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Hard-Doom v8 - Updated 7/10/17

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 9:45 pm
by Faerlyn
Current Revision: Version 8

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Hard Doom is a replacement/enhancement mod that replaces all monsters in Doom 2 with versions that are similar in role, but more dangerous. In general, Hard-Doom is geared towards players who want a more difficult, genuine survival experience, and it has a variety of visual effects that are more subtle and don't block your view of the action. Over the years since its initial release, it has been meticulously balanced and rebalanced, with new features and effects added to make this a great mod to play through the popular megawads with, without changing Doom's flavor or core gameplay.

Changes in v8:

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<> Monsters <>
1. Added a new Zombieman variant. Spawn rates for Zombiemen are now 75%/20%/5%.
2. Added a new Shotgunner variant. Spawn rates for Shotgunners are now 75%/20%/5%.
3. All second enemy variants now spawn at a 8% chance except for ones that have a third variant.
4. All second enemy variants now have the same HP as vanilla Doom enemies (was +25%).
5. All third enemy variants (Rocket Zombie, Quad-Shotgunner, Crackodemon) now spawn at a 5% chance.
6. All third enemy variants now have +25%HP instead of +50%HP.
7. Raised the Rocket Zombie's damage reduction to 82% (from 78%) from his own rocket. This is due to now having 5 less HP.
8. Raised the Necrodemon spawn rate to 10% (was 8%).
9. Raised the Visage spawn rate to 32% (was 16%).
10. The Dark Cyber and Dark Spider spawn chance has been raised to 7% from 6.5%.
11. Lowered the damage of the Daedabus and Mafibus projectiles from 12(1,8) to 10(1,8).
12. Raised the radius and height of the Pyrodemon's fireshot.
13. Adjusted the damage on the Pyrodemon's fireshot. Explosion damage is now (32,64) from (96,92), and direct hit damage is now 12(1,8) from 4(1,8). Damage on a direct hit is 44-128, down from 100-128.
14. Raised the spread on the Pyrodemon's fire shots. Its now -5,0,5 instead of -4,0,4.
15. Lowered the speed on the Annihilator's homing rockets to 28 (from 30).
16. Removed the BFG9k attack from the Dark Cyber and replaced it with homing rockets.
17. Removed the "MissileMore" flag from the Archon of Hell.
18. Removed the "MissileMore" flag from the Bruiser Demon.
19. Removed the "MissileEvenMore" flag from the Fusion Arachnotron.
20. Reverted a change made in v7.1 to the Fusion Arachnotron. It will once again fire 7 projectiles in its missile state instead of 6.
21. Raised the spread of the Fusion Arachnotron to (-9,9) from (-8,8). It was originally (-10,10) pre 7.1 but with set spread per projectile.
22. Changed "MissileEvenMore" to "MissileMore" on the Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind enemies.
23. Lowered the Quad-Shotgunner's spawn rate to 5% (from 8%).
24. Adjusted the Quad-Shotgunner's single shot. It now fires 7 bullets for 4 damage (was 8/3). The spread has been changed to 7,2.8 (was 6/3).
25. The Sonic Railgunner will now fire a minimum of 10 shots at under 1024 range(was 6) and 8 shots between 1024-2048 range(was 6). At 2048+ range it is still 6 shots minimum.
26. The Sonic Railgunner secondary attack spread was lowered to 1,0.5 (from 1.2,0.6).
27. Enemies that drop a rare weapon no longer drop the weapon and ammo at the same time.
28. Added the new BFG10k projectiles to the Dark Spider and Cyberdemon and made them fire 6 shots now instead of 4.
29. Lowered the spawn height and size of the Hell's Fury's skull projectile. It should no longer collide with low ceilings.
30. Adjusted the speed and aggressiveness of the Hell's Fury's tracers. They are now the same speed and aggressiveness as Revenant missiles.
31. Replaced the "MissileEvenMore" flag on the Hell's Fury with "MissileMore".

