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Zandronum 3.1-alpha-180429-2031


Post by Torr Samaho » Tue May 01, 2018 8:04 pm

It's been a while, so it's time to resume our beta builds. Compared to 3.0, this beta contains numerous fixes and refinement to our client side prediction, unlagged and the movement buffer, thanks to Leonard who joined our dev team a little while ago. Another notable addition you should check is Dusk's server administration menu. Finally, it contains several security fixes backported from ZDoom.

Here is the full Mercurial changelog:

Code: Select all

changeset:   10015:5546587a2c8c
user:        Teemu Piippo <>
- changed the version string to 3.1-alpha
- changed BUILD_ID/BUILD_ID_STR to internal

changeset:   10016:4ceb2a4cdc39
user:        Teemu Piippo <>
Added tag ZA_3.0 for changeset dd3c3b57023f

changeset:   10017:6d5130e4ae52
parent:      10016:4ceb2a4cdc39
parent:      4064:87f682bdcb8a
user:        Torr Samaho
Merged with stable repo.

changeset:   10018:8e4c2d172339
user:        Teemu Piippo <>
Cleaned up server handling of unexpected client game packets

changeset:   10019:551a91aa3dd2
user:        Teemu Piippo <>
Removed the old 97d-beta4.3 client handling. I don't think that anyone has hit this code branch for at least the past 5 years.

changeset:   10020:6f2747150c89
user:        Teemu Piippo <>
Removed the superfluous "listinventory" debug CCMD

changeset:   10021:d95c6fef3352
user:        Teemu Piippo <>
Rewrote map authentication using Existing ZDoom Technologies™

changeset:   10022:ec3944bd295a
user:        Leonard2 <>
Fixed: Clients would spawn map pushers on their own instead of waiting for the server's update (fixes 270).

changeset:   10023:121db9d6e8ec
user:        Torr Samaho
Fixed a compile problem on Raspbian Stretch.

changeset:   10024:097467a48166
user:        Leonard2 <>
Fixed player movement mispredictions (fixes 106 and 2295).

changeset:   10025:8b539bafb489
user:        Leonard2 <>
Fixed: The server told clients to change a sector's friction even when the sector didn't have it enabled (fixes 331).

changeset:   10026:5b3c4ea679df
user:        Leonard2 <>
Removed the now unneeded handling of sv_logfiletimestamp from SERVER_SendChatMessage.

changeset:   10027:0756baf85886
user:        Leonard2 <>
Keep track of ending newlines even when sv_logfiletimestamp is off (fixes 3273).

changeset:   10028:567fcb92f1b7
user:        Leonard2 <>
Fixed: added missing network handling of A_SetTranslucent (fixes 3204).

changeset:   10029:ff4deefcb1f1
user:        Leonard2 <>
Converted the command DoScroller to the protocol specification.

changeset:   10030:26b543f40081
user:        Leonard2 <>
Fixed: added missing network handling of displacement scrollers (fixes 2032).

changeset:   10031:ee36bf542180
user:        Leonard2 <>
Fixed: added missing network handling of scrolling textures (fixes 3216).

changeset:   10032:60c341475276
user:        Teemu Piippo <>
Added a new server administration menu to do simple server administration tasks. Gameplay and compatibility menus now work online and are disabled without RCON access, addresses 2484.

changeset:   10033:ebb59e7014c5
user:        Teemu Piippo <>
Slight amendments to the commit that added the server administration menu.

changeset:   10034:2c060b2c472e
user:        Leonard2 <>
Fixed: P_PlayerScan was not using the correct Z coordinate (fixes 250).

changeset:   10035:878e9933afbd
user:        Leonard2 <>
Fixed: added missing handling of +COUNTSECRET actors for map resets (fixes 3151).

changeset:   10036:eaf0d24c267b
user:        Leonard2 <>
Moved ServerXYZ and ServerXYZVel out of player_t since we only need it to predict the consoleplayer and nothing else.

changeset:   10037:d645e544352c
user:        Leonard2 <>
Fixed: don't interpolate view movements if a key press didn't result in any changes.

changeset:   10038:947c71b1f9c4
user:        Leonard2 <>
Changed: don't force mouse interpolation (addresses 2875).

changeset:   10039:a195c3024751
user:        Leonard2 <>
Fixed: the ticbuffer would only empty at most half its commands (fixes 3314).

changeset:   10040:75e8df3f314f
user:        Torr Samaho
Reduced code duplication with the new class StatTracker.

changeset:   10041:ae48a38642ff
user:        Torr Samaho
"stat nettraffic" now also shows information on the number of many missing packets the client requests from the servers.

changeset:   10042:744eae296091
user:        Leonard2 <>
Fixed: the recording of player positions for unlagged was shifted by one tic (fixes 3316).

changeset:   10043:7307eca120ba
user:        Leonard2 <>
Fixed: the spawning of debug actors for unlagged was shifted by one tic if gametic-based unlagged was used.

