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[FINAL] Insanity Deathmatch

Posted: Sat Mar 27, 2021 5:27 pm
by Kaapeli47
:doom: If you can't find the sanity from deathmatch, :doom:
:igor: try to find the INSANITY! :igor:


Insanity Deathmatch version 1.1 AVAILABLE NOW!

Insanity Deathmatch is a multiplayer PK3 mod for Zandronum 3.0 or newer, featuring:
  • 52 new and improved weapons of frantic and insanely explosive deathmatch massacre!
  • 12 different choices for starting weapons!
  • 8 new special armor types!
  • 17 game changing powerups!
  • Random spawns for each thing mentioned above, making each game of deathmatch unique even if a single map is played!
  • Tons of memes in the form of over 999 random gibbing sounds and 26 rare gibbing explosions!
  • Several player death animations in case of overkill damage!
  • Compatible on any Doom II multiplayer map on Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Last Man Standing, Team Last Man Standing, and even Capture the Flag!
  • Compatible for designing individual maps for the mod!
  • Also compatible with the Instagib and Buckshot modifiers!
  • Additionally comes with New weapon modifiers: Blade Mode, Knife Fight, Fisting, and Mortar; and additional modifiers: Explosive deaths and Big Guns only!
Insanity Deathmatch is not supposed to be anything competitive (although I invite those people to try it, too, and also give opinions on its eligibility
for competitive play!), but more of a deathmatch carnage type mod meant for an Insanetm amount of fun!

Insanity Deathmatch doesn't feature any new maps on its own (yet...) but it can be played on any deathmatch map pack that uses Doom II actors!

The whole zip package ( contains:

The zip package of the mod comes with two editions:

  • Insanity Deathmatch (IDM_v###.pk3)
  • Insanity Deathmatch: Skinnable Edition (IDM_SkEdit_v###.pk3)
    Compatible with custom player skins!
  • A Skin Pack (IDM_Skinpack_v###.pk3) for Insanity Deathmatch: Skinnable Edition, also used by the Zandronum bots.
The regular edition contains additional features to the main player, such as death animations, while the Skinnable Edition has vanilla support for player skins.
Please DO NOT use both editions at once! Only ONE edition at a time may be used to play!

I hope you enjoy the fragging, and remember to always have fun!
Otherwise, if you take things too seriously, soon you wont be sane enough to escape the Insanity!

Official trailer for version 1.0:
phpBB [media]

Teaser trailer for version 1.0:
phpBB [media]

Trailer for version 0.99:
phpBB [media]

Trailer for version 0.95 - A compilation of matches in the Execution Deathmatches map pack:
phpBB [media]

Download and play the Insanity!

Download the full zip package: ... avjAgN1L_M

Download Insanity Deathmatch v1.1: ... m_v1.1.pk3

Download Insanity Deathmatch: Skinnable Edition v1.1: ... t_v1.1.pk3

Download the Insanity Deathmatch Player Skin Pack: ... _v1.13.pk3

For a full list of credits, see IDMCredits.txt in the full zip package!

For a detailed "instruction manual", see WADINFO.txt in the zip package or inside each edition of Insanity Deathmatch.

Spoiler: (Open)

Each weapon have their upgraded versions when used with the Strength powerup. For more information about those, see each weapon's "Strength powerup effect" in the WEAPONS section in WADINFO.txt.

Slot 1 - Melee weapons:
  • Fist: Everyone starts with the Fist, and it's now much more powerful - so much so that you can gib a marine, even if you're not berserked with the Strength powerup!
  • Chainsaw: Twice as fast and deals roughly twice as much damage per hit! Can be used as a starting weapon!
  • Knife: A faster hitting melee than the Fist, which also increases your movement speed when wielded in your hands! Can be used as a starting weapon!
  • Vorpal Blade: The strongest but slowest of the melee weapons. Has an energy meter which increases over time or through successful hits, increasing the blade's damage, and firing a piercing projectile when fully charged! Can be used as a starting weapon!

Slot 2 - Small arms:
  • Pistol: It has an average rate of fire, is moderately accurate and consumes a Bullet per shot - So it's a Pistol alright! Can be used as a starting weapon!
  • Machinegun: A 3-round burst firearm that is also fairly accurate. It can output a decent amount of damage on longer ranges! Can be used as a starting weapon!
  • Yellowboy: A fully accurate lever action rifle that also deals a great amount of damage. Can be used as a starting weapon!
  • Blaster: A futuristic plasma pistol that shoots deadly plasma projectiles! Can be used as a starting weapon!

