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Death and Decay: More RPG! Scaling Monsters! New Hardcore mode!

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2014 8:23 pm
by Ivan
DOWNLOAD: Click Click

IMPORTANT: Use this special binary (if you use windows) to help me fix a nasty crash (the Zlib stream): Debug build You only need this to be used on your end, so server hosts don't need this. Thank you for your cooperation.


- Welcome to Death and Decay, a monster/weapon replacer mod. If you liked Hard Doom and mods of that type, then you might like this mod. If not, it's still alright, this mod is a bit different compared to the others.

- The very first difference is that your character will constantly be evolving and improving in terms of both the stats and weapon efficiency. You'll be earning credits through monsters kills or completing a few special tasks. (These will be mentioned below) You can later use the hard earned cash to buy some very valuable items.

- This mod incorporates the popular survival features used in servers nowadays such as the revenant tracer fix, shared keys etc.

- Make sure you bind a key to the menu of DnD. It has lots of information regarding your weapons, stats, loadout, the shop etc. A must have!


Source can be found here: DnD Source


BIG WARNING: Remove death exit only maps from rotations in hardcore mode! Your characters can die and will be lost!

Flags for servers:

DMFlags = 3227652
DMFlags2 = 256
DMFlags3 = 1104
CompatFlags2 = 2

Known bugs:

- DM only weapons/items/whatever will still spawn in Coop/Survival. Zandronum bug, don't bother me about this.

Some screenshots:
Spoiler: Screenshots (Open)
Extra info:


1. Make an account here: Click
2. When you are in game for a hardcore server, do "login username password". (The same name and password you entered for 1)
3. When the game prompts you to load your character, you can do "loadme x" where x is your character id.

Remember, your character is NOT saved until the map is officially over. This means, if you spectate at any point before the map ends, your progress is gone. You die, your character is entirely wiped out.

--- New patch notes for 2.3f ---
Spoiler: Changelog (Open)