<> Weapons <>
1. Removed the Grenade Launcher and Skulltag Railgun.
2. Adjusted the drop rate of Quad-Shotgun to 30% per Quad-Shotgunner (from 20%). This makes the overall rate about 1.5% per Shotgunguy spawn (was 1.6%).
3. Adjusted the drop rate of Minigun to 50% per Minigunner (from 100%). This makes the overall rate about 4% per Chaingunner spawn (was 5%).
4. Adjusted the drop rate of Sonic Railgun to 20% per Sonic Railgunner (was 6.5%). This makes the overall rate about 4% per Zombieman spawn (was 6.18%).
5. Replaced Doom weapon sounds with PKST hi-res weapon sounds.
6. Replaced the Minigun sound with the original sound from Skulltag.
7. Added a small spread to the first two shots of the Sonic Railgun's primary fire (0.5,0.3/0.9,0.6). This way the Chaingun is better for long distance firing against lower tier enemies.
8. Raised the ammo per pickup on the Sonic Railgun to 40 (from 30).
9. Changed the BFG10k. It now fires 60 speed projectiles and uses the Q3A sound for them.
10. Reduced the amount of bullets the Quad-Shotgun fires by 2 (now 53).

<> Other <>
1. Removed the Shotgun and shells from player start. Time for real pistol starting. :)
2. Added new HUD sprites.
3. Made some alignment adjustements to the HUD to fit the new sprites better.
4. Lowered the playback volume of bullets hitting flesh slightly.
5. Lowered the limit of bullet hit sounds from 12 to 10 at a time.
6. Replaced the secret sound to the one from the original Tomb Raider.
7. Converted the remaining footstep and monster sounds to .ogg to lower file size of the mod.
8. Fixed a small issue with Agathoball GLDefs.
9. Organized GLDefs and split them into multiple lumps.

Hard Doom Bestiary
Spoiler (Open)
Hard Doom Bestiary V8 - Written by: dljosef


Dual-Pistol Zombie
Health: 20
Dual Pistol Shots
-Shoots five shots from his pistols; a double shot, followed by three single shots
-Each bullet deals 5-15 damage per shot.
-25-75 damage should all five shots connect.
Info: This zombie is a great step up from the default terms of damage, anyway. He still goes down easily.

Faceless Shotgunner
Health: 30
-Shoots seven pellets for 4-12 damage per pellet
-Up to 84 damage at close range
Info: He is much more dangerous up close this time. Keep your distance, and snipe him when you can

Skull Chaingunner
Health: 70
Dual Chainguns
-Two pellets at the same rate of fire as a vanilla chaingunner
-Same 5-15 damage per bullet.
Info: Getting too close to this guy is suicide. Avoid his line of sight and snipe him.

Dark Imp
Health: 60
Dark Fireball
-4-36 Damage
-Slightly faster than a vanilla Doom imp's fireball
Blood Fireball
-6-48 damage
-Weaves a little
-6-60 damage up close
Info: They are not much stronger than normal imps, but be aware of the red fireballs.

Mauler Demon
Health: 150
-8-80 damage upon hit.
Info: Keep as far away from big groups of these guys if possible. SSG is your best bet here.

Info: Same stats as Mauler Demon, but be aware of them in dark rooms.

Health: 100
-2-16 damage on a direct hit
-5 extra radius damage
-Can fire a few at a time
-10-80 damage on direct hit
-Up to 32 splash damage over a fairly wide radius
-Only uses it if he's at 20 hp or lower
Info: Thought vanilla lost souls were annoying? Good news? they instead pelt you with fireballs, and save their charge attack as a last-ditch move. They Bad news? The suicide charge attack can very easily kill you without armor.

Health: 400
Homing Fireballs
-4-36 damage per hit
-Fired in sets of two
Big Fireball
-8-64 damage per hit
-Fast, and has a trail accompanying it.
-20-120 damage
Info: The Agathodemon is a much tougher cacodemon in terms of firepower, even if his health hasn't changed. An SSG or a Quad Shotgun for up close is a must. Have groups infight with other enemies.

Archon of Hell
Health: 500
Claw swipe
-20-200 damage per hit
-Can chain into a one-two combo, followed by a double swipe
-8-64 damage per hit, faster than vanilla
-Fired in sets of three or a salvo of six
-10-100 damage on direct hit
-64 explosion damage
-Can easily one-shot players at 100 health without armor
Info: This guy is no joke, especially at close quarters. His fireball spreads can lead to infighting with other enemies, as well as his comets. A point-blank Quad Shotgun blast (from the alt-fire) can easily one-shot him.

