume 3
If you're having trouble of scaling the Status bar using fullscreen Use hud_scale in the console (if true [1] makes it a bigger size, if false [0] goes to the same size as the video resolution you've chosen the bigger it gets, the smaller hud gets)
Spoiler: Screenshots (Open)


Spoiler: Old links: (Open) ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing

Anything whats need to fix up...feel free to post it in this thread
Spoiler: ToDo (Open)

Spoiler: Changelog: (Open)
added more realm 667 monsters and weapons
Zandronum 2.x not compatible. only 3.0 does.

Finally know how to deal with these huds. These are in separate parts (normal ,fullscreen and none) and there are exactly the same as the fullscreen hud. I don't want to leave the none, as blank at times.
and other bugs are all fixed.

(With red plus: acts like your normal health. With Blue plus: acts like your health bonus/boosters.)
added 4 new healths
2 are health boosters
2 are portable
changed the stimpack health amount to 15 instead of 10.
Added player's names to the hud.
(v9):(A/N: From the comment that sent me:
-Ghost- wrote:Just tried this out. Was playing on normal, but the 1000 starting HP feels kind of unnecessary considering how much health you pickup and how quickly you kill things.
Sticking with 500 Starting HP on both mods)
added some more monsters as well as some skulltag monsters from the skulltag team
made a few changes with my shotgun mkII and now the primary fire and flash will shoot with normal puff and shells and the secondary fire will have ice shots and ice shells, the animations and sounds will change quickly.
Both: change the hud fonts to small font except the ammo 1/2 will stay as doom hud font
Zdoom: fixed up the powerup timers for each runes + flight sphere and rearranged them
Zdoom: added air time with the bar on top of the weapons tag and move the weapon tag down a bit.
Both: Fixed the inventory bar it will be next to the mugshot.
normal and max stim and medkits health is now 1000.
added mugshot to the statudsbar and its right next to health and armor

ZAN: Needs Skulltag data to play this![/size]
I finally fixed the bug for the 5 fireball and change a few decorates and others.
No score and weapon tags and icons and the runes will be changed to skulltag ones
Instead having the ammo/ammocap on the top of the statusbar is now above ammo1/2.

(v8): (A/N: fixed up the shotgun flash is wasn't there while shooting and added gl defs for bullet puff and player needs a light when firing a gun.)
The dark revenant is removed because of the comment that sent for me and added double missiled revenant. (Another revenant)
changed the health from those friendly monsters becauuse their health was still too high.

Weapons and Ammo:
weapons are now even harder to spawn but except for the default weapons from doom are all high (weapons spawner will sometimes disappear at the start like when you are getting a chainsaw or shotgun in the secret area at map01 in doom 2)
Doomjoshuaboy class removed and made the weapon as a secret weapon and it's even harder to spawn at the bfg spawner
all of weapon bobbing style is now as alpha
made an new ammo: Mana (Sorry had to get "Mana3" sprites from hexen iwad) for the fist alt-fire and secret weapon.

status bar:
timer is removed.
added mana to the ammocap

all of the graphics are now as .png


(!) New weapon! (!)[/size]
Desert Eagle: fires 10 Bullets with up to 100 damages, alt-fire 30 Bullets and 100-1000 amount of damage.
Made Some more alt-fires for some weapons
Fixed the bug from the Shotgun MKII sprite from weapon pickup/Spawn is wrong.
Fixed up the plasma rifle gunflash and both primary and secondary fires are mixed up.

Fist alt-ammo changed 10 instead of 1
Changed the Double shotgun actor and tag to Shotgun MKII

Instead of having 7 weapons, it's a single weapon
FIre: one random thing will be shot from the weapon (1 ammo per shot
Alternate Fire: one of my 3 main friendly monster will spawn (50 ammo per shot)
Re-Balanced the health as same as the player has

Alert: New Weapon[/size]
MInigun has arrived
Decorate: me
Sprites: Yholl and SoloSpaghetti from Doom RL Arsenal (Hope you guys dont mind me burrowing your Minigun.)
Sounds: Old Insanity's STMinigun for Skulltag/Zandronum

made three different types of zooming 2x,4x and 8x. (Note: You might have to go back to the customize controls and redo the key for Zoom because it's been changed.)

made an ammocap for most of the weapons.

Zoom(with an key-section) (Note: Some people with Shotgun's Sniper Alt-Fire or Plasma's Rail-gun Alt-Fire can't get monsters and losing shells and cells every time you miss-shot an monster that's why I have forgotten Zoom in to my mod.)

updated altfire for the fist and burrowed the animations for the fist (unfortunately for the alt fire if you shot it while in walls it wont shot any Projectiles (used random spawner for some reason) so please watch your ammo and firing and dont go near the walls, it will not fire probably.)

Make the friendly monsters move a lot better.

Statusbar:(Tried using the same status bar for the normal bar but not working please pm me if you know how to or Just leave it as it is.)
added Timer for the map you are on.
added totals and tally for Monsters, secrets and items to the top left of your bar.
added the weapon tag and icon to the bar.

Monsters:(Theres 2 BFG guys, one has a normal BFG ball and the other has the Devastator BFG ball make sure you dodge them or kill it using the Shotgun's alt-fire)
all of the monsters can now drop health and armor and some of the bosses have spheres that could help refill your health and armor points
fixed the Death Incarnate to a new version

2 new weapons (1 of them is made with decorates by me) (the other are mostly from duke nukem but it a dual weapon type)

added a few weapons from realm 667's website.
made the Blaster Rifle both fires faster
made a few random spawners for a few weapons

made changes from the drop items for each monsters that has weapons droppers

changed the Clip start amount to 200 instead of 50
Added an Revolver as a start item

made an alt-fire animation for all of DSG and IceDSG Weapons

Crackodemon's fireball icon has been renamed because its the same Icon as the Hellsfury's red slime ball,

Health & Armor:
Made 4 new health bonuses and 4 new armor bonuses
Made 1 new soulsphere
Made 1 new megasphere
Made 3 new armors
All of them above are maximum of 12000
ALL of the armors and armor bonuses are now 100% of protection.

Status bar:
Rune now can show up on your status bar whenever you pick up 1 or more runes
Fixed the Icon and number from inventory

Inferno's lavaball trancers icon name are the same as the puff from The repeater zombie and is fixed to an different icon name.

Made it as one single pk3 instead of separated mods

Random Spawner of the runes are now difficult to drop even on huge bosses
removed all of those annoucer voices and add a new single sound in the Rune actor

replaced the shotgun flash sprite and decorate as well as the SSG
Plasma Rifle primary fire is now back to normal but with animation except for the cooldown still the same but changed the frame to 40 instead of 70
Made some nametags for my DSG (Double Shotgun) weapons even the Karasawa
Made some decals for the Blue BFG Balls and also Ice bullet shots
Changed the weapon actor's names to DJB_ instead of New (Newpistol to DJB_pistol for example)
Few weapons have now random damage
Added alittle slower for Karasawa's Primary Fire

Changed Colour to Gold for the score system

Changed the Powerup Duration to 30 instread of 60.

Scale them small.

Added the score system.

Moved the Flight Powerup timer and the icon to the left instead of right side because of the score system had to be on the right.

Taken out the music folder.

DoomJoshuaBoy, Amy and Tails health had decreased down to halfway.

Added 30+ New monsters to the mod from realm 667's website .


Changed the Plasma rifle's fire & alt-fire speed a little slow and changed the alt-fire ammo use to 50 instead of 10.

Changed a few things with the Super Shotgun so it does act like the Doom 2.5 Super Shotgun from realm 667's website.

Changed a few things with the Shotgun

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