- Nerf
+ Buff
! New feature
* Bugfix / Tweak


! "Hardcore Mode" finally is ready! Read below!
! Elite monsters now have sparkles around them so that you can tell they have special properties.
! Added new weapons: "Dusk Blade", "Inferno Sword", "Acid Rifle", "Frost Fang", "Ruby Wand", "Akimbo Berettas", "Plasma Bolter", "Shocker", "Thunder Staff", "Heavy Grenade Launcher", "Freezer Cannon", "Viper Staff".
! Added new researches: "Dusk Blade", "Inferno Sword", "Acid Rifle", "Shocker", "Thunder Staff", "Heavy Grenade Launcher", "Freezer Cannon", "Viper Staff".
! Added new elite traits: "Physical Immune", "Extra Strong", "Vital", "Energy Resist", "Energy Immune", "Armor Penetration".
- Extra strong adds 50% more damage to the monster's attacks.
- Vital makes the monster have twice as much health. This is added on top of all calculations, so for example if player counts scale monster health, this doubles that as well.
- The difference of "Armor Penetration" compared to "Pierces Armor" is that, the latter implies that at least some attacks of the monster will pierce the armor, not all. The former implies ALL attacks will pierce armor.
! Added a new stat: "Intellect". It's basically "Dexterity" but for occult weapons now. (In the future it will have more uses)
! Added the CVar: "dnd_enable_elites" to enable or disable elite spawns.
! Added limited respawn items! Now ammos present in the map spawn for a limited time only. Control this behavior using the cvars: "dnd_enable_limiteditems" and "dnd_limitedrespawn_amount".
! Added a new alt fire to "Sun Staff". Now calls light beams from heavens to crush enemies. Also fixes a problem where it wouldn't scale with talents before.
! Armor system completely reworked! We are now using a custom armor system, details below.
! "Strength" now increases your armor capacity by 2 per point.
! Energy type weapons are no longer the weapons that deal full damage regardless. They also require "Nether Mask" to do full damage against resistant enemies now.
! Slot 3 weapon page on the menu is split into two now.
! Added a little notifier that you have unspent points after leveling up.
! Added quests! See below for more information.
! You can now use scroll up/down in some of the menu texts. Use forward/backward movement keys.
! Improved weapon and monster damage calculation methods. These should cause less traffic usage on servers now.
! Added improved fluid textures.
! Weapon damage types are now represented by icons in the shop at the top left corner. You can use these to know what damage type your weapon will have.
! Armors and backpacks are now shared just like health kits!
! Elite spawn rates increase with player level now.
! Added a new item respawn FX and sound.
! Poison damage by monsters is reworked! We now use a custom poison system. Details below.
! Removed left, return and right arrow buttons at some pages. You can use left/right arrow keys to move between pages now.
! Added previous page, return and next page buttons. They will keep track of which pages you browse through the menu and you'll be able to simply go back or ahead in the order you browsed. (Much like undo/redo)
! Critical hits are reworked! They are now applied in a more uniform way compared to before.
! Added two new perks: "Savagery" -- Improves your critical damage output by an additional 10% per point spent and "Luck": Increases drop chances by 1.5%.
! Added a small preview of rare drops from elites! They can now various types of orbs of immense value. These can be found at the bottom.
! Ability page is split into two, and their help message is at the bottom side of the page instead of the corner.
! Weapon loadout page has been changed completely! Now you can see all stats of the weapons you own, and scroll up/down!
! Map toast and full secret found rewards are changed. Map toast now fully heals players. Secret reward will give you 2k budget per map difficulty.
! Accessory selection menu has been reworked! It now allows mouse control and scrolling. Simply click on the label of the accessory you wish to equip. You can unequip simply by clicking it again.
! You can now fast scroll left and right on the research page of the menu. Just hold the button.
! You can control when elites will start spawning now. Default is average player level of 10. Can use "dnd_elite_spawnlevel" CVar to control.
! You now need "Talent Point"s to buy talents, as well as the credit cost. Talent points can be acquired every 4 levels or by random drops from monsters. Drop chance is 1.5%, for all monsters.
* Elites can no longer get all damage type immunities. The most obtainable is 2.
* Player count scaling on monster health has been reduced to a factor of 25% per player. Max scale happens at 16 players, which is x4 to monster health bonuses.
* Your overheating weapons can cooldown even when the weapon isn't selected now.
* "Strength" stat now gives a % bonus damage instead of a flat one. The bonus is 9%.
* Monsters that are resistant to physical attacks are no longer resistant to melee of magical or elemental weapons.
* Display of floating point numbers on the menu has been improved so it looks cleaner.
* Shared items are removed once picked up in SP as they should.
* Improved "Akimbo Pistol" sprites.
* Your exp and credit gains are now denoted with X and $ symbols respectively.
* Fixed the stat reset item not working as intended.
* Elite hp scale is now 15% down from 20%.
* Elite damage scale is now 3.5% down from 5%.
* Elite monsters can now only have immunity to at most 2 damage types.
* Fixed a bug that prevented "Gauss Rifle" weapon tip from showing up once bought.
* Stat bonus items no longer spawn in place of health and armor bonuses.
* Fixed wrong "Chainsaw" pickup message.
* Fixed a bug that made "Scatter Pistol" do less damage when players were around the intended target.
* Fixed bugs related to slot ammo containers not giving ammo when they were full on some ammo types.
* Fixed a bug where researched weapons came before regular weapons in weapon order.
* Fixed leftover script 830 from causing errors.
* Fixed a small error in menu tables.
* Fixed a bug where your maps that you survived were not counted. ("Lasted" label on the menu was always 0)
* Fixed an exploit that let you get infinite cash by using weapon selling.
* "Laser Pistol" and "Lead Spitter" no longer deal full damage regardless of monster resists.
* "Lead Spitter" now uses energy talent.
* Fixed a bug with the special fx toggle not working for spectators.
* Shock damage of "Shock Shells" is now "Elemental" instead of "Energy".
* Moved "Assault Rifle" above "Scattergun" in the menu.
* Improved efficiency of weapon loadout drawing on menu.
* Fixed a small problem with the exp and credit digits cutting off after a certain value.
* Improved parts of code that required weapon name checks.
* Fixed a bug where players didn't have their shells filled on picking up some weapons. (Like "Shotgun")
* Fixed a bug where "Fists" with "Berserk" and "Nether Mask" weren't interacting as intended.
* Readjusted the level curve after seeing some anomalies in the results.
* Cleaned up old hacks related to backpacks, network traffic should be positively affected.
* Swapped health and armor icons and bars on the HUD.
* Hopefully fixed a bug that'd cause your exp bar to desync sometimes.
* Fixed the incorrect "Strength" bonus damage % on stat screen 2.
* Fixed a bug on the tooltip of "Killstorm" which states incorrect pellet count.
* Fixed a bug where most of the explosions could cause water splashes and reduce FPS.
* Fixed an incorrect research message regarding slot 7 luxury weapons.
* Fixed a potential problem in the code that could cause a crash when picking up weapons.
* Fixed a bug that let you click altfire anywhere on the menu and later on, going on ammunition menu randomly maxed out some ammo.
* Fixed a major bug with the monster level system where if there were low level players in a high level server, monster levels could be from anywhere between 1 to max level player's level.
* Fixed a bug where "Nuclear Plasma Rifle" was actually tagged as "Heavy Plasma Rifle" for some reason.
* Fixed a bug where "Gauss Rifle" was not benefiting at all from "Nether Mask".
* Fixed a bug where "Elemental Armor" didn't increase damage of weapons when "Nether Mask" was equipped.
* Fixed a bug where "Death Staff" was not benefitting at all from Nether Mask.
* Fixed a bug where elites with magic immunity would still be immune to magical attacks even if you had "Nether Mask".
* Fixed a bug where magical enemies weren't resistant to "Basilisk" shots.
* Fixed a bug where "Sun Staff" wouldn't benefit from "Nether Mask" at all.
* Fixed a small typo on 'all items collected' message.
* Fixed a bug where picking up a weapon would make the mugshot grin for everyone.
* Fixed the menu still appearing on screen after map exit bug.
* Fixed a small bug where your health would desync after 400.
* Fixed a bug where alt fire ammo fill was broken for pages besides the first and last one.
* Fixed a bug where the loadout accessory page had incorrect box definitions for return and left page buttons.
* Fixed a bug where clicking at a blank space on weapon pages besides slot 1 would make you buy random things.
* Fixed a bug where elites having the "No Pain" property would still enter pain state.
* Fixed a bug where talent menu had wrong corner messages.
* Fixed a bug where "Heavy Nailgun" pickup sprite wasn't visible.
* Fixed a bug where "Heavy Nailgun" when used with "Nether Mask" did "Magic" damage instead of "Bullet".
* Fixed a bug where "Nailgun" lava nails weren't properly ignoring shields as they should.
* Fixed a bug where "Nailgun" ammo bar was always red.
* Fixed a bug where enemies with "Magic Resist" and "Magic Immune" traits weren't affected by "Sun Staff" beams.
* Fixed a bug where killing spree messages of over x4 multiplier were labelled as empty.
* Fixed the "Unknown Script 906" errors.
* Fixed a bug where "Soul Render" damage type was classified as "Explosive". It is now "Magic".
* Fixed a bug where "Excalibat" melee could hit ghosts.
* Improved "Excalibat" melee animation.
* Fixed a bug with gibs where some of them wouldn't disappear under water.
* Fixed a bug where "Sonic Grenade" explosion wasn't benefiting from talents. Uses "Energy Talent" now.
* "Devastator" now does "Explosive" damage instead of "Energy" damage.
* "Pendant of Reflection" graphic changed a little.
* Fixed a bug with "Minigun" that made it spin down weirdly when using altfire.
* Fixed a bug where "Hellforge Cannon" had no damage type associated with it. It is now "Magic".
* Fixed a bug where "Bloodfiend Spine" had no damage type associated with it. It is now "Magic".
* Fixed a bug where "Bloodfiend Spine" was not benefiting at all from "Nether Mask".
* Fixed a bug where "Lead Spitter" wasn't correctly identified as using "Energy" damage type.
* Fixed a bug where "Laser Pistol" wasn't correctly identified as using "Energy" damage type.
* Fixed a bug where "Minigun" could be fired with high precision if you tapped fire key.
* Fixed a bug where "BFG 32768" shockwave effect wasn't clientsided.
* Fixed a bug where "Excalibat" altfire wasn't properly treated as a magical attack.
* Fixed a bug where "Elemental Armor" was not increasing damage of fire and lightning damage types if "Nether Mask" was equipped.
* Fixed a bug where "Slayer" returning hooks wouldn't spawn explosion FX or the damage if they hit a wall.
* Fixed a bug where "Book of the Dead" and "Blade Vortex" damage wasn't scaling. Book now scales with occult and vortex scales with melee talent.
* Fixed a bug where"Slayer" wasn't correctly scaling from "Nether Mask".
* Fixed outdated tooltip of "Excalibat".
* Level curve takes sharp turns at levels 15, 20, and 30 now. Beyond 30 the curve is entirely exponential, and the rate of increase has been increased tremendously.
* BFG type weapons now scale properly! Every 2 talents will increase the number of rays produced by the ball.
* "Necro Armor" now scales off of "Melee Talent" instead of "Occult Talent".
* Improved and added 2 new firing frames to "Lead Spitter".
* "Regeneration Mastery" now heals for 2% of your maximum health capacity per second, instead of a flat 2.
* Added a 3 tic delay for the "Slayer" hook detonation to help people use it easier.
* Increased credit drop from elites significantly.
* "Venom" now does "Elemental" damage.
* Changed nano heal cap to health cap's one third.
+ Budget gain per difficulty increased to 3 from 2.
+ "Torpedo Launcher" missile speed increased to 44 from 36.
+ "Necro Armor" shoots 36 spikes up from 18.
+ "Monolith Armor" gives 400 armor up from 350.
+ "BFG 32768" direct hit damage increased to 400 up from 300.
+ "BFG 32768" explosion radius increased to 192 from 160.
+ "Knight Armor" gives an additional 50% protection towards melee attacks.
+ Fixed a bug with "Mercury Launcher" where a part of its explosive damage didn't scale if you had "Explosion Mastery" learned.
+ Mechanical enemies are now properly weakened against "Railgun" and "Gauss Rifle".
- Base "Budget" gain per map difficulty dropped to 3 from 5.
- "BFG 32768", "Devastator", "Destruction Generator" and "Ion Cannon" shop price increased to 15k, 16k, 16k and 16k respectively.
- "Railgun" and "Gauss Rifle" costs increased to 7500 up from 6500.
- "Nuclear Plasma Rifle" overheats by increments of 2 instead of 1 now.
+ "Gauss Rifle" damage increased by 50. Zooms add additional 150 up from 100.
+ "Destruction Generator" now does full damage against any target regardless of resists.
- "Destruction Generator" ball radius increased to 8 from 5. Height increased to 16 from 10.
+ "Nailgun" damage increased to (13, 21) from (8, 16)
+ "Nailgun" alt fire explosive area damage increased to 20 from 16.
+ "Magnum" reload can now be interrupted if you don't press the reload key. You have to keep pressing the reload key for it to continue reloading now though.
+ "Slayer" hook damage increased to 10 from 9.
+ "Slayer" explosion damage per hook increased to 100 from 90.
+ "Slayer" explosion radius increased to 108 from 96.
+ "Turel Cannon" fire speed increased by 1 tic.
+ Increased range of "Laser Pistol" rail attack by 32 units in each charge. Max charge range is 288 units.
+ "Ion Cannon" explosive damage increased to 128 from 96.
+ "Killstorm" shoots 12 pellets up from 11.
+ "Regeneration Mastery" health cap increased to 250 from 150.
+ "Excalibat" alt fire explosion radius increased to 128 from 96.
+ "Excalibat" attack speed increased moderately.
+ "Akimbo Pistols" fire rate increased by 1 tic.
+ "Laser Pistol" fire rate increased by 2 tics on all modes.
+ "Scatter Pistol" fires 1 tic faster now on both modes.
+ "Assault Rifle" now does 25 damage per bullet up from 18.
- "Lightning Gun" damage reduced to 9 - 12 from 11 - 15.
- "Deadlock" spread increased to 7.0 x 5.2 from 4.8 x 3.6.
+ "Basilisk" damage when not loaded increased to 18 - 48 up from 5 - 40.
+ "Basilisk" damage when loaded changed to 72 - 144 up from 60 - 120.
* "Soul Render" melee hit damage changed to 40 * random(3, 4) from random(120, 160).
- "Cybernetic Armor" now regens only up to half your armor cap.
- Slot 1 and 2 weapon costs have gone up significantly.
- Talent costs are doubled and quadrupled past 50 and 75 respectively.
- Talent costs are now 1500 up from 800.
- Talent bonus is now 5% down from 7.5%.
- "Poison Immunity" mastery now gives 75% resist instead of full immunity.
+ "Gunslinger Armor" offers 75% hitscan damage mitigation.
+ "Occult Armor" offers 75% magic damage mitigation.
+ "Demo Armor" offers 75% explosive damage mitigation.
+ "Energy Armor" offers 75% energy damage mitigation.
+ "Elemental Armor" offers 75% elemental damage mitigation.
+ "Duelist Armor" now offers 100% hitscan damage mitigation.
- "Duelist Armor" cost increased by 2k.
- "Endurance" perk now gives 3.5% protection down from 5%.
- Ability costs have been doubled, except for the "Monster Info" ability.
- You can now only buy one of each kind of artifact per map.
- Accessories now have negative effects! You have to carefully choose your accessories to use in order to maximize your build. The list are as follows:
* Talisman of Wisdom: Reduces credit gain by 50%.
* Talisman of Greed: Reduces experience gain by 50%.
* Demon Bane: Weapon damage besides occult ones are reduced by 75%.
* Amulet of Hellfire: Increases damage taken from ice by 75%.
* Angelic Ankh: Halves your health cap. (Never below 100)
* Pendant of Reflection: While reflecting, move 25% slower.
* Nether Mask: Take 50% more damage.
* Taltos Ring: Unchanged.
* Hate Shard: Non-melee damage reduced by 50%.
* Hand of Artemis: Deal 50% less damage.
* Scroll of Agamotto: Take 30% more damage while moving.
* Gryphon Boots: Can't regenerate.
* Lich Arm: Weapons besides slot 8 do 90% reduced damage.
- Artifact costs have gone up. They are now:
* Field kit: 1250.
* Salvation Sphere: 18000.
* Portable Shield: 12000.
* Blood Rune: 20000.
* Book of the Dead: 17500.
* Blade Vortex: 20000.
* Triple Damage: 20000.