Bruiser Demon
Health: 1000
Claw Swipe
-20-200 damage per hit
Bruiser Ball
-16-128 damage per hit
-Has a chance to throw a second one
Bruiser Spreadshot
-8-64 damage per ball
-Thrown in a spread of five
-has a chance to throw a second set
Explosive Fire Spreadshot
-16-128 damage per explosive fire, with up to an additional 48 radius damage.
-Unleashed in a set of three that fans out
-Hugs the ground, meaning it can still get you from chasms
-A nightmare to avoid in tight spaces; conversely, the attack becomes much less effective in a sufficiently wide-open area
Info: This guy will make you wish you were fighting the vanilla barons all over again. One upside, he isn't immune to splash damage.

Fusion Cannon Arachnotron
Health: 500
Fusion Cannon Shots
-5-40 damage per shot
-Can travel across the map quickly
-Fired constantly in a spread pattern
Info: He is quick to blanket his position in energy shots, meaning he can potentially be dealing lots of damage to his own allies, but the attack is still very tough to avoid. A point-blank quad shot alt-fire can really take him down quickly; rockets can also work nicely.

Pain Elemental
Health: 400
Summon Rictus
-Can summon rictus skulls.
-10-100 damage per bite
Info: The pain elemental can not only summon rictus skulls, but he can also bite now if you are thinking of going melee. Can spawn three skulls upon death.

Health: 300
Right Hook
-12-120 damage per punch
Tracing Rocket
-10-80 damage per rocket
-Fired in one or two sets of two
Info: This revenant, now having glowing red eyes and black "shorts" has decided to make use of his shoulder-mounted launchers. Hope you got significant firepower if you meet large groups of these guys.

Health: 600
-10-80 damage per fireball
-Fired in sets of three for the first two set, followed by the third set having five
-Tight spread makes dodging difficult
Info: Keeping your distance while plugging away at this monstrosity is a must, especially when dodging up close is very difficult. Don't even bother with melee for this guy.

Health: 700
Fire Pillar
-Same damage as a Vanilla Archvile
-Flame pillar now deals 1-2 damage per tick
Info: Don't bother with the old archie trick behind a pillar, as his flames can actually hurt you this time. Be thankful he has no other attacks.

Spider Demolisher
Health: 3000
Twin Super Chainguns
-5-15 damage per pellet
-Six pellets at a time
BFG Shot
-See BFG damage on the Doom Wiki
-Very high chance for instant kill on direct hit
-Secondary tracers only kick in if targets are within the demolisher's line of sight
-Can fire a second shot
Info: The spiderdemon had apparently gotten herself a massive upgrade in arsenal. Now she can use the BFG and twin chainguns against you. Try the BFG trick against her at your own risk.

Cyber Annihilator
Health: 4000
Rocket Salvo
-Same damage as a player's rocket
-Fired in three sets of two
Homing Rocket Salvo
-10-80 damage on a direct hit, plus up to 64 radius damage
-Fired in three sets of two
-Really fucking difficult to dodge
Info: And the cyberdemon had just gotten a more badass upgrade. Pray that you do not fight him in areas with little cover. Especially from his homing rockets.

Alt Variants

Sonic Railgun Zombie
Health: 20
Sonic Railgun Light Shot
-3-6 damage per shot
-Rapid fire
-Very accurate
Sonic Railgun Charged Shot
-20-30 damage
-Fires when charged
-Very accurate
Info: He deals fairly good damage with his charged shots, which happen if you let him wander for too long. The regular shots aren't too noteworthy; if you floor him, he may drop the gun himself.

Rocket Zombie
Health: 25
-Same damage as a player rocket
-Can also damage himself with it
Info: This guy is very dangerous in spite of his low health. He's a high-priority target to take down, but he also isn't very bright. He doesn't care if his allies are in the way, meaning he is more of a danger to himself and his comrades than you, but eating a rocket to the face from a grunt is NOT a fun time to be had all the same.

Super Shotgun Zombie
Health: 30
SSG Blast
-20 pellets adding up to 50-150 damage at close range
-Can one-shot at full health without armor
Info: Another very dangerous zombie variant. He somewhat frequently spawns among the shotgunners, and can make quick work of you at close range. Make him your high-priority target.

Quad Shotgun Zombie
Health: 38
Single Shot
-Up to four shots for the same damage as the standard shotgunner
-Reloads after the fourth shot
Full Quad Blast
-40 pellets dealing up to 100-300 damage; can easily one-shot you without armor
-Only uses it when you're up close, and hadn't fired a single shot before then
-One use before reloading
Info: The most dangerous of the shotgunners, especially up close. He has a chance to drop a quad shotgun for your own use, should you drop him. He's most vulnerable when reloading.