Slot 3 - Shotguns:
  • Boomstick: The Quake Shotgun. Twice as fast as the Doom Shotgun in the mod, but shoots only 7 pellets. Can be used as a starting weapon!
  • Buckshot: The Quake Double Barreled Shotgun. A bit slower than the Boomstick, but shoots 14 pellets and consumes 2 Shell ammo per shot. Can be used as a starting weapon!
  • Combat Shotgun: Compared to the Vanilla Doom Shotgun, it now shoots 24 pellets instead of 7!
  • Super Shotgun: Now shoots 50 pellets instead of 20!
  • Riot Shotgun: A rapid 4-round burst shotgun that is also very accurate but takes a time to reload all 4 barrels again.
  • Screwgun: A wide spread projectile based shotgun that is faster than the Combat Shotgun but way less accurate on longer ranges.

Slot 4 - Heavy Bullet Weapons:
  • Chaingun: Otherwise the same, except it deals twice the vanilla damage, and can randomly shoot an extra bullet per shot! Can be used as a starting weapon!
  • Super Chaingun: Much like the Chaingun, but this one has an electric motor spooling up the barrels to max revs after 10 shots, doubling its rate of fire!
  • Nailgun: The Quake Nailgun. Turns bullets into nails that move at the speed of sound and deal great damage overall! Can be used as a starting weapon!
  • Super Nailgun: A faster and deadlier version of the Nailgun! Shoots larger nails but also consumes 2 Bullet ammo per shot.
  • Heavy Machinegun: A 5-round burst Super variant of the Machinegun that shoots heavy caliber rounds at a fast rate of fire!
  • Assault Rifle: A slower but deadlier and more accurate version of the Chaingun, but consumes 3 bullets per shot, and only spawns on the Bullet weapon spawns.

Slot 5 - Explosive weapons:
  • Rocket Launcher: Shoots slightly faster and severely deadlier rockets!
  • Barrage Launcher: A triple barreled variant of the Rocket Launcher that shoots a slow burst of 3 rockets at a time!
  • Grenade Launcher: Lobs grenades at a slow rate of fire that explode on collision course with a running marine, or after a 3-second timer.
  • Heat Seeker: Shoots heat seeking missiles at roughly half the rate of fire of the Rocket Launcher, and consumes 2 Rocket ammo per shot. (HINT: If the missiles cause you too much trouble, they can be shot mid-air!)
  • Mini-Bomber: A rapid fire missile launcher that does less damage per missile than a single rocket, but can two-shot enemies and only consumes 1 rocket ammo per 2 missiles!

Slot 6 - Plasma weapons:
  • Plasma Gun: Otherwise the same, except a single plasma ball can deal from 1 to 100 damage! And if it doesn't hit its target directly, it deals from 1 to 5 splash damage!
  • Plasmachine Gun: The Super variant of the Plasma Gun! It's double barreled, and can spray a whole roomful with plasma!
  • Pulse Rifle: A radioactive plasma weapon that shoots pulse projectiles which travel in a fast and wide horizontal wave when shot! It fires at half the rate of fire of the Plasma Gun, consumes 3 Cell ammo per shot, but deals a greater amount of damage!
  • Plasma Beam: A particle beam weapon that can quickly zap your enemies into a pile of ionized ash!
  • Railgun: The ultimate sniper weapon you can find in the arena, usually killing your enemies in just one or two shots! Consumes 10 Cell ammo per shot.
  • Ion Blaster: A slow plasma weapon that shoots ion projectiles, which bounce on walls and can frag and gib enemies in just one or two shots. It deals heavy explosive damage, though, so beware!