! Added legendary monsters! They have a chance to spawn in Cyberdemon spots! There will only be 1 legendary monster at a given time in a map.
- A new cvar added: "dnd_legendary_chance". Set to 0 to turn off. Default is 1%.
- The level of the maximum level present in the game has to be at least 25.
! Added new monsters: "Draugr", "Wicked", "Blood Satyr", "Moon Satyr", "Flesh Wizard", "Plasma Zombie", "Legionnaire", "Earth Golem", "Magma Golem", "Crystal Golem", "Gold Golem".
! Removed "Demon Hound", replaced it with "Satyr" from Hellknight category. "Satyr" no longer has a missile attack.
! Monster weaknesses are now listed in the same way as their other traits, if they have any.
! Monsters gain 25% more health and damage after level 50. (Their level, not yours)
! "Undead Initiate" now drops "Akimbo Berettas" on death, a new temporary weapon.
* Changed the explosive full immunity. It is now penetrable with a "Nether Mask".
* Added missing traits to some monsters.
* Magical enemies now take 25% more damage from magical attacks. Previously, they were 25% more resistant.
* Improved "Robot Guard" graphics.
* Fixed a bug where "Guardian Cube" was incorrectly tagged as a "Mechanical Enemy" instead of a "Magical Enemy".
* Fixed a bug where "Dark Lich" gave no exp or credit on kill.
* Fixed a bug where "Hell's Fury" would drop 2 skulls instead of 1 on death...
* Fixed a bug where "Dreadknight"'s charge wasn't working as intended.
* Fixed "Unknown Script 983" errors.
* "Arachnophyte" no longer deals damage on death.
* "Dark Lich" no longer deals damage on death.
* "Dark Cardinal" no longer deals damage on death.
* Fixed some offset errors on "Diabloist" attack frames.
* Made "Abomination" a bit smaller.
* "Dexterity" no longer improves damage of occult weapons.
* Fixed some minor offset issues in some monster sprites. (Notably the imp category)
* Fixed a bug where "Shadow Disciple" and "Hell Arbiter" could cause infights.
* Fixed a bug where "Blood Demon" and "Flame Demon" wouldn't get any speed from "Extra Fast" mod.
* Fixed a bug with elites where they were actually doing 12% extra damage flat, not increased with level. It is changed to 5% extra damage per level now.
* Fixed a bug where "Terminator" red grenade attack wasn't scaling properly.
* Fixed "Bormereth" attack animation offsets.
* "Magma Serpent" is now tagged as "Fire Elemental Enemy".
* Fixed a bug where "Thanatos" mini missiles weren't scaling properly.
* Added missing gl lights to "Arachnophyte".
* "Undead Priest" is made taller to easily distinguish from other similar monsters.
* "Thanatos" shouldn't be able to cause infights now.
* "Spider Mastermind" will no longer infight other monsters of its tier.
* "Paladin" can no longer cause infight with other Mancubus tier enemies.
* Added translation fixes to certain monsters. (By Popsoap)
* "Bormereth" is now correctly identified as a "Fire Elemental Enemy".
* "Sentinel" spawned "Guardian Cube"s will no longer count as kills. (Hopefully fixes max monster kill bonus bug)
* Rearranged "Hellsmith" attack chances. It now has 62.5% chance to use a ranged attack, but if it's close to you, it will try to charge. Otherwise it'll reroll a ranged attack.
+ "Death Incarnate" has a 37.5% chance to use its ranged attack once more.
+ "Psionic Queen" is now immune to energy type attacks.
+ "Psionic Queen" health increased to 4000 from 3600.
+ "Psionic Queen" now ignores armor.
+ "Psionic Queen" no longer has a melee attack.
+ "Shadow" is now a "Ghost".
+ Increased height of "Fusion Spider" plasma to 10 from 8.
+ "Hellforge Spider" gets a multi shot every 4 shots down from 9.
- "Hellforge Spider" multi shot spread increased by 1.
* "Soul Eater" shouldn't infight with other demons now.
* Fixed a bug where "Hades Elemental" melee wasn't scaled.
* "Dark Lich" was taller than it was meant to be. Now it's the same height as Spider Mastermind.
* Fixed a bug where "Psionic Queen" had the "Can Block" trait but there were no block abilities.
* "Warlord of Hell" health thresholds for his missile attacks now scale properly.
* Gravity on "Paladin" grenade reduced to 0.625 from 0.67.
- "Cacolich" takes a bit longer to fire up close.
- "Cacolich" pain state duration increased very little.
- "Weakener" fireball speed reduced to 28 from 30.
- "Defiler" death seekers last 4 seconds now instead of forever.
+ "Lava Demon" melee projectile speed increased to 12 from 10.
+ "Cybruiser" now has a chance to shoot a single missile instead of 3 in a row.
+ "Tortured Soul" now has 33% chance to leak weaker poison on being hit.
+ "Tortured Soul" poison bounces now.
+ "Cadaver" poison bounces now.
* "Enhanced Cacodemon" fireballs now slither.
+ "Pyro Imp" now shoots 4 flame balls downwards upon death.
* "Bormereth" explosion now expands instead of doing a fixed 30 damage around him. Total is now 54.
+ "Iron Lich" ground spike attack range increased to 384 from 320.
+ "Iron Lich" ground spike travel speed increased to 24 from 20.
+ "Gold Lich" bounce projectile speed increased to 22 from 20.
+ "Gold Lich" bounce projectiles will now seek out players after traveling a bit.
+ "Angel of Death" bullet height now matches the radius. (8 by 8)
+ "Spider Demolisher" BFG attack speed increased by 8 tics overall.
+ "Spider Demolisher" bullet attack spread reduced to 16 x 16 from 22.5 x 22.5.
+ "Arachnophyte" bullet lower damage increased to 8 from 4.
+ "Arachnophyte" bullet explosion damage increased to 20 from 16 - 20.
+ "Avatar" ice jet spread increased to 6 from 4.
+ "Avatar" summon ability now scales with his health rather than being a constant number. When below the last third of his health, the summoning will begin.
+ "Spider Overlord" pain chance halved to 8.
+ "Spider Overlord" bullet spread on one of the bullets is now 10 x 10 instead of 22.5 x 22.5.
+ "Spider Overlord" green projectile now pierces armor.
+ "Hellsmith" charge is now more dangerous, as it does constant area damage as long as he charges. The damage is 40 per 4 tics in 96 unit radius. The damage is not reduced in a close proximity.
+ "Hellsmith" ground flame attack lower damage increased to 40 from 10.
* "Azazel" now has an additional double serie attack which spreads the red projectiles around.
* "Azazel" no longer has a melee attack.
+ "Azazel" dual attack slow projectile speed increased to 24 from 20.
+ "Azazel" slow and fast projectile damages on his dual attack have been swapped. Now the slow one does more damage than the fast one.
+ "Azazel"'s minimum damage on his dual attack increased to 64 and 48 for the slow and fast projectiles respectively.
+ "Azazel" dual attack fast projectile speed increased to 32 from 30.
+ "Azazel" dual attack speed increased by 8 tics.
+ "Thamuz" now has a 50% chance to continue attacking after launching his strong single projectile attack.
+ "Thamuz" has a new attack: A spread of 5 small green projectiles. (Same ones he fires rapidly)
+ "Thamuz" strong projectile attack lower damage increased to 64 from 16.
+ "Thamuz" rapid green projectile lower damage increased to 36 from 12.
+ "Thamuz" green circle projectile lower damage increased to 60 from 15.
+ "Terminator" grenade speed increased to 24 up from 20.
+ "Terminator" bullet attack spread reduced to 8 by 4 from 15 by 8.
+ "Terminator" blaster projectile speed increased to 28 from 24.
+ "Terminator" red projectile speed increased to 16 from 13.
+ "Satyr" now lunges a bit when it melees.
+ "Dreadknight" now releases a nova of fire when it uses the missile attack.
+ "Dreadknight" charge is harder to interrupt now.
- Fixed a bug where "Corpulent" was doing more damage than intended.
- "Soul Render" drop chance from "Death Knight" and "Horshacker" lowered to 50% from 75%.