Health: 70
-Same minigun bullet damage, but at twice the fire rate
Info: No less dangerous than the twin chaingunner, the minigunner can shred you just as quickly with his weapon. Should you kill him, he has a chance to drop his minigun.

Pyro Imp
Health: 60
-6-60 damage per swipe
-4-36 damage on a direct hit, with an additional 10 radius damage
-Thrown in sets of three
Info: Not much harder than the dark imps, the pyro imps have a more likely tendency to kill off some of the weaker enemies.

Cyber Fiend
Health: 200
-8-80 damage per bite
-6-60 damage per charge
-Has limited rage
Info: This demon has the rare chance to leap at you to try to take a bite out of your sorry face. SSG is still a good choice against him.

Health: 100
Charge Attack
-Charges if you're up close
-5-50 damage per hit
Frost Ball
-5-40 damage per hit
-Fairly fast
Info: This rare skull is much less dangerous than the rictus. It shatters upon death.

Health: 400
-20-120 damage per bite
Poe Fireball
-6-48 damage per shot
-Fired in either a set of three or five
Poe Tracer
-8-64 damage per shot
-Homes in on you rather quickly
Info: At least this demon does not pull the gimmicky shadow clone trick the original poe demon did. Treat this like an upgraded Agathodemon

Cracko Demon
Health: 500
-20-120 damage per bite
-8-64 damage per ball
-Fired in either a set of three or a spread of seven
Soul Missile
-15-120 damage on a direct hit, with up to 64 splash damage
-Also explodes into eight electroballs on impact
-Very fast
Info: This demon is not one to be taken lightly. Keep your distance from him, or try the point-blank quad shotgun alt-fire if you're feeling very confident you won't see his soul missile attack.

Hell's Fury
Health: 500
-20-200 damage per swing
Red Fireball
-8-64 damage per ball
-Fired in sets of three
Homing Skulls
-5-40 damage per skull
-Homing, but slow; fired in sets of three
Hell's Fury Skull
-See Rictus Kamikaze
-The demon's last-ditch move
Info: This guy isn't too noteworthy on his own, but his final "fuck you" move comes in the form of the rictus skull that is his head that will come flying at you the moment anyone finishes him off. It is every bit as dangerous as a rictus skull's kamikaze move. His other noteworthy attack is the homing skulls, which can be blocked by objects or walls.

Pyro Demon
Health: 1000
-20-200 damage per swipe
Fire Shot
-12-96 damage per shot, with up to an additional 32 splash damage
-Shot in sets of three
-Massive explosion damage on a direct hit
-Pyroballs, for some reason, deal zero damage
Comet Rain
-Each comet does 5-40 damage with an additional 40 explosion damage on a direct hit
-Tends to miss foes often in wide-open areas
Info: This demon is as big a nightmare to fight as a bruiser demon. Be thankful he lacks the explosive teleportation (which his bestiary counterpart abused the hell out of) to come right into your face and take off a huge chunk of health and armor upon reappearing. (If not outright murdering you.)

Mk. III Arachnotron
Health: 500
Mk. III Shot:
-5-40 damage per shot
-Doubled in fire rate
-Travels really fast
Info: Although, thankfully, he lacks the spreadfire cannon, his twin plasma cannons make the vanilla arachnotron look like a regular chaingunner. Keep in cover before he starts firing. (Or use him against some of his allies.)

Ancient Apparition
Health: 400
Frost Breath
-4-36 damage per puff
-Can quickly add up at close range
Visage Spawn
-Spawns visage skulls
Info: Trade the melee attack for an ice breath, and you have a somewhat less painful version of the pain elemental. Beware the visage skulls, though.

Hellfire Revenant
Health: 300
-See Revenant
Hellfire Missile
-10-80 damage on a direct hit, plus up to 64 splash damage.
-Homing and fast
Info: This guy is a fair bit nastier than the regular revenant (who is a pain in the ass already), considering his rockets are faster and more damaging. He has the same health, therefore a quad shotty alt-fire up close can take him out quickly.

Health: 600
Fire Comets
-10-80 damage per comet
-Fired in sets of four, five, and six.
Info: This guy has a unique ability, making him fire an extra comet to his next set if you remain in his sight. Deal with him like you would a daedabus, but mind the extra comets.