  • BFG Prototype:
    It's unstable! So much that the weapon needs to cool down a bit after each shot, and you can also vaporize yourself with the unstable impact energy of the projectile!
    However, it's also so unstable that the tracers now completely decimate your enemies!
  • Quad Shotgun: What? The Super Shotgun isn't enough for you? Here you are! Its four barrels should fire enough pellets that the enemies will be splattered to the other side of the arena!
  • Hand Cannon: This double barreled Shotgun shoots radioactive shells, which have a slow chemical reaction when the trigger is pressed and the hammer hits the shells, but when it fires, it covers the entire view with explosions!
  • Minigun: It chews on bullets like no time, making the best looking Swiss cheese out of your opponents! Old painless is waiting!
  • Hellstorm Cannon: It's a cannon that fires... a literal Hell-storm. Enough said.
  • Devastators: Duke Nukem's ultimate rapid-fire explosive weapon! Come get some!
    • Barrel Gun: OK, what the f*ck is this gun?!
    • Freeze Cannon: Fires a very fast spray of 20 snowballs, turning your enemies into shiny blocks of ice!
    • BFG10000: The powerhouse of green plasma returns from Skulltag, and packs slightly more power than in Skulltag! Just try it with the Strength powerup...
    • Devastator 1000: The BFG of Demon Eclipse, this time it shoots the biggest flock of red plasma you've ever seen... It takes a long while to charge up, though, before you can fire it!
    • Fire Mace: The ultimate weapon of Heretic shoots twice as many steel balls that are 10 times deadlier than in Heretic!
    • Wraithverge & Bloodscourge: The two most devastating weapons of Hexen have somehow found their way in the deathmatch arenas...
    • Unmaker: A hellish laser weapons of ultimate devastation! Fires a lot of vaporizing lasers in a horizontal spread from its skull in the front!
    • Meowitzer: It's a bigass cannon that shoots cat heads! Enough said.
    • Flamethrower & Pyro Cannon: The UTNT Fire weapons return in a more incinerating form! In the regular edition they burn your enemies into black smokey crisps! In the Skinnable Edition, however, they just gib!
    • The SIGIL: The ultimate weapon from Strife makes a cameo appearance in Insanity Deathmatch! It's fully upgraded, but uses even more of the wielder's health as its ammunition, so don't spam it too long!
    • The Redeemer: The tactical nuclear missile weapon from Unreal Tournament is also the most devastating Big Weapon in Insanity Deathmatch!

    The Ammo pack (Backpack) now gives full ammo in addition to increasing the player's ammo capacity.

    • Max capacity: 150
    • Max capacity with Backpack: 300
    • A Clip of Bullets gives 20 Bullets.
    • A Small Box of Bullets gives 50 Bullets.
    • A Big Box of Bullets gives 100 Bullets.

    • Max capacity: 20
    • Max capacity with Backpack: 30
    • A Bundle of Shells gives 4 Shells.
    • A Carton of Shells gives 6 Shells.
    • A Box of Shells gives 10 Shells.

    • Max capacity: 15
    • Max capacity with Backpack: 30
    • A Rocket gives... a rocket. Duh.
    • A Bundle of Rockets gives 3 Rockets.
    • A Box of Rockets gives 6 Rockets.

    • Max capacity: 100
    • Max capacity with Backpack: 200
    • An Energy Cell gives 20 Cells.
    • A Cell Kit gives 40 Cells.
    • A Cell Pack gives 100 Cells.

Spoiler: (Open)
General Information:

The Players start with 100 Armor with 67% base protection.

For Light and Heavy Armors, the Added Health Protection value against specific damage sources is not affected on the total damage which the Base Protection reduces.
It affects the remaining damage after the Base Protection has affected the total damage.

For example, a 100 damage Bullet Attack still depletes only 67 Armor, and the Added Health Protection against Bullets will reduce the remaining 33 damage by a certain
percentage if the Armor worn is one that protects better against Bullets.

Amount: 200
One of these armors will spawn on the green armor spots in the map.
  • Yellow Armor: Has a 50% protection value and offers 50% resistance against all sources of damage.
  • Belt Armor: Has a 67% protection value and offers 70% resistance against Bullet, Nail and Melee attacks, and gives 200 Bullet ammo and 20 Shell ammo.
  • Frag Armor: Has a 75% protection value and offers 70% resistance against Rockets, Grenades and Hellstorms, and gives 15 Rocket ammo.
  • Tech Armor: Has a 83% protection value and offers 70% resistance against Plasma, Pulse and BFG projectiles as well as Railgun and BFG Tracer attacks, and gives 100 Cell ammo.

Amount: 300
One of these armors will spawn on the mega armor spots in the map.
  • Blue Armor: Has a 67% protection value and gives 80% resistance against Bullet, Nail and Melee attacks.
  • Red Armor: Has a 75% protection value and gives 87.5% resistance against Rockets, Grenades and Hellstorms.
  • Energy Armor: Has a 83% protection value and gives 80% resistance against Plasma, Pulse and BFG projectiles as well as Railgun and BFG Tracer Attacks.
  • Super Armor: has a 50% protection value and gives the player 75% resistance against ALL damage! You are practically a walking tank with it!

