Supreme Invasion - Universal! v7 (11/09/2021) (Optimized!)

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Supreme Invasion - Universal! v7 (11/09/2021) (Optimized!)


Post by TDRR » Sat Sep 11, 2021 9:58 pm


This is a mod based on AlysiumX's Ultimate Invasion DM, adapted to not replace the monsters and instead their DoomEd numbers only, so now it should work with most gameplay mods (Except OMG Weapons and Monsters for some reason).
It allows you to play invasion on any DM map, and also SP maps (though it may not work as well there). From v7 onwards, it's now perfectly playable online!

To play, bind the open invasion menu key to setup your preferences. There you choose your options, make sure to read them all!

Once you finish a wave many more enemies will appear on the next one, so be prepared!
Spoiler: Changelog (Open)
Version 7 11/09/2021
-Massive optimizations in general, and also reduction of duplicate code.

-Monsters no longer duplicate every wave. Instead, the initial amount of monsters is added on top of the current amount. So if the
map started out with 15 monsters, then the third wave would have 15+15+15 = 45 monsters.

-Added inv_limitspawns. Limits each wave to a single horde of monsters, then once they're all killed another spawns, until the
amount of monsters for the wave are all killed. Perfect for old computers and playing online!

-Added inv_clearcorpses. If inv_limitspawns is on, corpses will be cleared after every horde.

-Corpses are actually removed now. In older versions, they merely became invisible. Big performance improvement after many waves!

-Autosave CVAR now actually works.

Version 6 19/5/2019
+Added available space checking, monsters stuck on walls are extremely rare now

-Got pk3'd

-Updated credits list

Version 5 26/4/2019
+Added fat monster spawning toggle, so that less monsters spawn stuck on walls

-Removed PB 2.03 compatibility in preparation for PB 2.03 REDUX

!Reduced filesize

Version 4 11/12/2018
+Supreme Invasion SP and DM have been merged into one, you can toggle between the two in the Invasion Menu

+In the spot of every weapon and ammo spawn small units of each ammo that get restocked every wave (toggleable)

+Boss monsters can be toggled off and on, the monsters toggled are:
Cyberdemon, Spider Mastermind, Arch-Vile and Pain Elemental.

!In the place of each weapon spawn are weapons (Either Shotgun and SSG or Rocket Launcher)

!Sliders were adjusted to more reasonable values

!Couple bugfixes, such as the fire effect finally working consistently and the player is now able to walk through monsters again.

Version 3 03/07/2018

+ Added Project Brutality 2.03 compatibility (Yes, i like Brutal Doom, bite me)

+ Added Monster threshold (If the monsters are under a certain value then the auto slaughter script will start counting down)

+ Added the ability to customize the time to wait until monsters are automatically slaughtered

+ Added the option to disable weapons pre-placed on the map (DM mode only)

+ Added a bind you can press to spawn all 4 ammo types in front of you, as a more compatible alternative to the ammo regeneration which broke a few mods.

Version 2 02/07/2018

+ Added optional autosave at the start of each wave (configurable at the invasion menu, default is off)

+ Added compatibility with Doom Rougelike Arsenal! (GHOST flag is no longer set)

! Converted all sound files to OGG, now the mod has went from 1MB to a couple hundred KB!
Spoiler: Screenshotty (Open)
Screenshots can't really make justice to this (It would just look like I slapped a bunch of monsters in a deathmatch map) so I recommend you download it and try it yourself

Remember, type "InvasionMenu" in the console or bind the keys i set at the key configuration menu to set up everything on this mod.


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