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Death and Decay: More RPG! Scaling Monsters! New Beta v2.3!

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2014 8:23 pm
by Ivan
DOWNLOAD: Click! Click! Click!

IMPORTANT: Use this special binary (if you use windows) to help me trace a nasty crash! ... gbinary.7z You don't need this binary to be used on the server!


- Welcome to Death and Decay, a monster/weapon replacer mod. If you liked Hard Doom and mods of that type, then you might like this mod. If not, it's still alright, this mod is a bit different compared to the others.

- The very first difference is that your character will constantly be evolving and improving in terms of both the stats and weapon efficiency. You'll be earning credits through monsters kills or completing a few special tasks. (These will be mentioned below) You can later use the hard earned cash to buy some very valuable items. (Which will also be discussed below)

- This mod incorporates the popular survival features used in servers nowadays such as the revenant tracer fix, coop bullets, shared keys etc. To activate the coop bullets, go to Options -> Customize Controls -> "Toggle Thru-Bullets". This is off by default and every hitscan weapon will function as normal hitscan when this is off.
- Make sure you bind a key to the menu of DnD. It has lots of information regarding your weapons, stats, loadout, the shop etc. A must have!


Here, I'll discuss the content of the mod and how to use them.

2. a. Players

There are three player classes to choose from. They have no difference other than aesthetics, so choose whichever you want!

2. b. Stats and Perks

This mod includes some RPG elements like leveling up by gaining enough experience, getting credits for killing monsters or completing certain tasks, spending attribute points on stats etc.

The stats available to spend attribute points on per level are as follows:

[spoiler]* Strength: Increases melee damage by 4. This includes fists, chainsaws, swords etc.

* Dexterity: Increases movement speed by 1%.

* Charisma: Reduces shop prices by 0.5%.

* Bulkiness: Increases armor capacity by 2.

* Vitality: Increases health capacity by 2.[/spoiler]

You gain stat points by leveling up, picking attribute bonuses or finding all secrets in a map or getting all bonus tasks done. If a map has no secrets, this isn't applicable.

The perks available are as follows:

[spoiler]* Sharpshooting: Increases all damage dealt by 5%.

* Endurance: Reduces all damage dealt by 5%.

* Wisdom: Increases experience gain by 10%. Shown by a +X value under the first number displayed when you kill a monster.

* Greed: Increases credit gain by 10%. Showed by a +X value under the last number displayed when you kill a monster.

* Medic: Increases all healing done to yourself by 5. This includes all health items, health giving weapons etc.[/spoiler]

You gain perk points every 5 levels or by completing all bonus tasks.

Lastly, you gain 20% bonus experience (of the total you got in that level) if you kill all monsters in a map.

2. c. Weapons

All the weapons are replaced. Your usual set of weapons you are familiar with are either presented with some changes to make them more useful, or are just visually upgraded. However, if you want to get more weapons or upgrade your current ones, you'll need to spend your credits in the shop.

Besides this, there's an important point to make with the weapons: They serve different purposes! Some of them are good at suppression, some are good at burst damage. If you are using the monster pack, then there are monsters that are resistant to some of these weapons, and some will just be completely useless. Make sure you read the description of these weapons in the shop. For example, some weapons can't hit ghosts and this means trouble against Spectres.

One thing worth mention is that each weapon slot has a meaning. They are as follows:

[spoiler]- Slot 1: Melee weapons.

- Slot 2: Pistol type weapons.

- Slot 3: Shell based weapons.

- Slot 4: Bullet based weapons.

- Slot 5: Explosive weapons.

- Slot 6: Rapid-Fire weapons.

- Slot 7: Highly destructive weapons.

- Slot 8: Ultimate weapons.

- Slot 9: Temporary weapons.[/spoiler]

The temporary weapons are unique in the way that, you can't pick any of their ammo from anywhere besides their pickup. They are meant to be used and discarded, saving you some ammo for other weapons. You can have only one equipped at a time but you can drop them if you have a key bound to it from the key bindings menu. (Options -> Customize Controls) This is handy if you want to give a team mate your weapon, or take a better one given a situation.

The ultimate weapons have their own ammo pool, demon souls. Sometimes you'll see some white pickups drop from monsters. These are their souls and they feed these weapons. You can have only one of these weapons at a time, and they are very strong. Yeah, really strong. However, if you are using the monster pack, there are monsters that will piss you off so you won't kill everything with these weapons so easily.

2. d. Artifacts

These are items you can carry around with you and use at any given time. They are as follows:

[spoiler]- Field Kit: Heals 25 health per use. Max 3.

- Salvation Sphere: Gives 100 health and teleports you back to safety. Max 1.

- Portable Shield: Gives you invulnerability for 5 seconds. The duration stacks. Max 3.

- Blood Rune: You drain life per damage dealt. Lasts 30 seconds. Max 1.

- Triple Damage: Does what it says. Lasts 15 seconds. Max 1.

- Book of the Dead: Deals damage to all monsters in your view, and if it kills monsters, guarantees to extract their souls. Max 1.

- Blade Vortex: Summons a circle of deadly blades around you to cut your enemies. Also gives damage reduction of 50%. Lasts 20 seconds. Max 1.

- Stat Reset: Resets all your stats. This includes your Strength, Dexterity, Charisma, Bulkiness, Vitality and all of your perks. However you can reassign these after use. Max 1.[/spoiler]

2. e. Abilities

There are various abilities. These can be researched from the shop for a price. The list of abilities are as follows:

[spoiler]* Close Combat Mastery: Gives your fist an alternate fire mode where you do a powerful roundhouse kick. Deadly at high levels of Strength, even more so if combined with berserk.

* Reloading Mastery: All your weapons that had to reload will reload twice as fast. This includes all weapons with a magazine or shell. (Even the super shotgun!)

* Mobility Mastery: You get to dash around if you tap your movement keys. Very useful if you are used to modern games allowing you this type of dodge mechanic.

* Arcane Mastery: All your artifacts are 50% more effective.

* Poison Mastery: You are immune to any kind of poison. There are quite a few monsters dealing poison damage, so it can become handy to have.

* Regeneration Mastery: You regenerate up to 20 + Vitality each second.

* Explosion Mastery: Your explosions hurt you 50% less. Useful for the clumsy.

* Heart Seeker Mastery: You can pick up demon hearts 10% of the time from their corpses and use them as temporary weapons.[/spoiler]

2. f. Accessories

Finally, you can enrich your class' overpoweredness by these little beauties. These drop only from the most powerful of the monsters, and they are only available if you play with the monster pack. So, no easy power grinding in vanilla mode :)

Here are the accessories:

[spoiler]* Talisman of Wisdom: Increases experience gain by 50%.

* Talisman of Greed: Increases credit gain by 50%.

* Demon Bane: Increases damage of your demonic weapons by 50%. You know it's demonic if it looks "not man made". :P

* Amulet of Hellfire: Protection from all fire damage and environmental hazards by 75%.

* Angelic Ankh: When you are about to drop below 1 health, you are kept at 1 health for 8 seconds and are invulnerable during this period. Works once per map.