- Hardcore mode is all about persistent characters. Between every successful map exit, your character will be saved if "dnd_hardcore" is true.
- You will be asked to login to your account upon entry. You may choose to not login, but your session won't be saved if you do so.
- Logging in is done by using the "login username password" command.
- You can load your previously saved character using "loadme x" command on console, where x is your character id.
- You can set your character id (between 1 - 4, both inclusive) using "setchar x" command. Default is 1.
- You have 10 seconds at the beginning of each map to load a character. Once this time passes, you can no longer load a character. You can however still login, and have your stat saved under the default character id, which is 1.
* It is advised you setchar to something other than 1 if your main character is in slot 1 if you couldn't load in time, as it will overwrite progress of it at the end of the map.
- After logging in, you'll have access to your characters, total of 4 slots. You'll be able to select character slot to save to using "setchar X" with X being between 1 and 4, both inclusive.
- After the end of each map your progress is saved. However, due to exploiting, spectating or getting disconnected won't save your progress.
- Once you rejoin a server and wish to continue, simply type "loadme X" with X being the character slot from above.
- If you lose all your lives (which is 1 for hardcore) you lose your character permanently. If you choose to spectate, your progress on that map becomes invalidated.
- Even if someone finishes the map succesfully, the moment you die: You lose all.
- In order to load your character, you have to type "loadme" to console. However, you can do this once per session (ie. disconnect / spectating resets this). You also can't load during map countdowns.
- Rules of the game also change in this mode. Notably:

* You take 25% more damage.
* Monsters have fixed scaling, which is 5% for health and damage each level.
* You start with no researches. Your completed researches are saved.
* You have to discover and research things you are used to having in normal DnD modes, using a new resource named "Budget" earned at the end of map completions.
* Budget gain rate depends on map's difficulty.
* Research drop rate is 0.5%. (Any kind of monster can drop these however, and it is the same chance for all)
* There is a fixed range for gaining exp and credit. This is 768 units.
* Accessory drop rate is 6%. (Only strong monsters can drop these and this is double that of normal drop rate)
* Items respawn for a limited amount only. This is 2 times. (This only applies to things that are 'allowed' to respawn. So medkits and stuff will still not respawn if not allowed)
* No heal on level up.
* Player count will scale monsters' healths multiplicatively.
* Minimum level to have an accessory drop is 20.
* Minimum level for a monster to drop an accessory is 24.
* Credit and exp scale are both 2. (Double that of normal rules)
* Budget gain rate is doubled.
* Quests have a fixed chance of 20% to appear. Completed quests are saved and are treated as permanent rewards.
* Quests appear only after level 25.
* Legendary monsters can start to spawn after level 25. Their spawn chance is 1%.

- You can set all of the above rules automatically using the "sethardcore" command as the server.


- In this new poison system, you can be afflicted by at most 5 different sources of poison. This means 5 different monster actors (not types!) at a time.
- If a monster that has previously poisoned you before poisons you again, it simply overwrites the duration of it, ie. refreshing it.
- Poison damages can kick in at different times, depending on when they were received. The period of any poison damage is 1 second.
- If you get afflicted by a poison when you are already afflicted by 5, the one with lowest duration will be replaced by the most recent one.
- Poison damage scales with monster level now, as with any other damage from monsters.


- Quests are little challenges presented to all players who are currently alive in the game.
- Quests present a requirement to be met related to the map. These have many variations. Details below.
- Quests, upon completion, give you rewards. These rewards stick with you for the rest of your gameplay.
- Quests also appear only after a certain average player level. This is by default 20. Controlled by "dnd_quest_avglevel".
- Quest types are as follows:

Individual (I): Individual satisfaction of requirements, rewarded to those who accomplish first (ie. only 1).
Everyone (E): Everyone must satisfy requirements, rewarded to all (everyone or no one).
At least one (A): At least one person must satisfy requirement, rewarded to all those who accomplish.

Quest List:

1. Cautious (A)

REQ: Keep health over 50% at all times.
REW: Regeneration life cap increases to one half of your cap.

2. Simple Minded (A)

REQ: Only use (fire) one weapon for the entirety of the map.
REW: 15% extra damage on all weapons.

3. Precious Life (E)

REQ: End a map with nobody dying even once.
REW: +100 health capacity.

4. Berserker (I)

REQ: Get 10 killing sprees in a map.
REW: All killing sprees grant additional 15% more experience.

5. Master Healer (I)

REQ: Heal for at least 500 health.
REW: Healing received increases by 25%.

6. Demon Bane (I)

REQ: Kill 20 boss level monsters.
REW: Bosses deal 15% less damage.

7. Elite Slayer (I)

REQ: Kill 50 elite monsters.
REW: Elites have 5% more chance of rare drops.

8. Power Overwhelming (A)

REQ: Use no artifacts.
REW: When using artifacts, gain extra 25% damage for 15 seconds.

9. Overdrive (A)

REQ: Use only energy weapons.
REW: Energy weapon damage increases by 30%.

10. Skin O' My Teeth (E)

REQ: Use/Pick no healing items. (Exceptions: Blood Rune)
REW: Health capacity increases by +100, healing received increases by 25%.