Spoiler: (Open)
  • Soulsphere: Immediately gives you 200 Health and an extra life that instantly puts you to 200 Health when it first reaches 0.
  • Megasphere: Gives 300 Health and a random Heavy Armor worth of 300 Armor points!
  • Strength: Heals you to 100 Health if below it, and upgrades all of your weapons for 30 seconds!
  • Doomsphere: When picked up, the player deals four times more damage for 20 seconds!
  • Guardsphere: Gives the player 75% direct damage protection, immunity to splash damage and the ability to stop ripper projectiles!
  • Resistance: Gives immunity to damaging surfaces, and comes in two forms: Hitscan and Projectile Resistance.
    Hitscan Resistance protects for 90% against all Hitscan attacks, and 25% against Projectile attacks.
    The Projectile Resistance, then, is the exact opposite. Both powerups last for 20 seconds.
  • Regeneration: Upon pickup, regenerates 50 Health per second up to the player's base maximum health (200+possible bonus health if picked up) for 20 seconds.
  • Haste: Doubles the player's firing speed, and they move 50% faster and jump higher for 20 seconds.
  • Prosperity: Gives unlimited ammo for 10 seconds, along with full ammo, 200 Health and 200 random Light Armor.
  • Reflection: Upon pickup, any damage you take from enemies will be reflected back at them! The reflected damage goes through the attackers' armor!
  • Spread: Triples the player's shots from any weapon for 20 seconds!
  • Drain: Gives the player the ability to drain enemy health when dealing damage, as well as 33% damage resistance for 30 seconds!
  • Rage: For 10 seconds, the player turns invulnerable and reflective and gets one out of the following powerups: Doomsphere, Strength, Haste, Regeneration or Prosperity!
  • Time Freeze: Freezes time for 10 seconds. (HINT: Can only spawn on the Invulnerability spot randomly with the Rage powerup.)

Spoiler: (Open)
This shows the items of each random spawner.


Shotgun & Super Shotgun spot:
  • Super Shotgun
  • Shotgun
  • Railgun
  • Riot Shotgun
  • Super Chaingun
  • Super Nailgun
  • Heavy Machinegun
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Plasma Gun

Chaingun spot - Heavy Bullet Weapon spawner:
  • Super Chaingun
  • Super Nailgun
  • Heavy Machinegun
  • Assault Rifle

Rocket Launcher spot - Explosive Weapon spawner:
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Barrage Launcher
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Heat Seeker
  • Mini-Bomber

Plasma Gun spot - Plasma Weapon spawner:
  • Plasmachine Gun
  • Pulse Rifle
  • Plasma Beam
  • Ion Blaster
BFG spot - Big Weapon spawner:
  • BFG Prototype
  • Quad Shotgun
  • Minigun
  • Hellstorm Cannon
  • Devastators
  • Barrel Gun
  • Freeze Cannon
  • BFG10000
  • Devastator 1000
  • Fire Mace
  • Wraithverge
  • Bloodscourge
  • Unmaker
  • Meowitzer
  • Barrel Gun
  • Flamethrower
  • Pyro Cannon


Green Armor spot - Light Armor spawner:
  • Yellow Armor
  • Belt Armor
  • Frag Armor
  • Tech Armor

Mega-Armor spot - Heavy Armor spawner:
  • Blue Armor
  • Red Armor
  • Energy Armor
  • Super Armor


Chainsaw, Partial Invisibility, Soulsphere, Megasphere and Berserk spots:
  • Doomsphere = 12%
  • Guardsphere = 12%
  • Megasphere = 12%
  • Strengthsphere = 12%
  • Soulsphere = 8%
  • Resistance = 8%
  • Regeneration = 8%
  • Haste = 8%
  • Reflection = 8%
  • Prosperity = 8%
  • Rage = 4%

Light-Amp and Automap spots:
  • Doomsphere = 9.1%
  • Guardsphere = 9.1%
  • Megasphere = 9.1%
  • Strengthsphere = 9.1%
  • Soulsphere = 9.1%
  • Resistance = 9.1%
  • Regeneration = 9.1%
  • Haste = 9.1%
  • Reflection = 9.1%
  • Prosperity = 9.1%
  • Rage = 9.1%

[FINAL] Re: Insanity Deathmatch

Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2021 9:33 pm
by Kaapeli47
V0.95 Updated March 29th:
- Fixed version 0.95A of Insanity Deathmatch holds a fixed version of the Skinnable Edition (IDM_SkEdit_v095a), which didn't have its Max Rocket Ammo counts updated.
- Updated download links of the Insanity Deathmatch zip package and Insanity Deathmatch: Skinnable Edition.