* Pendant of Reflection: When hit, you have a 20% chance to become reflecting and invulnerable for 5 seconds. This can happen for a total of 10 times per map.

* Nether Mask: Enhances all your weapons, they will all do their full damage even against the most resistant foe. All rippers will always rip through even the bosses. Non-ghost hitting weapons will always hit ghosts.

* Taltos Ring: You recover 5% of your maximum health with each successful melee hit. You also become a ghost. However you receive only 15% benefit from any health pickup. (Health bonuses give nothing)[/spoiler]

You can only wear two of these accessories at a time.

2. g. Shop

The shop is one of the key parts of this mod. It contains all of the above, and some more things to see. Here's a screenshot of it:


Here you can see the many things it has. Stats screen takes you to the stat screen where you can increase your stats and see your currently gained bonuses from those.

Perks section takes you to set your perks. This and the stat label will glow red and green if you have points that you can spend.

Loadout shows you your weapons acquired, abilities learned, artifacts owned and accessories. You can traverse these pages with the ">>" icon, and you can select it with your movement key and pressing use key. All you have to do to set your accessories are to use your move keys. If you have nothing, you can't set these.

Shop part is where you can do all your purchases. It leads to the aforementioned parts' purchase pages.

Abilities page shows you your currently researched skills. You can toggle those that can be toggled here as well.

Help screen shows additional help about the menu. You can also toggle the HUD's map stats display, such as enemies left, items left etc.

Guess what exit does!?!?!? Yeah...

2. h. Monsters

You have options here. You can either choose to use the vanilla Doom 2 monsters to go with this, which give very low experience and credit or you can be a tough guy and battle against a mash of some Realm667 plus some creative monsters. Mind you, most of these monsters are edited to some extent to be a bit different, so there are always new challenges. Be ready to die a lot if you are not careful :) These monsters give lots more rewards though, so make sure you try it out for the full experience!


- The files: Core -- Monsters -- Coop / Survival Only Ammo Spawner

- Tracers may act up or not show properly, it's fixed. (There's a build you can use here: Build)

- Files should be loaded in this order AFTER the map pack of your choosing. Suggested map packs: CC2, 3 and 4, HellBound, Whispers of Satan.


- WAD ORDER: dndvX.Y.pk3 -> dnd_monstersvX.Y.pk3 -> dnd_onlyammovX.Y.pk3

- SUPPORTED GAME MODES: Cooperative and Survival

4. Changelog


Code: Select all


- Nerf
+ Buff
! New feature
* Bugfix / Tweak


! Converted all non-PNG sprites to PNGs. (Current exceptions: Translation monsters)
! Renamed all default weapons so that they share nothing with classic Doom sprite names.