11. Gunslinger (A)

REQ: Use only Slot 2 weapons.
REW: Slot 2 weapon damage increases by 50%.

12. No Boomstick (A)

REQ: Use no shotgun weapons.
REW: Shotgun damage increases by 50%.

13. Thick Skin (A)

REQ: Pick or buy no armors.
REW: Armor capacity increases by 150.

14. Let them Rot (E)

REQ: Spare all zombie class monsters.
REW: Weapons effective against undead and magical monsters do 30% more damage.

15. Casual Weaponry (A)

REQ: Use no super weapons. (Slot 7 & 8)
REW: Super Weapons do 25% more damage.

16. Natural Talent (A)

REQ: Only use weapon types that have no talents applied.
REW: Talents get 25% dexterity bonus applied.

17. Specialist (A)

REQ: Use only special ammo types. (Ex: Silver gun is ok, because it uses a special ammo type)
REW: Special ammo damage increases by 50%.

18. Money Maker (I)

REQ: Spend 25k.
REW: Credit amount from monsters increase by 15%.

19. The Dreaming God (A)

REQ: Find and kill the Dreaming God.
REW: Seal of the Dreaming God. (All occult weapons do full damage and hit ghosts regardless of enemy mods)

20. Torrasque (A)
REQ: Find and kill Torrasque.
REW: Seal of Torrasque. (15% increased health and armor capacity)

21. Mordecqai (A)
REQ: Find and kill Mordecqai.
REW: Seal of Mordecqai. (Elemental attacks do x2 more damage)

22. GodSlayer (A)
REQ: Find and kill GodSlayer.
REW: Seal of GodSlayer. (Weapons never overheat)


* Elites have a 5% chance of dropping a rare item, called an "Orb". These can be used for various things to empower you in different ways.
* You can add to the drop rate with the cvar: dnd_orb_dropchanceadd. Values between 0 - 100.

1. Orb of Enhancement

Allows the user to improve the quality of the currently selected weapon upon use, increasing its damage.
Increases damage of selected weapon by 1%, up to 25% total.

2. Orb of Spirit

Grants the user a random stat upon use, with each stat having a certain weight.
Stats can go above 100 with this orb, but you still can't get above 100 by leveling.
Charisma has lowest weight, followed by Vitality and Bulkiness. Dexterity, Strength and Intellect have highest weight.

3. Orb of Corruption

A very rare and unpredictable orb. All effects of this orb are permanent unless stated otherwise.
Can do any of the following:

* Nothing

* Reduce health capacity by 10. (Will not drop below 100, which is base)
* Reduce current weapon damage by 10%. (Can drop it down to 0)
* Reduce movement speed by 2.5%. (Won't reduce below 50% movement speed)
* Take all ammo away. (Can still buy etc.)
* Reduce backpack count by 1.
* Reduce damage by 75% for the duration of the map. (Not affected by Orb of Affluence)

* Increase current weapon damage by 20%. (Max 400%)
* Grant current weapon 5% increased critical strike chance. (Max 100%)
* Add 25% additional critical hit damage to current weapon. (Max 200%)
* Increase movement speed by 5%. (Won't increase above 150% movement speed)
* 1% additional chance of rare drops from elites. (Max 20%)
* Give +5 to a random stat. (Follows stat rules of orbs)

Chance to do something bad is higher than chance to do something good. (30% vs 20%) Chance to do nothing is 50%.
Also, a hint: It's chance to do something increases should the conditions of other things it can do are reached.
Example: If you already maxed out on 3 bad things it can do, chances of it doing a good thing increase by the reduction of those 3. (So 35% chance to do something good)
The above example can work the other way around as well, so be careful!

4. Orb of Repentance

This orb is one of the rarest, even rarer than Orb of Corruption. It allows you to undo the effect of the most recently used orb.
You can't repent the effects of another Orb of Repentance or the Orb of Riches.

5. Orb of Calamity

Turns a random orb in your inventory into another. It can't turn into another Orb of Calamity nor will it change an Orb of Calamity.
If you have no other orbs, then it'll do nothing.
If you get an Orb of Repentance through this, and if you use Orb of Repentance, you'll get back your Orb of Calamity.

6. Orb of Affluence

The rarest of all the orbs by far. It doubles the effects of the next orb you use.
This can stack. So if you use another Orb of Affluence, your next orb effect will be quadrupled etc.
Max stack is 16 times the effect, which is 4 orb uses.
If the use of an orb under this effect violates the requirements, it won't be used.
Example: Your Orb of Affluence quadrupled the effect of next orb. If you use Orb of Sin and have not enough stats to spend, you'll not be able to use the orb.

7. Orb of Prosperity

Increases health and armor caps by 1. (Max 500)

8. Orb of Wisdom

Increases exp gain from monsters by 1%. (Max 250%)

9. Orb of Greed

Increases credit gain from monsters by 1%. (Max 250%)

10. Orb of Violence

Increases a random damage type's damage by 1%. (Bullet, shell, elemental etc., max 300% for each category)

11. Orb of Fortitude

Another very rare orb. Increases health and armor caps by 1%. (Max 200%)

12. Orb of Sin

The second rarest orb. It provides bonuses but takes away anywhere between a total of 1 to 8 randomly selected allocated stat points.
Orb of Sin can't be used if you have less than 8 allocated stat points.
The orb can do the following with equal probability:

- Give 4 random stat points.
- Give 1% crit chance for a random weapon you own. (Max +20% on a weapon)
- Give 5% crit damage modifier for a random weapon you own. (Max +100% on a weapon)
- Give a random perk point.

13. Orb of Riches

Grants a random resource on use. Can grant experience, credit or budget.
Base values are 5% of your current level's exp, 2000 and 5k respectively.
Chances for the resources are 20%, 70% and 10% respectively.
Effects of this orb can't be undone.

14. Orb of Holding

Increases your ammo capacities by 1%. (Max 100%)
Doesn't increase the capacity of "Souls" or temporary weapons.


There have been some changes to how the armor is handled. These are:

- Your armor cap is calculated based on the armor's base point. So, a green armor and blue armor have different caps because of this. (100 and 200 respectively)
- When you pick up an armor when your points are low, the new armor's type will be based on the tier of the armor instead of being completely replaced by whatever is picked.
- Armor tier is calculated by the amount of armor it provides. So, if you try to pick a green armor with a duelist armor on, you won't get rid of your duelist armor. (100 < 150)
- Armor bonus pickups can increase your armor up to twice the cap of that armor. This cap includes all bonuses applied.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2014 9:17 pm
by Hypnotoad
Like what I see so far, nice work!