[FINAL] Re: Insanity Deathmatch

Posted: Fri Apr 02, 2021 9:13 pm
by Kaapeli47
Update V0.99C on July 17th, 2021:

  • Added all common weapons, except the Heat Seeker, Plasmachine Gun and the Pulse Rifle, to the player's arsenal in Last Man Standing.
  • The player now has 100 starting armor in the Buckshot modifier.
  • Increased the player's health and armor in Last Man Standing from 200/100 to 300/300. This can be changed back to 200/100 by setting the 'idm_lmshealth' console variable to 'false'.
  • Random spread and weaving of projectile weapons is now chosen in floating point values, and no longer in integer values.
  • Balance changes made to the Heavy Machinegun, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Railgun, Pulse Rifle, Hellstorm Cannon, Devastators, Freeze Cannon, BFG Prototype, and the Wraithverge.


Light Armor:
  • Decreased the protection value of the Yellow Armor from 67% to 50%.
  • Increased the ballistic damage resistance of the Bullet Armor from 70% to 80%.
  • Increased the protection value of the Frag Armor from 67% to 75%.
  • Increased the explosive damage resistance of the Frag Armor from 80% to 87.5%.
  • Increased the protection value of the Tech Armor from 67% to 83%.
  • Increased the plasma damage resistance of the Tech Armor from 70% to 80%.
Heavy Armor:
  • Decreased the protection value of the Super Armor from 67% to 50%.
  • Increased the protection value of the Red Armor from 67% to 75%.
  • Increased the explosive damage resistance of the Red Armor from 80% to 87.5%.
  • Increased the protection value of the Purple Armor from 67% to 83%.

  • The Time Freeze now has a very small chance of spawning on the common powerup spots.
  • The Reflection and Strength Powerups now also give 200 Health.
  • Fixed the Regeneration powerup overhealing the player to 400 Health when picked up with the Soulsphere.
  • Added a console variable 'idm_notips', which is set to 'false' by default, and can be set to 'true' to disable the random tips shown in the middle of the player's screen.
  • Added 6 rare 'Nuke' gibbing effects! Just see them for yourself...
  • Added 42 new gibbing sounds! (Now a total of 662! Thanks to Uncle Had, Dunn, Jimmy, RegularWarren and Some1NamedNate for new ideas!)
  • Added 2 new skins to the Insanity Deathmatch Skin Pack: Neptune and Dutch!
  • Added new sounds for the Silencer skins from the James playermodel of Quake III: Team Arena.
  • Changed the name of the Plasma Cyborg skin into Keel and added sounds from the Keel playermodel in Quake III: Arena.
  • Player heads now bounce upon decapitation!
  • Upon a decapitation death, the player's camera is now attached to the flying and bouncing head!
  • Converted all the graphics of the skins in the Insanity Deathmatch Skin Pack to PNG Truecolor format. This is to prevent ugly results with a map pack's palette, like in Neon Deathmatch.
  • Updated WADINFO.txt and IDMCREDITS.txt
See full changes in IDMChangelog.txt in the package!

[FINAL] Re: Insanity Deathmatch

Posted: Tue Apr 06, 2021 6:30 am
by Doomkid
Well done! I know this is meant for deathmatch, but I just had a great time mowing through a few slaughtermaps with these weapons.. Very fun and over the top!

[FINAL] Re: Insanity Deathmatch

Posted: Sun Jun 13, 2021 9:41 am
by Kaapeli47
Doomkid wrote:
Tue Apr 06, 2021 6:30 am
Well done! I know this is meant for deathmatch, but I just had a great time mowing through a few slaughtermaps with these weapons.. Very fun and over the top!
Haha thanks a lot! :biggrin: I may or may not have murdered a battalion of demons with those weapons myself just to see how they work! :wink:
Glad you're liking it! If you want to, you're free to also host a Doomshack server with it! It's compatible for any Doom 2 map pack, and depending on the map's size it's played best with at least 4 players!