! The CVar "dnd_hardcore" has now importance! Hardcore made has launched! Read more at the bottom.
! Weapons that can be reloaded now make use of the "Weapon Reload" bind instead of altfire. MAKE SURE YOU BIND A RELOAD KEY!!!!!!!!!
! Added a new cvar "dnd_fullshare". This prevents Exp and Credit share from being split by division, and instead makes sharing 1:1 ratio regardless of player count.
! Added a new cvar "dnd_credit_drops". This controls whether monsters will randomly drop coins or not on kill. Default is true. Also added "dnd_credit_droprateadd" which simply adds % based chance on top of already defined chances. Max 100.
! Added a new cvar "dnd_gainonlyinrange". This controls if exp and credit gain should only be given to those close to the monster. Default false. "dnd_gainrange" controls the range. Default 768. This only matters if the aforementioned CVar is true.
! Added a new cvar "dnd_disablelevelbonus". This toggles the level clear bonuses. Default is false, meaning they are enabled.
! Added researches! Most of the exotic features of DnD now require you to research them. You can find research modules dropped by monsters occasionally.
	- There is a new tab on the DnD menu for researches. They require a new resource called "Budget".
	- You gain "Budget" at the end of maps, depending on how hard the map was. You get 6k for "Easy" and 10k for "Very Hard".
! Added armors tab at the shop! Now you can buy a wide range of armors to suit your build!
	! Added buyable armors: Gunslinger, Occult, Energy and Demo Armors. 25% damage reduction, 150 armor. They increase hitscan, magical, energy and explosive weapon damages by 50% respectively.
	! Added a buyable armor: Necro Armor: Reduces damage by 45%, 200 armor. 33% chance on hit to launch spikes around that do 60 - 100 damage. "Demon Bane", "Occult Talent" and "Bulkiness" improve damage. Each "Bulkiness" point improves damage by 10%.
	! Added a buyable armor: Cybernetic Armor: 45% reduction, 200 armor. If not damaged for 3 seconds, slowly restores armor up to 200.
	! Added a buyable armor: Duelist Armor: 33% damage reduction, 150 armor. Gives additional 60% hitscan resist.
	! Added a buyable armor: Knight Armor: 35% damage reduction, 250 armor. If a melee weapon is currently held, gain extra 35% protection.
	! Added a buyable armor: Ravager Armor: 25% damage reduction, 150 armor. If a killing spree begins, gain 35% extra damage. If a killing spree is successfully reached with armor up, restore armor completely.
! Added a new page at the ammo tab for the shop! Now you can buy the classic 4 ammo types as well as the rare ammo types.
! Added a new cvar "dnd_shop_armor_scale" because of the above.
! Added new cvars "dnd_monsterlevel_low" and "dnd_monsterlevel_high" to change level randomization on monster scaling. They determine the low and high offsets. Defaults are 1 and 2 respectively.
! Added a new cvar "dnd_monsterlevel_behind" that forces the end monster level result to be always at least equal or behind player average. Default false.
! All exp and credit is now given based on the monster's health. (20% exp, 13% for credit)
	- Benefit of these two is that they normalize exp and credit gains. Tougher monsters reward more than weaker ones.
	- Exp gain is 20% of the monster's max health, whereas the credit gain is two thirds of it, approximately 13%.
! Added a new accessory: "Hand of Artemis". Makes weapons use no ammo.
! Added a new accessory: "Gryphon Boots". Gives 25% movement speed as well as curse and fall damage immunity.
! Added a new accessory: "Scroll of Agamotto". Gives 30% damage reduction while moving and 150% extra damage while standing.
! Added a new accessory: "Lich Arm". Increases soul capacity to 150 and makes your ultimate weapons do x2.5 damage.
! Added a new player skin: "Wanderer".
! Added a new talent: "Elemental".
! Added new armors: "Monolith Armor" and "Elemental Armor".
! DnD Menu now supports mouse control! The old keyboard method is gone and replaced with a fully working mouse cursor. You can alternatively use left/right strafe keys to move between pages.
! You can now buy the automap in the artifacts tab from the shop! Can buy only once per map. Priced at 27.5k.
! You can now buy a backpack from the artifacts tab! Priced at 50k!
! You can now see your lives left in survival games at the rightmost side of the weapon slot number bar, in red.
! "Dexterity" stat has been changed! It now increases the bonus you gain from talents by 0.15% per point. This stacks additively, so: Someone with 20 dexterity will gain 3% more benefit from talents, meaning it becomes 10.5% per point up from 7.5%!
! Accessory drop rate is now a CVar! "dnd_accessory_droprate" controls this and the default value is 2, implying 2%.
! "Talent" system revised! Now you buy talents based on damage types instead of slots. This has the following changes:
	- What your weapon shoots matters! Bullets, shells, melee, magical/demonic (occult), explosive, energy or elemental!
	- Some weapons benefit from more than one talent! Ex: Silver Gun. (Shell direct hit damage and explosion damage)
	- Rules for these: 
		> If a weapon is shooting bullets, it uses bullet talent.
		> If a weapon shoots shells, depending on type, could be explosives, energy or just shells.
		> If a weapon is demonic or magical, it uses occult talent.
		> If a weapon is shooting rockets or mainly exploding projectiles that are not occult, they use explosion talent.
		> If a weapon is a melee attack that is not magical, they use melee talent. (Ex: "Soul Render" melee is 'melee', but alt fire attacks are 'occult')
		> If a weapon uses elemental attacks (fire, ice and lightning) then it uses elemental talent.
		> If it doesn't fall into any of the above, it's energy talent. (Plasma, BFG etc.)
! Changed the looks of the "Heavy Machine Gun".
! Added two new temporary weapons: "Dark Servant Gloves" and "Heavy Nailgun".
! Added new weapons: "Assault Rifle", "Deadlock Shotgun", "Nitrogen Crossbow", "Plasma Cannon", "Templar MG", "Riot Cannon", "Meteor Launcher", "Flame Thrower", "Lightning Gun" and "Ion Cannon".
! Added a new perk: "Deadliness". Gives 2% critical hit chance per point. Critical Hit gives double the damage.
! You can now use "alternate fire" key to buy enough ammo to maximize your current ammo. If you don't have enough money, then you'll just get enough to fill it as much as you got.
+ You now get 3 attribute points per level up from 2.
+ Increased the value of the following stats:
	+ Vitality: Gives 4 health up from 2.
	+ Bulkiness: 0.75% per point up from 0.5% armor efficiency.
	+ Strength: +5 melee damage up from +4.
* Fixed a bug where "Charisma" was reducing by 1% per point instead of 0.5%.
* The hud can now be rescaled using "hud_scale" console command.
* Fixed a bug where "Blood Rune" wasn't healing up to your health capacity.
* Leveling curve is re-adjusted to be better for later levels. (Specifically, less steep after level 26)
* The talent menu at the shop will correctly display the percentage increase based on your "Dexterity". (Ex: At 0 "Dexterity" you'll see 7.5% but at 10 you'll see 8.5%)
* Removed the "Exit" option from the menu.
* Fixed a bug where if you used a special grenade type on the "Grenade Launcher", if you ran out of it it'd say you changed to bullets.
* "Scatter Pistol" is now a luxury weapon.
* Made all grenades shot by player less bouncy. (Momentum of grenades reduce to 66% at each bounce)