Health: 700
Shadowflame Pillar
-Same damage as the diabolist, down to the damaging fire
Wraith Barrage
-8-64 damage per wraith
-Fired in a barrage of five
Info: Besides from the deadly wraith barrage attack, he acts the same way as the diabolist. He's also a bit harder to see.

Dark Demolisher
Health: 3000
Twin Super Chainguns
-See Spider Demolisher
Dark BFG10K Shot
-Up to 160 damage on a direct hit
-REALLY fast
-Fires up to six at a time
Info: This rare spider demolisher variant has the dreaded BFG10k weapon, which is almost impossible to dodge. Dont' even think about taking this baddie on in a close-range shotty battle. The dark demolisher will drop the bfg10k once she goes down.

Dark Cyberdemon
Health: 4000
Dark BFG10K Shot
-Same as the Dark Spidermastermind.
Dark Homing Rockets
-Same damage as a player's rocket, albeit fired in sets of three
-Really difficult to avoid.
Info: This cyberdemon is much deadlier, due to having the BFG10K and homing rockets. Pray that you do not meet him in enclosed areas; taking him down will grant you the same weapon the Dark Demolisher drops.

Secret Level-only enemies

SS Guard
Health: 50
-Same 5-15 damage per bullet
-Pauses shortly between every two shots
Info: Same kind of Wolfenstein SS chump as usual.

Health: 50
-10-30 damage per shot
-Fairly accurate from midrange
Info: This guy is quick on the draw, and can put you down a little more easily than the SS guards.

Health: 65
Chest-Mounted Pistol
-10-30 damage per shot
-Around the same rate of fire as the SS Guard, and won't stop firing
Info: This guy is a much more dangerous version of the SS Guard. Kill him as quickly as possible; groups of him can quickly put you down, if they don't shoot each other to death first.

Health: 100
Hangman Ball
-4-36 damage per ball
Info: This guy only takes the place of commander keens. He's very rare in level sets anyway, so seeing him shouldn't be an issue. Killing him isn't much of a problem, either, if you got ammo.

Spoiler (Open)

Download Links:
Link 1
Link 2

RE: Hard-Doom Resurrection... Now For Zandronum!

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 10:07 pm
by WhiteAce
Oh I remember this, good to see it back in action, I might go over to my friends today and play it with him Via LAN

RE: Hard-Doom Resurrection... Now For Zandronum!

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 10:24 pm
by Ruin
Good to see you working on this again. I was beginning to wonder if it would ever be updated.

RE: Hard-Doom Resurrection... Now For Zandronum!

Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 10:56 pm
by W1D3A55
This looks somewhat similar to Shotgun Frenzy, but regardless I'll definitely play this.

RE: Hard-Doom Resurrection... Now For Zandronum!

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2012 4:01 am
by Lord_of_D:
cool, hope to play it soon online :)

RE: Hard-Doom Resurrection... Now For Zandronum!

Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2012 4:06 pm
by DevilHunter
Bout fucking time you updated this.. Sorry for the French..

But anyhow, glad to see this back in action.. I might add this back to Armada.. No clue what Tiger is up to as of yet however, everytime i do see him, its in my backlogs on irc. :/

RE: Hard-Doom Resurrection... Now For Zandronum!

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 10:23 pm
by Medicris
My my, haven't seen this pop up in years. Those Survival HR2 HD days were the best.

New kids don't know how much longer this has been around compared to stuff like Shotgun Frenzy :v

RE: Hard-Doom Resurrection... Now For Zandronum!

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 10:28 pm
by Faerlyn
Medicris wrote:My my, haven't seen this pop up in years. Those Survival HR2 HD days were the best.

Haha..... that was like 4 years ago. I remember Hard-Doom servers being full all the time, Good times. :smile:

RE: Hard-Doom Resurrection... Now For Zandronum!

Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2012 11:57 pm
by katZune
that is nice, i'll download it soon

RE: Hard-Doom Resurrection... Now For Zandronum!

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 5:52 pm
by Faerlyn
Released a small patch to tweak/fix some things...

1. Dropped the spawn rate of "rare" monsters down to 8%.
2. Increased the amount of exp rare monsters give. They now give 4x the exp of normal spawns(1x for kill/3x in orbs).
3. Doubled the amount of exp bosses drop: Cyber/Mastermind - 50, DarkCyber/DarkSpider - 200.
4. Made rank given weapons undroppable(this was intended but I forgot to re-add it in v1.2).
5. SSGers now have a longer delay after firing.... no more being shot twice in 1 second.

