[minimod] I can't believe it's Not Survival!

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[minimod] I can't believe it's Not Survival!


Post by Laggy Blazko » Thu Oct 01, 2020 3:26 am

Download: http://static.allfearthesentinel.net/wa ... -beta7.pk3


As you might know, Survival is a game mode that adds challenge to the otherwise... non-challenging cooperative game mode. It comes with a price, however. All players must wait until the map is over, or all players die, to join.
This mod aims to be a mid point between both game modes. "Not Survival" will allow players to join freely for the first seconds of gameplay, then close all player slots, forcing any player that dies to spectate. Every time a certain amount of monster kills is achieved (50 by default) or some minutes have passed (disabled by default), one spectator will be allowed to join the game.

Since this mod manipulates sv_maxplayers to work, use notsurv_maxplayers to set a player limit.

Note: this mod supports multiple lives using the notsurv_lives CVAR. But since coop doesn't display lives, you can customize a key to show how many you have (or type "notsurv_printlives" on console).
Spoiler: CVARINFO (Open)

Code: Select all

//If it's any value over 0, sets this amount of lives when a player joins.
server int notsurv_lives = 0;
//Why not just use sv_maxlives? Because that would turn invasion into survival invasion and this mod would not work.

//Since this mod modifies sv_maxplayers to work, use this to set the real amount of max players.
server int notsurv_maxplayers = 32;

//Allows a new player to join after this amount of monsters have been killed.
server int notsurv_kills = 50;

//Allows a new player to join after this amount of minutes have passed.
server int notsurv_time = 0;

//How many seconds have new players to join if there's a slot available.
server int notsurv_newplayertimer = 10;

//How many seconds have new players to join from the start of the map.
//(all slots)
server int notsurv_allslotstimer = 10;

//Tics before a player is forced to spectate when running out of lives.
server int notsurv_ticsbeforekick = 35;

//Whenever or not reset the map after all players die.
server bool notsurv_resetmap = true;

//If set true by the server admin, a new slot will be open
server noarchive bool notsurv_openslot = false;

//If true, all slots will be open. Automatically true when a map starts
//and false after <notsurv_allslotstimer> seconds.
server noarchive bool notsurv_openallslots = false;
Spoiler: Screenshot (Open)
What? There are no new graphics nor maps nor anything like that in this mod.
Spoiler: Credits (Open)
I made this :)

Yell at Laggy Blazko if something goes wrong.
Alert sound from StarCraft.
Thanks SaviorSword for ripping it.
Thanks DarkStar64 and Tetssian for helping me test.
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Re: [minimod] I can't believe it's Not Survival!


Post by Ænima » Fri Oct 09, 2020 11:45 pm

Nice! I just started playing Insurgency: Sandstorm and that game has a similar mechanic whereas all dead teammates are revived upon capturing (or destroying) an objective. That way you don't have to spend 15+ minutes watching, and it's a rewarding feeling when you respawn your teammates by doing a good job.

Cool stuff, bro.
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Re: [minimod] I can't believe it's Not Survival!


Post by Laggy Blazko » Thu Oct 15, 2020 4:54 am

http://static.allfearthesentinel.net/wa ... -beta7.pk3
Small update. Now it should kick a player from the game properly when they're gibbed in Heretic, or gibbed as fighter in Hexen.
Speaking of Hexen, I suggest setting notsurv_resetmap to false when playing on it, as resetting maps might break hubs.

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