* Fixed a potential invalid array index access problem related to clientside drawing of research items.
* Fixed a potential crash that could happen when someone tries to pick up a "Rocket Launcher".
+ You now get 20 lava cells from the shop up from 18 in the ammo tab.
+ All ammo purchases from the shop now benefit from the "Munitionist" perk.
+ "Ravager Armor" now gives 50% damage bonus instead of 35%.
+ "Shotgun" now shoots 10 pellets up from 9.
- "Shotgun" now has a clip size of 8 and has to reload.
+ "Killstorm" now shoots 11 pellets up from 10.
+ "Death Staff" primary fire direct hit damage increased to 400 - 600 up from 160 - 240.
- "Death Staff" altfire cost is now 9 up from 4.
- "Death Staff" altfire fireballs that spawn after explosion now deal 4 - 8 damage down from 8 - 16.
- "Lead Spitter" cost increased to 4500 from 4350.
* Fixed a bug where "Sawed Off" would sometimes let you fire even though you had fired both shells.
+ "Sun Staff" now shoots 56 rays on alt fire instead of 48.
+ "Sun Staff" now ignores shields on it's primary attack as well.
+ "Sun Staff" primary damage increased to 20 from random(12, 16).
+ "Razorfang" skulls last 6 seconds up from 4.
+ "Razorfang" skull damage increased to 8 - 16 from 5 - 10.
+ "Razorfang" now shoots 4 more bone shards in the normal attack mode.
+ Increased "Razorfang" skull damage radius to 40 from 16.
* Fixed a bug where "Soul Reaver" was not scaling properly.
+ "Devastator" now shoots 4 rockets up from 3.
- "Devastator" rocket spread increased to 3.2 from 2.0.
- Slot 8 weapon prices are now 25k up from 20k.
+ "Destruction Generator" self damage reduced to 1/4th of the damage.
+ "Erasus" fires 4 tics faster between shots.
+ "Erasus" takes 4 tics less time to reload if you need to reload after firing.
- "Erasus" takes 6 tics longer to fire if you tap.
+ "Erasus" now shoots 18/36 pellets per shot up from 16/32.
+ "Shotgun" and "Super Shotgun" pellets now do either 10 or 15 damage instead of 5, 10 or 15.
+ "Plasma Rifle" now does 20 - 40 damage up from 5 - 40.
* Rules of "Taltos Ring" about ghosts have been remade.
	- All "artificial" projectiles will go through ghosts.
	- Bullets, melee and plasma/energy type attacks are exceptions to the above rule.
	- Organic attacks pass through ghosts.
	- Ex: A "Cyberdemon" is almost entirely helpless.
* Improved "Purifier" sprites.
* DnD Menu now covers the screen properly.
* Touched up "Shotgun", "Erasus" sprites a bit.
* Improved tooltips of some weapons that didn't mention the weapon could special ammo types.
* Fixed a bug where "Grenade Launcher" was missing a frame.
- "Grenade Launcher" fire animation takes 1 tic longer.
* Fixed a small error that caused the spread of "Venom" to be larger than intended.
* Reorganized the armor pages.
* Fixed a bug where some ripper type weapons was not correctly giving scores for kills/damage dealt with "Nether Mask" on.
* Fixed a bug where if you had more armor than armors on the shop, they wouldn't be colored red.
* Fixed a bug where "Fist" attacks with "Nether Mask" was using the wrong talent bonus.
* Fixed a bug where your health bar would not flicker on intended limits.
* Fixed a bug where your armor bar still took "Bulkiness" stat into account for it's flicker.
* Fixed a bug where some slot 2 pistols' casings could sometimes be spawned incorrectly.
* Fixed a bug where slot 4 machine gun casings could sometimes be spawned incorrectly.
* Fixed a bug where "Destruction Generator" could explode on allies.
* Fixed a bug where special fx toggle was not working properly for spectators.
* Fixed a bug where "Scatter Pistol" damage was not counted as bullet type.
* Fixed a bug where "Destruction Generator" was not coming after "Railgun" and "Gauss Rifle".
* Fixed a bug where "Railgun" would sometimes not let you charge even if you had enough cells.
* Fixed a bug where "Sun Staff" was not benefiting from "Explosion Mastery" properly.
* Fixed a bug where "Razorfang" was not benefiting from any scaling if used with "Nether Mask".
* Fixed a bug where armor bonuses would not increase armor if a "Red Armor" was equipped and it had over 200 armor.
* Fixed a bug where "Pistol" damage would not scale if "Nether Mask" was equipped.
* Fixed a bug where "Nuclear Plasma Rifle" was doing less damage with "Explosion Mastery".
- "Nuclear Plasma Rifle" now reduces overheat counter by 1 instead of 2.
- "Nuclear Plasma Rifle" now overheats twice as fast.
* Fixed a tooltip error related to "Gauss Cannon" and "Railgun".
* Fixed a major oversight that caused projectile based weapons to not scale from talents properly.
* Fixed a bug where "BFG 6000" was not scaling properly from talents.
* Fixed a bug where "Mercury Launcher"'s one instance of explosions were not scaling from talents properly.
* Fixed a bug where fists and chainsaws were not hitting ghosts with "Nether Mask" equipped.
* Fixed a bug where "Sickle of the Necromancer" could hit people.
* Fixed incorrect highlighting at the "Abiltiies" tab of the menu.
* Fixed a bug where the slot 4 ammo container would always spawn in place of a clipbox.
* Fixed a bug where "Death Staff" altfire projectiles would keep going after exploding. (Often looking like they are teleporting around)
* Fixed some weird pixels in the frames of "Purifier".
* Fixed a bug where "Gauss Rifle" could hit other players.
* Made "Leadspitter"'s puff effects better.
* Made "Akimbo Pistols" a bit more responsive when reloading.
* Improved sprites of "Silver Gun" explosions.
* Improved sprites of "Heavy Missile Launcher" explosions.
* Fixed the tip message of "Shotgun". (It does 10-15 damage per pellet, not 5-10-15)
- Now only players with the "Heart Seeker" mastery can pick up dropped demon hearts.
+ Increased the "Ebony Cannon" ammo from slot 4 ammo container to 16/8 from 12/6.
+ "Ebony Cannon" balls were disappearing in liquid surfaces, they can now bounce properly off those as well.
+ Slot 6 ammo containers now give 40 lava cells up from 24.
+ "Silver Gun" shoots 1 more pellet, total of 10.
* Fixed a bug where "Demon Heart" would hit allies.
+ "Laser Pistol" can now auto fire.
+ "Laser Pistol" alt fire now shoots a limited range railgun shot. Range and damage increase as you charge up to x1.75 range and x5 damage of a normal shot.
- "Laser Pistol" is now  firing shots with a spread of 2.0 x 1.25.
+ "Magnum"'s bullet now deals an additional 50 damage that rips through enemies.
+ "Hate Shard" enemy damage amplify is now 100% up from 50%.
+ "Demon Bane" now grants 100% more damage up from 50%.
+ "Demon Bane" now increases damage of "Sun Staff" as well.
+ Accessory drop rate increased by 8 times the previous chance. Hardcore mode will still force the old chance.
- Increased shop prices of "Salvation Sphere", "Portable Shield", "Triple Damage", "Blade Vortex" and "Book of the Dead" to 8000, 4500, 6000, 6000, 6000 and 5500 respectively.
+ "Machine Gun" now does 15-20 damage per bullet up from 15.
+ "Heavy Machine Gun" can now zoom to deliver more precise shots. (x2.5 more precise)
- Increased the reload time of "Heavy Machine Gun" by 6 tics.
- "Heavy Machine Gun" accuracy is now 4.0 by 2.0 from 1.6 by 0.8.
- "Heavy Machine Gun" now costs 4000 credits up from 3950.
- "Akimbo Pistol" spread was meant to be 1.25 x 0.5 instead of 0.2 x 0.2. This is corrected. (One of the pistols were more accurate before...)
* Cleaned and/or repurposed some old scripts with respect to fixes in Zandronum 3.0.