changeset:   10044:eb2718d985ee
user:        Diego Cea <>
- Added sv_nounlaggedbfgtracers zadmflag to disable backwards reconciliation for the BFG9000 Tracers (addresses 2854)

changeset:   10045:3f53197609cd
user:        Edoardo Prezioso <>
- Fixed: ACS function SetSkyScrollSpeed didn't work online (addresses 3318).

changeset:   10046:20598bffd953
user:        Teemu Piippo <>
Fixed: name change flood checking was done too quickly, fixes 3270

changeset:   10047:17988057cdbb
user:        Teemu Piippo <>
Rename sv_forcegldefaults to sv_forcevideodefaults to extend its domain to the software renderer. Old name kept for compatibility

changeset:   10048:c10b62853457
user:        Teemu Piippo <>
r_3dfloor is now forced to be true when sv_forcevideodefaults is true.

changeset:   10049:6f34993bfb49
user:        Leonard2 <>
Added network syncing for the player's jumpTic changes (addresses 2298).

changeset:   10050:a957d0360974
user:        Diego Cea <>
- Fixes spectators being taken into account for range distance checks when respawning players under certain conditions.

changeset:   10051:c66dd9b9ec47
user:        Leonard2 <>
Fixed: P_PlayerThink was called after the previous players had already moved online potentially voiding hitscan attacks (fixes 3315).

changeset:   10052:460cd3ff8813
user:        Edoardo Prezioso <>
- Fixed the remaining issues with SetSkyScrollSpeed (addresses 3318).
1) Fixed: newly connected clients weren't informed about sky scroll speed changes.
2) Fixed: the sky scroll speed wasn't reset when doing a map reset.

changeset:   10053:4fd62e0dea1e
user:        Leonard <>
Added a missing check for Zandronum client demos in R_InterpolateView.

changeset:   10054:21034b67d2e8
user:        Teemu Piippo <>
Fixed color codes in callvote reason strings bleeding, fixes 1564

changeset:   10055:8323140096a2
user:        Edoardo Prezioso <>
Backed out changeset: 2ad9d0af9083 (fixes 2748).

changeset:   10056:f021b9d76668
user:        Edoardo Prezioso <>
Fixed the 3.0 weapons desync issues for real (fixes 2607).

changeset:   10057:05562f2d4b85
user:        Teemu Piippo <>
Added the debug function FString::Quote to inspect the contents of a string.

changeset:   10058:8b7e1286df26
user:        Leonard <>
Revert the fix for 1633 as it is no longer needed.

changeset:   10059:da3a038066be
user:        Edoardo Prezioso <>
- Fixed: The 'Color Setter' and the 'Fade Setter' things weren't handled properly on map resets (fixes 3341).

changeset:   10060:cb139384a4e6
user:        Edoardo Prezioso <>
- Fixed: A_JumpIfTargetInsideMeleeRange and A_JumpIfTargetOutsideMeleeRange weren't handled properly online (fixes 3312).

changeset:   10061:7436351fb623
user:        Edoardo Prezioso <>
- Fixed: Same-spot respawn didn't work anymore with dead spectators (fixes 3339).

changeset:   10062:4a482ed931fd
user:        Leonard <>
Fixed the offset issue with gametic-based unlagged.

changeset:   10063:b9924ae73119
user:        Leonard <>
Fixed: clients didn't take in account cl_ticsperupdate when sending their server gametic which threw off unlagged (fixes 3317).

changeset:   10064:a98fb2bc6ad1
user:        Edoardo Prezioso <>
- Fixed: A_CheckLOF wasn't handled properly online (fixes 3338).

changeset:   10065:9479c4fa2f10
user:        Leonard <>
Removed unnecessary formatting code from Zandronum (fixes 1165).
Important things to note:
-It's still possible to say colorized stuff in the chat but only from the console
-Bot chat lines used to always be formatted
Considering our chat code is already very different from ZDoom, we should still enforce the formatting on chat lines.

changeset:   10066:1d4d5b675cc8
user:        Leonard <>
Enforce formatting in chat messages.

changeset:   10067:14cdad4103dd
user:        Leonard <>
Removed the unused function PLAYER_GetName.
On top of being unused, it also relied on the old formatting code.

changeset:   10068:c4547bd99db9
user:        Leonard <>
Removed unformatted terminating color codes where userinfo_t::GetName was used.
Those were also unnecessary as userinfo_t::GetName always return the name with an already formatted terminating color code.

changeset:   10069:8e4effc4af32
user:        Leonard <>
Removed more unformatted terminating color codes.
Those were also not needed to begin with.

changeset:   10070:1111e27803b1
user:        Leonard <>
Properly format strings that are going to be printed to the console.

changeset:   10071:e2f08ac1dfef
user:        Edoardo Prezioso <>
- Fixed the DROPPED flag not being removed from level-spawned things when not needed (fixes 2691 for real).

