LiveReverb - Dynamic reverb for any map!

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LiveReverb - Dynamic reverb for any map!


Post by TDRR » Fri May 07, 2021 7:28 pm

This is a modification of Sunbeam's original LiveReverb to make it compatible with Zandronum (and hopefully, it's online multiplayer, but it's not tested).
Just like the original, it works with any IWAD, and the vast majority of maps and mods!

The reverb is dynamic, of course, so bigger rooms may sound more echo-y, smaller ones less so, and outside areas generally don't have any reverb.
There's 2 CVARs, both user-side so you can change these independent of the server's preferences:
lr_lowhealth: The lower your health is, the weaker sounds become (default TRUE).
lr_invul: If you have invulnerability, reverb gets very strong independent of where you are (default TRUE).

You can grab the Zandronum version here:
Here's his original post at the ZDoom forums:
Sunbeam wrote: This is LiveReverb, which gives dynamic reverb to all existing Doom maps!
Also works for Heretic and Hexen.

DOWNLOAD (note, ZDoom version!):

If you want to get in contact, there's a Discord server for my mods and projects:
Also Twitter!

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