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Sun Aug 24, 2014 10:09 pm
by ├ćnima
Need to do some work on distinguishing this visually from all of the other "R667 Casserole" mods like Complex Doom. But if this is moving in more than just a "replace everything with something harder and shinier" direction then i'd be glad to help. :0

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 7:00 am
by Doomkid
I like the idea / look of this, I'm especially a fan of the stacking backpacks, I've never seen that done before. Downloading!

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 8:50 am
by fr blood
Nice project here, I tested it on Hellbound, and the gameplay was fun, there is no problems with the monsters of R667 as they are used properly like in here where you used the ASG sprites as a Machinegun, it's original.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Wed Aug 27, 2014 10:26 pm
by Ivan
Here's an update. Some major changes include:

- Added CLIENTSIDEONLY to most things, should be easier to play now.
- You now start with 100 + Statbonus health everytime you respawn instead of just 100.
- Fixed a major bug where if you had the Tenacity or the Movement upgrades and died, they'd actually be gone rather than being kept.
- Added a new mechanic to the Temporal upgrade: You now get a Temporal Sphere every map or when picking up the crate. This will give you a random temporary weapon with full ammo on it ONLY if you have none on you. You can only carry one of these and you get one per map, so do not hesitate to use.
- Fixed a few unintentional monster behaviors.
- Nerfed a few monsters.


RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Sat Aug 30, 2014 7:04 pm
by The Toxic Avenger
Obligatory screenshots (image limit):
I was asked to post these separate from the main post due to technical issues.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Sun Aug 31, 2014 2:38 pm
by Ivan
Here's an update that fixes almost all of the old and annoying bugs: DnDv1.4. This wil probably be the last until new Zandronum comes out, after which this mod will take a different and a unique direction.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 11:36 am
by Konda
The effects in this mod may not be among the better ones I've seen but the gameplay is pretty good. I also like the unique stuff like the rewards and the soul system. After a while of playing it becomes harder to navigate through weapons because I end up having quite a bunch of them.

I am not sure if the soul render steals souls from monsters (I doubt it does) but I think that would be a pretty neat feature. Knowing that the soul weapons are pretty damn powerful and their ammo is rightfully rare, the sword shouldn't be able to collect a significant amount of souls during its entire durability (rather, it should be a small amount of souls). The soul stealing ability would be available only in green mode, just like life steal. I don't know, maybe soemthing like 1 soul ammo after 6 - 8 successful hits in green mode. I am not experienced enough with the sword to know its durability well.

And yeah I know there's a soul stealer upgrade but the probability of having both a soul weapon and the soul stealer upgrade is pretty low. The soul render would just be a means of collecting a small amount of soul ammo in case you can't find any for a while. The probability of getting the blade itself is not too high either so I doubt it would make a huge difference in the general availability of soul ammo.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Mon Sep 01, 2014 12:40 pm
by Ivan
Konda wrote: The effects in this mod may not be among the better ones I've seen but the gameplay is pretty good. I also like the unique stuff like the rewards and the soul system. After a while of playing it becomes harder to navigate through weapons because I end up having quite a bunch of them.
My original intention was that the Heavy Missile Launcher would in fact replace the Rocket Launcher once taken, but I thought not everyone would want that so I scrapped that entire idea. (Same with Silver gun and so on)
Konda wrote: I am not sure if the soul render steals souls from monsters (I doubt it does) but I think that would be a pretty neat feature. Knowing that the soul weapons are pretty damn powerful and their ammo is rightfully rare, the sword shouldn't be able to collect a significant amount of souls during its entire durability (rather, it should be a small amount of souls). The soul stealing ability would be available only in green mode, just like life steal. I don't know, maybe soemthing like 1 soul ammo after 6 - 8 successful hits in green mode. I am not experienced enough with the sword to know its durability well.

And yeah I know there's a soul stealer upgrade but the probability of having both a soul weapon and the soul stealer upgrade is pretty low. The soul render would just be a means of collecting a small amount of soul ammo in case you can't find any for a while. The probability of getting the blade itself is not too high either so I doubt it would make a huge difference in the general availability of soul ammo.
Soul Render currently does not steal souls from monsters. However, I can make it steal the soul if you land the blow on the "sated" mode. If you reach 100% on it's hunger meter, it glows red and shoots a red ray of death, taking 15% durability after it's used. So you have 7 of these to shoot in it's lifetime in the best case scenario. (It can be dropped with some durability gone, as well)

The soul stealer upgrade I thought would be a good "later in the game" upgrade, but the chances of it popping up are the same as the others so it kinda nullifies it. I'll have something for this in the future though.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Thu Sep 11, 2014 9:27 pm
by Ivan
Updated DnD to v1.5 and the only ammo wad to 1.9. Notable changes include:

- Removed Crackodemon, replaced with the Earth Lich.
- Soul Render problems fixed, also grants 2 soul ammo on the impact of the full charge strike.
- Sun Staff respawn problems fixed.
- Some other bug fixes, as usual.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2014 3:16 am
by Monkeybtm6
Should have searched these forums better cause this mod seems to do everything i set out to do in mine, only a lot better.

Only difference is the damage upgrades, but wow gonna have to check this out and maybe stop work on mine or do something different.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 2:26 am
by Armitage
Death and Decay is fucking awesome! I've had a blast with this in SP recently, it's far more fun and more importantly balanced in contrast to Complex, only if the enemy really ambushes you will you take a severe beating unlike Complex wheir it's best not to get hit at all.

The Weapon tip boxes are sleek and awesomely designed, they seem similar to Stronghold in font and style, did you pinch their code? A feature request would be if the same could be done for the 'End of Level rewards' probably difficult to make some client side variable where it shows the unique pickup for each client, maybe just a toggle button which displays a tip for the currently selected inventory item? I saw instances in a previous SNS where some players didn't know what these rewards did at all except if they read this thread beforehand.

I'd also like if the Weapon Tip Box could be modified so it displays the tip for your currently selected weapon if you toggle it on and off, as you might miss it first time in the heat of combat.

I really like the Temporary Weapons as they are implemented, granted only carrying one at a time is a limitation based on coding which you haven't yet figured out but it gives you a greater incentive to use your current temp weapon on the map, fully utilizing it's capability instead of bagging it for later then accumulating tons of temporary weps which are powerful and may imbalance things.