! Completely redone the shared health kits system. It's less resource intensive on the users now.
	* It's also easier to make more items shared now.
	* Shared is the default behavior now. Shared items will never respawn.


! Smart monster spawners are now in place! Here's what they do:
	* They activate if "dnd_hardcore" or "dnd_usesmartmonsterspawner" is true.
	* They place monsters just like the previous spawner, but with a big difference: They pay attention to the level average of the server.
	* If a monster has a low weight compared to it's vanilla counterpart, a ratio is considered between vanilla one and the selected monster.
		- If the found ratio is less than the ratio of highest level player to the average, then that monster won't be spawned.
		- In it's place, another monster will be rolled.
	* In short, this spawner is more merciful early on but becomes the old spawner after a certain average.
! All monsters now have a certain class archetype they belong to. These are:
	1) Demonic. Unless stated, they have no weakness or resistances.
	2) Undead. Zombies, Revenants etc. Silver bullets do extra damage.
	3) Magical. Purely magical monsters. Liches etc. They take extra damage from silver bullets, but 50% reduced damage from magical attacks.
	4) Mechanical/Half Mechanical. These monsters take 50% and 25% more damage from energy based weapons, respectively.
! Different damages have different fade colors on your screen now.
! All hitscan attacks of monsters are now fast projectiles.
! "Dark Servant" has a 50% chance to drop it's gloves as a temporary weapon.
! "Chaingun General" has a 50% chance to drop it's nailgun as a temporary weapon.
! All undead enemies (zombies) are vulnerable to fire damage by 50%.
! Added "Elite" category monsters. For details, read the bottom of the file.
* Fixed a bug where monsters would be all awake if the smart monster spawner method was not employed.
* Fixed duplicate state names in "Avatar of Chaos".
* Hopefully put an end to the "Avatar of Chaos"'s cubes not spawning right.
* Fixed a bug where "Hell Arbiter"'s teleport attack was not scaling with its health.
* Fixed a bug where "Gamon"'s ghost spell was not scaling with its health.
* Fixed a bug where "Flame Demon" spectre version would have "Bloodfiend" sprites flickering when idle.
* Fixed a bug where "SS Nazi" did not have a monster bar.
* Fixed a bug where "Roach" could infight with other Imps.
* Fixed a bug where "Avatar of Chaos"'s gray soul attack was not having closest enemies sought.
* "Cadaver" and "Thanatos" homing rockets now play a 'beep' sound as they go.
* Added small fixes to "Devourer", "Gravedigger", "Barbatos" and "Nhumcign" translations.
* "Dark Servant" projectiles are fired from a bit higher now.
* "Roach" credit and exp on kill increased by 3 and 2 respectively.
* "Roach" projectile trails are now clientsided.
- Reduced "Dark Zealot" teleport lightning damage to 10-15 from 15-25.
- "Gamon" bolt damage readjusted to 12-20 from 4-32.
+ "Psionic Queen" now has 3600 health up from 3300.
+ "Devil" has 85 hp up from 80.
+ "Devil" is a bit more aggressive.
+ "Spider Overlord" now shoots 2 bullets per attack instead of 1.
+ "Cybruiser" rocket speed increased to 28 from 20.
+ "Bruiser Demon" is a bit more aggressive.
+ "Black Knight" explosive resist increased to 50% from 25%.
- "Black Knight" flame attack spread increased by 1 degree and delay increased by 2 between casts.
- "Arachnophyte" pain state extended to 3 tics up from 1 tic.
* "BloodSeeker" rage now includes a sight check, so it won't enter rage mode unless its target is in sight and lower than 50% health.
* Fixed a bug where monsters with unique puff types did full damage through "Duelist Armor".
* Fixed a bug where "Cadaver" rockets were not playing any sound when fired.
* Fixed a bug where "Nhumcign"'s rage was not scaling with it's health.
* "Bormereth" pain flames are now clientsided. This means that they don't deal damage anymore, but instead there is an explosion originating from "Bormereth" on pain instead.
* Added the missing "Rage" property to "Nhumcign".
* Fixed a bug where "Undead Priest" was not healing like it was supposed to when its ghosts hurt the player.
* Fixed a bug where "Hades Sphere" was not giving any experience or credit when killed normally.
* Fixed a bug where "Guardian" could infight with other Cacodemons.
* Changed "Scavenger" sprites to use translations instead of additional sprites.
* Fixed a bug where "Cybruiser" could infight with other barons.
* Fixed a trail effect on the "Shadow Disciple" that wasn't clientsided.
* Fixed a bug where one kind of "Dark Imp" was missing GL lights on its attack frames.
* Fixed a bug where "Magma Serpent" would very rarely spawn in place of a Baron.
* Fixed "Watcher"'s radius not being 16.
* Fixed a bug where "Blood Lich" and "Shadow Disciple" could infight other Pain Elemental class monsters.
* Fixed a small error on the "Machine Gun Zombie"'s sprites.
* Fixed "Terminator" homing projectile GL lights.
* Fixed "Lava Demon" projectiles lacking GL lights.
* Fixed invalid state errors on "Stone Imp" hit particles.
* Fixed invalid state errors on "Abomination" when it enters a "soul ammo give on death" state.
* Fixed a bug where "Crawler" could infight still.
* Fixed "Shadow" projectiles lacking GL lights.
* Reduced traffic load of "Shadow" by making its trails clientsided.
* "Yeti" icechunks are now spread better, and has a better burst sound.
+ "Yeti" now moves faster by 4 units.
* Fixed a bug where "Yeti" could still cause infight with other Revenant class monsters.
* Fixed a bug where "Magma Serpent" could still infight with other Baron class monsters.
* "Bruiser Demon" now doesn't lose it's GL lights when hurt.
* Fixed GL Lights of "Undead Initiate" and "Undead Hunter".
* Fixed GL Lights of "ZSpec Ops" shotgun and machinegun variants.
* "Demon Hound" and "Big Bruty" can't infight other Demon class monsters anymore.
* Fixed GL lights and brightmaps of a sawedoff shotgun zombie variant.
* Fixed a bug where "Machinegun Zombie" didn't have proper GL lights.
* Fixed a bug where "Nhumcign" would sometimes mindlessly spam it's jump attack.
* Fixed a bug where "Lavademon" could not properly aim at crouched targets.
* Fixed a bug where (hopefully) "Soul Harvester" scream sound was global.
* Fixed a bug where one of "Arachnophyte"'s bullets was limited range. (It was actually right at the tip of it's gun...)
* "Hell Smith" death fire fx are now considered special fx.
* Reduced scale of "Abomination".
* Fixed a bug where "Rail Arachnotron" and "Fusion Spider" could still infight.
+ "Hell Arbiter" fireball speed increased to 24 from 18.
+ "Prophet" is now a ghost.
+ "Thanatos" move speed increased to 20 from 16.
- "Cyborg Warrior" health reduced to 650 from 900.
* Fixed an obituary grammar mistake of "Abomination".
+ "SS Nazi" now scales!


- Elites have a spawn chance of 5% by default. (Can change with the CVAR "dnd_elite_spawnchance", set to 0 or less to disable)
- Elites are tougher and gain a random assortment of traits that some monsters have! For example, you may encounter an imp that has "Hardened Skin" and "Explosive Immunity". Stuff like "Can Resurrect" won't appear.
- Elites have 20% more health and do 12% more damage than normal monsters.
- Elites give 25% more exp and credit than a normal monster.
- Elites have a 15% chance to drop a rune on death. This can be changed with the CVAR: "dnd_elite_runedrop_chance".
- Elites have a chance to drop more credits than normal enemies.
- Elites have a 10% chance to drop a charm.


- Hardcore mode is all about persistent characters. Between every game session, your character will be saved if "dnd_hardcore" is true.
- You will be asked to login to your account upon entry. You may choose to not login, but your session won't be saved if you do so.
- If you lose all your lives (which is 2 for hardcore) you lose your character permanently. If you choose to spectate, your progress on that map becomes invalidated.
- Rules of the game also change in this mode. Notably:
	* Monsters have fixed scaling, which is 4% for both health and damage each level.
	* You start with no researches. Your completed researches are saved.
	* Research drop rate is 1%. (Any kind of monster can drop these however, and it is the same chance for all)
	* There is a fixed range for gaining exp and credit. This is 768 units.
	* Accessory drop rate is 3%. (Only strong monsters can drop these)
	* Items respawn for a limited amount only. This is 3. (This only applies to things that are 'allowed' to respawn. So medkits and stuff will still not respawn if not allowed)
	* No heal on level up.
	* Player count will scale monsters' healths multiplicatively.
	* Minimum level to have an accessory drop is 20.
	* Minimum level for a monster to drop an accessory is 24.
	* Credit and exp scale are both 1.