RE: Hard-Doom Resurrection... Now For Zandronum!

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 6:29 pm
by ├ćnima
Faerlyn wrote:
Medicris wrote:My my, haven't seen this pop up in years. Those Survival HR2 HD days were the best.

Haha..... that was like 4 years ago. I remember Hard-Doom servers being full all the time, Good times. :smile:

Yeah that was when SuperGod hosted it.

His servers gave me the best ping I've ever had. Like, anywhere from 8 to 30ms. Good times, good times.

Faerlyn wrote:5. SSGers now have a longer delay after firing.... no more being shot twice in 1 second.

Thank you.

RE: Hard-Doom Resurrection... Now For Zandronum!

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 9:38 am
by doomjedi
Great great mod...what a challenge....

RE: Hard-Doom Resurrection... Now For Zandronum!

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:42 pm
by DevilHunter
Perm links ftw..

Enjoy :p I know I could of put these up sooner.. (thought I already did) but eh.. There you go

RE: Hard-Doom Resurrection... Now For Zandronum!

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 5:45 pm
by Faerlyn
I was considering updating this to remove the expierence system. This means that the Skulltag weapons would all be rare drops again from certain monsters. People seem to dislike the idea of the rank/exp system so some feedback would be cool to know whether or not it would be worth my time to remove it.

RE: Hard-Doom Resurrection... Now For Zandronum!

Posted: Thu Feb 07, 2013 5:53 pm
by DevilHunter
Well, TBH.. I like it. But it seems everyone else don't. Everytime I idle in #bestever, they throw up Hard Doom 5.1 w/ Random Respawner servers. I asked if anyone likes the mod, and what I get back is just.. I dunno.. Some people say they hate it, bad coding and what not.

If anything, it was fun to play it again after all this time. I guess that's probley why SST/Merc's died out quickly, that or Aenima don't update it as much.. and Don't idle in the IRC Channel anymore.. *HINT HINT*

Anyhow, People speak up.

RE: Hard-Doom Resurrection... Now For Zandronum!

Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 2:04 am
by znake
As far as my opinion goes....

The experience system is nice for other gametypes. However, a survival player needs something more mature/serious.

Since it is Hard Doom, weapon drop should be enabled but decreased, as many players play tactically and must play along with others as well. It may add to the game experience to actually alternate weapon grabs and try to finish a map together, or at least help to the cause.

I love the random spawner. Now, if there was a way to actually place the cyber and mastermind at the end of long maps (If there was a way....) would be awesome... somewhat like boss fights, of course must not be impossible. But as it is its fine! Like I suggested before, I'd like to see the addition of JUST A FEW dark monsters, just because they are scary.

Im not sure the ST railgun would be good....if it was the instagib feature, it would drop the fun. But we should test that further.

Anyways, thats all i think I have to say about the HD... thats all I play.

RE: Hard-Doom Resurrection... Now For Zandronum!

Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 1:15 pm
by Luke
I like the mod but I don't feel in the position of giving an opinion since it is "just a mod" for me. A great mod, one of the very few monster/weapon modifications I like actually but what I said.

Now I liked it both ways: with and without experience. If I had to give an opinion I'd say make the experience optional, or make it mandatory making the special weapons rare drops and instead of the weapons give usable soulsphere, armors, medkits etc.

What do you think about this idea?

RE: Hard-Doom Resurrection... Now For Zandronum!

Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2013 5:59 pm
by DevilHunter
Well, I had a few other people with me playing HR2-Final with HardDoom-Resurrection, however, the maps themselfs seem to bug, but not by HardDoom-Resurrection. So yea, should see what those people have to say, unless they don't have a forum account or such. Just wish there was more feedback. I see Metal and a few other PRO people playing Hard-Doom 5.1 Chillax Survival every now and then, would like to see what they have to say about Hard-Doom Resurrection, that if they tried it out.

RE: Hard-Doom v6 - Updated 2/18/13

Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:48 am
by Faerlyn
Updated to Version 6! I decided to scrap the exp/rank system (nobody liked it anyways!) and go back to the old naming scheme as to not confuse people. Links in the first post will be adding screenshots soon.

RE: Hard-Doom v6 - Updated 2/18/13

Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:24 am
by DevilHunter
Mirror link For the Win :p

Enjoy :p