In gameplay mods I am particularly impressed if the author has made the effort to upgrade your stock pistol to a more powerful and effective form, rather than leaving it as an obsolete weapon which is immediately discard as soon as you pickup your first shotgun. The best example of this is in 'Zero Tolerance' which features 'The Prophet' a high caliber pistol with a fast firing rate, however it's semi-automatic and requires you to tap faster, coupled with the fact it has a laser scope making it the most accurate long ranged weapon.

Then this is taken a step further by allowing a player to pick up a second for dual wielding, this makes it a powerful force in mowing down lighter foes in quick succession due to the enhanced firing rate and number of rounds depleted per second.

It'd be cool if a similar idea could be done for this mod, or indeed make a 2nd pistol altogether which is rare but powerful just like the 'Silver Explosive Shotgun'. I think it's a clear indication of innovative and smart game design if an FPS has a versatile arsenal where each weapon is just as effective and necessary for independent situations and non are rendered obsolete as a result of acquiring a more powerful one. The best example I can think of is Blood, very nice touch with the classic 'Western Sawed Off' by the way!

Lastly,I love the small inclusions of sound effects and tributes from other classic FPS such as a few Quake sounds, pickups, enemies, weapons, Hexen II, Blood etc. I really dig the Chaingun Zombies with the ROTT enemy sounds but I was always fond of the Triad Enforcer for being a real bad ass due to his endurance. It'd be sweet if the Zombie which replicates him here had more hit points to reflect this as currently most zombies go one in one shot so it'd be nice to have one genuine bad ass zombie.

Keep up the good work.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 8:47 pm
by Ivan
Thanks for the feedback! Let me go through your post:

- Balance, although spent a lot of time on, still depends heavily on the RNG. If you get a rare monster early on in the map it's really hard to beat. However if you have enough equipment it's a cake walk most of the time. The stat bonuses and upgrades also help a lot on your way towards this where rare monsters will keep popping up even more often on later maps of properly advancing map sets. (In terms of difficulty)

- Weapon tip box code is written from scratch, but only the sound itself is from the new zdoom community project because it's a distinct and alerting sound that I very much like. The one for items I think is there in terms of a similar way to the weapon tip boxes, but yeah I can definitely make a new bind that displays your current weapons' tip box again. That's a good suggestion. I could make another bind that said what your currently gained reward also did too.

- Temporary weapons are made so by design, so you can only carry only one at a time. I couldn't figure out a good way of dropping them properly without glitching so you have to waste the ammo on it if you want to get rid of it. If anyone has a reliable method for this I'm all ears.

- The pistol is actually the most accurate weapon here and does a flat 15 damage per bullet, even more so than the machine gun. It is always useful IMO for long ranges unless you have the MG upgrade which effectively makes it a sniper weapon. However, what I can do is make a pistol upgrade that improves it altogether into a new pistol that looks cooler and does more for you.

- I'm glad you like the sound effects! I've as much appreciation as you do towards those and I think they add the enemies a unique touch. I also thought the same about the Triad Enforcer zombie, I think I can make it replace a stronger monster altogether and make it stronger overall to pay proper tribute.

Let me know more about your ideas!

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 11:43 pm
by Armitage
Now I understand what's going on, I've spotted a bug with the 'Item Reward' tip box as it wasn't showing up for me at the start of the next map. It works fine until you've acquired a Chainsaw, then it constantly repeats the 'Chainsaw' tip box instead of the item reward when you enter the next map.

Definitely make the current weapon and item tip bind a reality.

I'm not sure if you misunderstood my Temporary weapons response, my statement was I like the system as it is currently with my argument in favor of keeping it. If you can collect all temporary weapons at once it could make you potentially overpowered at an early stage, and may result in a situation where you could use them instead of the ordinary arsenal due to excessive ammo.

I think the pistol upgrade is the most suitable idea similar to the Unmaker upgrades from Doom 64 and indeed the Blaster upgrades from Unreal, Zero Tolerance had the exact same upgrade feature/idea for the Flare Gun.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 3:54 pm
by Ivan
I'm getting really close to a new release. Here are some of the features:

- You can actually drop temporary weapons now.
- Monster rebalancing.
- Tons of bug fixes.
- Weapon tweaks, 3 new weapons.
- Some new monsters to balance out stronger ones.

However, I have one big plan in mind. I was thinking on adding some sort of an actual RPG system and a shop / money system to actually buy the upgrades, special weapons and the items and so on. You'll level up and also be able to invest in stats. How many of you would be interested in this? Let me know if you would prefer to have the current DnD gameplay over this or vice versa. I plan to not include any kind of stat saving in this, as it would potentially break the mod (and the RPG system won't be that complex). So, what do you think?

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 4:36 pm
by ├ćnima
I say go for it. Besides, I need a good functional example of players using stat/item saving before I waste time implementing it in Mercenaries. :p

I'll even help if you want.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 5:36 pm
by Ivan
I think I might use some graphics for the shop and stuff such as some monitors and such to draw the weapon images and information on, maybe even panels!

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:02 pm
by Armitage
I naively assume this shop system will work via a HUD menu similar to Wrath of Cronos's that you can get to on the fly? This would be the best method for simplicity and ease of use, this will likely greatly improve the chances of obtaining upgrade crates which I find are quite rare to come across otherwise, but do you intend for this system to entirely replace finding rare weapons/drops from powerful monsters or will both co-exist? The latter would be better in the event you have to pistol start a hard map with no previous credits/experience to prevent gameplay imbalances.

Sounds like another great original feature and gives you another incentive to play well, their was something similar although a different a concept with the old Hard-Doom Resurrection which had a basic rank/experience system, you would be rewarded with a weapon and sometimes powerup upgrade after a set number of kills.

RE: Death and Decay

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:24 pm
by Ivan
Here I plan it to have one general menu with the following options: Stats and Shop. Stats will display your experience, level, money, and various other information about you where as the Shop will branch to 3 different parts: Powerups, Upgrades and Weapons. From there on you'll be given a list of things and information about them etc. I intend this to be a bit like Wrath of Cronos, but different in a way.

Also, this RPG thing is to replace the entirety of the upgrade crate and rare drop thing. You'll get money for kills, finishing maps and stuff so you'll still be able to progress, in a much more stable way instead of relying totally on luck. Keep in mind you'll also level up by gaining experience points so that'll also come in handy.