Code: Select all


- Nerf
+ Buff
! New feature
* Bugfix / Tweak


! Monsters now scale! There are a few cvars you can use to change behavior. These are listed at the bottom.
! Added lots of price scaler CVars for the shop! Read bottom of the file for more.
! Added dynamic lights to keys!
! Added "Monster Info" mastery that lets you see monster's hp bars, levels and associated traits. Cost 2000 credits.
* Fixed a bug where "Hobo" and the "Space Marine" were not benefiting from the damage amplify portion of "Hate Shard".
- Getting hurt now stops effects of "Regeneration Mastery" for 1 second.
- Slot 8 weapon prices increased to 20k up from 18k.
+ "SMG" bullets do a fixed 15 damage per shot up from 7 - 14 - 21.
+ "Eforcer Rifle" now does 20 - 45 damage up from 20 - 35.
+ "Hellforge Cannon" ammo capacity is now 100 up from 75.
+ "Silver Gun" explosion damage increased to 32 - 48 from 32 - 40.
+ "Silver Gun" shoots 9 pellets up from 8.
+ "Lead Spitter" does 18 damage per bullet up from 15.
+ "Basilisk" can now hit ghosts.
+ "Nailgun" nail damage increased to 8 - 16 from 8 - 14.
+ "Turel Cannon" does 125 damage on tap and 80 damage on rapid mode, up from 100 and 75 respectively.
+ "Turel Cannon" has an alt fire! It simply does only focused shots now.
+ "Nuclear Plasma Rifle" now does 36 - 60 damage up from 36 - 45.
+ "Nuclear Plasma Rifle" now does 10 - 30 explosion damage up from 4 - 12. Radius increased to 48 from 32.
+ "Ebony Cannon" balls do 16 - 40 damage up from 12 - 30. Explosion damage increased by 16 and 32 for normal and alternate fire balls. Explosion radius increased to 64 from 48.
+ "Mercury Launcher" now does 192 area damage in 160 unit radius up from 128 area damage in 128 unit radius.
+ Increased damage of "Heavy Missile Launcher" by 32 on both impact and area damage.
* Talent costs are reduced properly by "Charisma" now.
* Fixed a bug where your kill spree would stop working if you ended a map with the meter at a non-zero value.
* Fixed inconsistent menu messages and irrelevant menu return conditions.
* Fixed a bug where stat reset would not take into account the "Munitionist" perk.
* Fixed a bug where shell boxes (yellow ones) would not give "Slayer" ammo.
* Fixed a bug where "Heavy Super Shotgun" was not using any ammo.
* Fixed a bug where the backpacks would not check for the capacity of "Slayer" ammo.
* Fixed a bug where the "Scatter Pistol" would be lost upon picking up a new weapon or berserk.
* Fixed a bug where a compatflag message would spam you even in Singleplayer.
* Fixed a bug where the "Laser Pistol" charge sound would loop even after firing.
* Fixed a bug where "Chainsaw", "Double Chainsaw", "Necromancer's Sickle" and "Excalibat" were not benefiting from talents properly.
* Fixed a bug where you could still buy "Erasus" after buying "Heavy Super Shotgun".
* Fixed a bug where if you died with the menu up, you'd still see the menu.
* Fixed a bug where your level would be shown as 99 instead of 100 in the hud if you were level 100.
* "Excalibat" ball explosions will no longer push players.
* Fixed a bug where the "Heavy Machine Gun" would not alert monsters.
* Gibs can now be turned off through special fx toggle.
* "Heavy Super Shotgun" no longer pushes people.
* "Heavy Super Shotgun" will not reload when it runs out of ammo now.
* "Destruction Generator" explosion sound is no longer global.
- Slowed "Heavy Super Shotgun" by 2 tics.
+ Reduced "Erasus" primary fire spread to 9.0 x 6.4 from 10.4 x 7.2.
+ Reduced "Erasus" secondary fire spread to 12.8 x 8.2 from 15.6 x 9.8.
+ "Rotary Grenade Launcher" now does 192 damage on impact up from 96, and explosion radius is 192 up from 160.
+ "Erasus" shoots one more pellet now.
* "Death Staff" ground flames no longer cause water splashes.
- "Soul Stealer" mastery cost is now 9750 up from 8500.
- "Close Combat" mastery cost is now 6000 up from 4500.
- Talents now have a cap of 100.
- "Destruction Generator" only releases 6 energy balls down from 12.
- "Destruction Generator" explosion damage on initial and aftermath energy balls reduced to 384 and 192 respectively from 512 and 256.
- "Destruction Generator" now uses 40 cells up from 30.
- "Destruction Generator" now does self damage.
+ "Excalibat" direct hit damage increased to 50 - 150 from 30 - 90.
+ "Excalibat" explosion damage increased to 96 from 64.
- "Excalibat" now requires 1 soul for its altfire.
* Reduced bullet casing count to 1 in "Lead Spitter".
* When you enable "sv_weapondrop" flag on the server, you'll see a message telling you to turn it off, as it breaks mod rules.
* Fixed a bug where if the servers had double ammo on, "Sawedoff" would reload after firing all the time.
* Fixed a bug with "Excalibat" where the balls would hit players.
* Fixed a bug where "Lead Spitter" was not benefiting properly from "Reloading Mastery".
* Fixed a bug where "Nether Mask" was not benefiting "Excalibat" properly.
* Fixed a bug where when you bought "Destruction Generator", if you had a "BFG 6000" it would not be removed.
* Fixed a bug where the keycards would sometimes not display a frame.
* Fixed a grammar error in the reward texts.
* Fixed a bug where the "Destruction Generator" energy ball could get reflected.
* Fixed a random pixel in "Excalibat" idle frames.
* Fixed a bug where "Excalibat" could hit team mates.
* Fixed a sprite name clash with "Nuclear Plasma Rifle" and "Dark Zealot"'s graphics.
* Fixed a bug where "Minigun" tracers were too big.


- None.


! All monsters now scale! Both in terms of health and damage. You can adjust or turn off this scaling through CVars.
- "Gamon" does not have a hitscan attack anymore.
+ "Gamon" projectiles now pierce armor.
* Fixed a bug where "Hades Sphere" could damage players while in invisible state.
+ Increased slam damage of "Thanatos" by 16 on each explosions, and radius increased to better match it's visual.
+ Made "Hell Arbiter" a bit more aggressive.
+ Made "Arachnophyte" more aggressive.
* Fixed a bug where "Iron Lich" was using the wrong frame for its ice attack.
* Fixed a bug where "Spectre"s were not giving any Exp or Credit.
- "Spider Overlord" gives 1750 Exp and 1200 Credit down from 1900 Exp and 1350 Credit.
+ "Spider Overlord" shoots 4 bullets instead of 3.
+ "Angel of Death" now gives 1750 Exp and 1275 Credit up from 1500 Exp and 1125 Credit.
+ "Enhanced Cacodemon" was lacking a melee state, instead it will aggressively shoot energy balls when players are close.
+ "Weakener" projectile speed increased to 30 from 25.
- "Weakener" pain chance increased to 160 from 128.
+ "Azazel" projectile speeds increased by 2. (Not ground attack)
- "Azazel" ground explosions damage reduced to 36 from 48.
+ "Shadow Priest" projectile damage increased to 2 from 1.
+ "Barbatos" rocket hit damage is now 30 - 48 from 6 - 48.
+ "Kjaroch" melee does 30 damage up from 26.
* Added a missing "Homing" property to the "Shadow Priest".
* Moved "Paladin" red projectiles 4 units higher.
* Fixed a bug where "Mephisto" could still infight with plasma.
* Fixed a bug where "Imp Abomination" was doing less damage than it should have.
* Fixed a bug where "Avatar of Chaos" cubes would still not show up sometimes.
* Fixed a bug where "Avatar of Chaos" cubes would not play their bounce sound.
* Fixed a bug where "Undead Mage" could infight imps.
* Fixed a bug where "Avatar of Chaos" could drop multiple accessories.
* Fixed a bug where "Roach" would rarely spawn in place of an imp.
* Fixed a bad state in "Grell" that made it look stupid when dead too close to the floor.
+ Increased "Terminator"'s health to 5750 from 5250.
+ "Terminator" now has "Hardened Skin".
* Changed "Terminator"'s AI a bit to make it decide easier on which attacks to use.
+ "Terminator" now gives 1850 Exp and 1350 Credit up from 1750 Exp and 1250 Credit.
+ Increased projectile speed and damage of "Cardinal" by around 20%.
+ All ArchVile class monsters have "QUICKTORETALIATE" flag on them now.
* "Shadow Disciple" should no longer just dash across the map.
* Added dynamic lights to "Death Vile".
+ Made "Iron Lich" and "Gold Lich" more aggressive.

==    CVAR STUFF   ==

* Value on the right is the default value. Capped at 10.

server int dnd_shop_scale = 1;
server int dnd_shop_wep_scale = 1;
server int dnd_shop_ammo_scale = 1;
server int dnd_shop_artifact_scale = 1;
server int dnd_shop_ability_scale = 1;
server int dnd_shop_talent_scale = 1;

* Monster scaling cvars.

- float dnd_monster_dmgscalepercent = 0.04 (4% damage of the base will be added per monster level)
- int dnd_monster_hpscalepercent = 4 (4% will be added per monster level)
- dnd_monsterscale = true (Toggles monster scaling)
- dnd_monster_rewardscalepercent = 5 (Affects credit and exp gain counts per level of monster, max 25)

Source can be found here: DnD Source


Flags for servers:

DMFlags = 3227652
DMFlags2 = 256
DMFlags3 = 1104
CompatFlags2 = 2

Known bugs:

- DM only weapons/items/whatever will still spawn in Coop/Survival. Zandronum bug, don't bother me about this.

Some screenshots:


RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2014 9:17 pm
by Hypnotoad
Like what I see so far, nice work!

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2014 10:09 pm
by ├ćnima
Need to do some work on distinguishing this visually from all of the other "R667 Casserole" mods like Complex Doom. But if this is moving in more than just a "replace everything with something harder and shinier" direction then i'd be glad to help. :0

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 7:00 am
by Doomkid
I like the idea / look of this, I'm especially a fan of the stacking backpacks, I've never seen that done before. Downloading!

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 8:50 am
by fr blood
Nice project here, I tested it on Hellbound, and the gameplay was fun, there is no problems with the monsters of R667 as they are used properly like in here where you used the ASG sprites as a Machinegun, it's original.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2014 10:26 pm
by Ivan
Here's an update. Some major changes include:

- Added CLIENTSIDEONLY to most things, should be easier to play now.
- You now start with 100 + Statbonus health everytime you respawn instead of just 100.
- Fixed a major bug where if you had the Tenacity or the Movement upgrades and died, they'd actually be gone rather than being kept.
- Added a new mechanic to the Temporal upgrade: You now get a Temporal Sphere every map or when picking up the crate. This will give you a random temporary weapon with full ammo on it ONLY if you have none on you. You can only carry one of these and you get one per map, so do not hesitate to use.
- Fixed a few unintentional monster behaviors.
- Nerfed a few monsters.


RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Sat Aug 30, 2014 7:04 pm
by The Toxic Avenger
Obligatory screenshots (image limit):
I was asked to post these separate from the main post due to technical issues.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 2:38 pm
by Ivan
Here's an update that fixes almost all of the old and annoying bugs: DnDv1.4. This wil probably be the last until new Zandronum comes out, after which this mod will take a different and a unique direction.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 11:36 am
by Konda
The effects in this mod may not be among the better ones I've seen but the gameplay is pretty good. I also like the unique stuff like the rewards and the soul system. After a while of playing it becomes harder to navigate through weapons because I end up having quite a bunch of them.

I am not sure if the soul render steals souls from monsters (I doubt it does) but I think that would be a pretty neat feature. Knowing that the soul weapons are pretty damn powerful and their ammo is rightfully rare, the sword shouldn't be able to collect a significant amount of souls during its entire durability (rather, it should be a small amount of souls). The soul stealing ability would be available only in green mode, just like life steal. I don't know, maybe soemthing like 1 soul ammo after 6 - 8 successful hits in green mode. I am not experienced enough with the sword to know its durability well.

And yeah I know there's a soul stealer upgrade but the probability of having both a soul weapon and the soul stealer upgrade is pretty low. The soul render would just be a means of collecting a small amount of soul ammo in case you can't find any for a while. The probability of getting the blade itself is not too high either so I doubt it would make a huge difference in the general availability of soul ammo.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 12:40 pm
by Ivan
Konda wrote: The effects in this mod may not be among the better ones I've seen but the gameplay is pretty good. I also like the unique stuff like the rewards and the soul system. After a while of playing it becomes harder to navigate through weapons because I end up having quite a bunch of them.
My original intention was that the Heavy Missile Launcher would in fact replace the Rocket Launcher once taken, but I thought not everyone would want that so I scrapped that entire idea. (Same with Silver gun and so on)
Konda wrote: I am not sure if the soul render steals souls from monsters (I doubt it does) but I think that would be a pretty neat feature. Knowing that the soul weapons are pretty damn powerful and their ammo is rightfully rare, the sword shouldn't be able to collect a significant amount of souls during its entire durability (rather, it should be a small amount of souls). The soul stealing ability would be available only in green mode, just like life steal. I don't know, maybe soemthing like 1 soul ammo after 6 - 8 successful hits in green mode. I am not experienced enough with the sword to know its durability well.

And yeah I know there's a soul stealer upgrade but the probability of having both a soul weapon and the soul stealer upgrade is pretty low. The soul render would just be a means of collecting a small amount of soul ammo in case you can't find any for a while. The probability of getting the blade itself is not too high either so I doubt it would make a huge difference in the general availability of soul ammo.
Soul Render currently does not steal souls from monsters. However, I can make it steal the soul if you land the blow on the "sated" mode. If you reach 100% on it's hunger meter, it glows red and shoots a red ray of death, taking 15% durability after it's used. So you have 7 of these to shoot in it's lifetime in the best case scenario. (It can be dropped with some durability gone, as well)

The soul stealer upgrade I thought would be a good "later in the game" upgrade, but the chances of it popping up are the same as the others so it kinda nullifies it. I'll have something for this in the future though.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2014 9:27 pm
by Ivan
Updated DnD to v1.5 and the only ammo wad to 1.9. Notable changes include:

- Removed Crackodemon, replaced with the Earth Lich.
- Soul Render problems fixed, also grants 2 soul ammo on the impact of the full charge strike.
- Sun Staff respawn problems fixed.
- Some other bug fixes, as usual.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2014 3:16 am
by Monkeybtm6
Should have searched these forums better cause this mod seems to do everything i set out to do in mine, only a lot better.

Only difference is the damage upgrades, but wow gonna have to check this out and maybe stop work on mine or do something different.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 2:26 am
by Armitage
Death and Decay is fucking awesome! I've had a blast with this in SP recently, it's far more fun and more importantly balanced in contrast to Complex, only if the enemy really ambushes you will you take a severe beating unlike Complex wheir it's best not to get hit at all.

The Weapon tip boxes are sleek and awesomely designed, they seem similar to Stronghold in font and style, did you pinch their code? A feature request would be if the same could be done for the 'End of Level rewards' probably difficult to make some client side variable where it shows the unique pickup for each client, maybe just a toggle button which displays a tip for the currently selected inventory item? I saw instances in a previous SNS where some players didn't know what these rewards did at all except if they read this thread beforehand.

I'd also like if the Weapon Tip Box could be modified so it displays the tip for your currently selected weapon if you toggle it on and off, as you might miss it first time in the heat of combat.

I really like the Temporary Weapons as they are implemented, granted only carrying one at a time is a limitation based on coding which you haven't yet figured out but it gives you a greater incentive to use your current temp weapon on the map, fully utilizing it's capability instead of bagging it for later then accumulating tons of temporary weps which are powerful and may imbalance things.

In gameplay mods I am particularly impressed if the author has made the effort to upgrade your stock pistol to a more powerful and effective form, rather than leaving it as an obsolete weapon which is immediately discard as soon as you pickup your first shotgun. The best example of this is in 'Zero Tolerance' which features 'The Prophet' a high caliber pistol with a fast firing rate, however it's semi-automatic and requires you to tap faster, coupled with the fact it has a laser scope making it the most accurate long ranged weapon.

Then this is taken a step further by allowing a player to pick up a second for dual wielding, this makes it a powerful force in mowing down lighter foes in quick succession due to the enhanced firing rate and number of rounds depleted per second.

It'd be cool if a similar idea could be done for this mod, or indeed make a 2nd pistol altogether which is rare but powerful just like the 'Silver Explosive Shotgun'. I think it's a clear indication of innovative and smart game design if an FPS has a versatile arsenal where each weapon is just as effective and necessary for independent situations and non are rendered obsolete as a result of acquiring a more powerful one. The best example I can think of is Blood, very nice touch with the classic 'Western Sawed Off' by the way!

Lastly,I love the small inclusions of sound effects and tributes from other classic FPS such as a few Quake sounds, pickups, enemies, weapons, Hexen II, Blood etc. I really dig the Chaingun Zombies with the ROTT enemy sounds but I was always fond of the Triad Enforcer for being a real bad ass due to his endurance. It'd be sweet if the Zombie which replicates him here had more hit points to reflect this as currently most zombies go one in one shot so it'd be nice to have one genuine bad ass zombie.

Keep up the good work.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 8:47 pm
by Ivan
Thanks for the feedback! Let me go through your post:

- Balance, although spent a lot of time on, still depends heavily on the RNG. If you get a rare monster early on in the map it's really hard to beat. However if you have enough equipment it's a cake walk most of the time. The stat bonuses and upgrades also help a lot on your way towards this where rare monsters will keep popping up even more often on later maps of properly advancing map sets. (In terms of difficulty)

- Weapon tip box code is written from scratch, but only the sound itself is from the new zdoom community project because it's a distinct and alerting sound that I very much like. The one for items I think is there in terms of a similar way to the weapon tip boxes, but yeah I can definitely make a new bind that displays your current weapons' tip box again. That's a good suggestion. I could make another bind that said what your currently gained reward also did too.

- Temporary weapons are made so by design, so you can only carry only one at a time. I couldn't figure out a good way of dropping them properly without glitching so you have to waste the ammo on it if you want to get rid of it. If anyone has a reliable method for this I'm all ears.

- The pistol is actually the most accurate weapon here and does a flat 15 damage per bullet, even more so than the machine gun. It is always useful IMO for long ranges unless you have the MG upgrade which effectively makes it a sniper weapon. However, what I can do is make a pistol upgrade that improves it altogether into a new pistol that looks cooler and does more for you.

- I'm glad you like the sound effects! I've as much appreciation as you do towards those and I think they add the enemies a unique touch. I also thought the same about the Triad Enforcer zombie, I think I can make it replace a stronger monster altogether and make it stronger overall to pay proper tribute.

Let me know more about your ideas!

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 11:43 pm
by Armitage
Now I understand what's going on, I've spotted a bug with the 'Item Reward' tip box as it wasn't showing up for me at the start of the next map. It works fine until you've acquired a Chainsaw, then it constantly repeats the 'Chainsaw' tip box instead of the item reward when you enter the next map.

Definitely make the current weapon and item tip bind a reality.

I'm not sure if you misunderstood my Temporary weapons response, my statement was I like the system as it is currently with my argument in favor of keeping it. If you can collect all temporary weapons at once it could make you potentially overpowered at an early stage, and may result in a situation where you could use them instead of the ordinary arsenal due to excessive ammo.

I think the pistol upgrade is the most suitable idea similar to the Unmaker upgrades from Doom 64 and indeed the Blaster upgrades from Unreal, Zero Tolerance had the exact same upgrade feature/idea for the Flare Gun.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 3:54 pm
by Ivan
I'm getting really close to a new release. Here are some of the features:

- You can actually drop temporary weapons now.
- Monster rebalancing.
- Tons of bug fixes.
- Weapon tweaks, 3 new weapons.
- Some new monsters to balance out stronger ones.

However, I have one big plan in mind. I was thinking on adding some sort of an actual RPG system and a shop / money system to actually buy the upgrades, special weapons and the items and so on. You'll level up and also be able to invest in stats. How many of you would be interested in this? Let me know if you would prefer to have the current DnD gameplay over this or vice versa. I plan to not include any kind of stat saving in this, as it would potentially break the mod (and the RPG system won't be that complex). So, what do you think?

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 4:36 pm
by ├ćnima
I say go for it. Besides, I need a good functional example of players using stat/item saving before I waste time implementing it in Mercenaries. :p

I'll even help if you want.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 5:36 pm
by Ivan
I think I might use some graphics for the shop and stuff such as some monitors and such to draw the weapon images and information on, maybe even panels!

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:02 pm
by Armitage
I naively assume this shop system will work via a HUD menu similar to Wrath of Cronos's that you can get to on the fly? This would be the best method for simplicity and ease of use, this will likely greatly improve the chances of obtaining upgrade crates which I find are quite rare to come across otherwise, but do you intend for this system to entirely replace finding rare weapons/drops from powerful monsters or will both co-exist? The latter would be better in the event you have to pistol start a hard map with no previous credits/experience to prevent gameplay imbalances.

Sounds like another great original feature and gives you another incentive to play well, their was something similar although a different a concept with the old Hard-Doom Resurrection which had a basic rank/experience system, you would be rewarded with a weapon and sometimes powerup upgrade after a set number of kills.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:24 pm
by Ivan
Here I plan it to have one general menu with the following options: Stats and Shop. Stats will display your experience, level, money, and various other information about you where as the Shop will branch to 3 different parts: Powerups, Upgrades and Weapons. From there on you'll be given a list of things and information about them etc. I intend this to be a bit like Wrath of Cronos, but different in a way.

Also, this RPG thing is to replace the entirety of the upgrade crate and rare drop thing. You'll get money for kills, finishing maps and stuff so you'll still be able to progress, in a much more stable way instead of relying totally on luck. Keep in mind you'll also level up by gaining experience points so that'll also come in handy.