changeset:   10072:b3db6aca7e70
user:        Rachael Alexanderson <anonymous@none.none>
- added some security for MENUDEF commands in c_dispatch to curb some possible skulldrugery that may be possible.

changeset:   10073:e810fdfd30f3
user:        Torr Samaho
white listed some more commands for MENUDEF

changeset:   10074:c11f78a5b028
user:        Torr Samaho
white listed some more commands for MENUDEF

changeset:   10075:8c377d2f469a
user:        Christoph Oelckers <c.oelckers@zdoom.fake>
- fixed: The ACS String garbage collector only looked at the active script's stack but never considered a recursive call from another script.
Fixing this required adding an external list of active stack objects that the garbage collector can access.
A nice side effect: It's no longer necessary to pass around the stack info to various functions that might end up triggering a garbage collection.

changeset:   10076:aab96d2cda11
user:        Christoph Oelckers <c.oelckers@zdoom.fake>
- removed debug output from previous commit.

changeset:   10077:baea43980f57
user:        Randy Heit <rheit@zdoom.fake>
Add script array support to ZDoom

changeset:   10078:496cbfe17faa
user:        alexey.lysiuk <>
Added unsafe execution context for console commands
Some console commands are insecure because they access user's file system
Such commands cannot be executed from MENUDEF and KEYCONF aliases

changeset:   10079:ed548ce40a54
user:        alexey.lysiuk <>
Marked a few commands as unsafe
This process of finding unsafe commands is not complete!

changeset:   10080:bc4d2eb2fe17
user:        alexey.lysiuk <>
Prohibited setting of non-mod CVARs from unsafe alias

changeset:   10081:2a9260331c68
user:        alexey.lysiuk <>
Added propagation of unsafe execution context to waiting command
Thanks Edward-san for pointing this out

changeset:   10082:e05530078936
user:        Christoph Oelckers <>
- DWaitingCommand needs to serialize its unsafe state.

changeset:   10083:939fcf076140
user:        Christoph Oelckers <>
- marked a few more CCMDs unsafe.

changeset:   10084:f11e8367ee30
user:        Torr Samaho
marked another command as unsafe

changeset:   10085:d084c5e6b76b
user:        alexey.lysiuk <>
Marked two more CCMDs as unsafe

changeset:   10086:6ac61b6a0c3e
user:        alexey.lysiuk <>
Restore unsafe execution context to its previous value

changeset:   10087:c1bf6feec533
user:        alexey.lysiuk <>
Made unsafe execution context check for CVARs more strict
This prevents changing of non-mod CVARs from unsafe context for various code paths including set and toggle CCMDs

changeset:   10088:af9c9c4e2ffe
user:        alexey.lysiuk <>
Marked internal menu commands as safe
This fixes soundfont/patchset/config selection menus in advanced sound options

changeset:   10089:dae493dbf047
user:        alexey.lysiuk <>
Fixed resetting CVARs via internal menu CCMDs
This restores functionality of reset to defaults/saved menu options

changeset:   10090:791337ff3e27
user:        alexey.lysiuk <>
- ACS stack checking (proxy commit by Rachael)

changeset:   10091:222f63be7861
user:        alexey.lysiuk <>
Uniform way to guard ACS stack and variables
ACS VM stack and map/world/global variables arrays are now checked for out of bounds access

changeset:   10092:f13ceea6de92
user:        Torr Samaho
fixed Linux compile problems

changeset:   10093:96ad2df43dbc
user:        Torr Samaho
Fixed an ACS related server and client crash.

changeset:   10094:f290d6fea81c
user:        Teemu Piippo <>
added another include to fix Linux compile problems

changeset:   10095:b9ca8fdfff4f
user:        alexey.lysiuk <>
Added bounds check for local variables in ACS VM

changeset:   10096:d303c9da15b2
user:        Leonard <>
First prototype of a movement command buffer "regulator".

changeset:   10097:20f92be7d372
user:        Leonard <>
Reduced the movement buffer's emptying speed from 2 every tic to 4 every 3 tics.

changeset:   10098:29b7c21c0d9c
user:        Leonard <>
Fixed: made the ticrate a proper 35hz (with sleeping) on both windows clients and servers (fixes 3334).

changeset:   10099:2da86fcabfd8
user:        Teemu Piippo <>
CMake fix to python code generator

changeset:   10100:417ca412c313
user:        Teemu Piippo <>
Fix sys.path under Windows

changeset:   10101:77005adfb671
user:        Torr Samaho
Fixed a problem with Pythong 3.6.x under Windows.

changeset:   10102:546f5d2f83a8
tag:         tip
user:        Torr Samaho
updated SQLite to 3.23.1

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Re: Zandronum 3.1-alpha-180429-2031


Post by Sean » Tue May 01, 2018 9:53 pm

Whew, finally. Will get this on TSPG as soon as I can.

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Re: Zandronum 3.1-alpha-180429-2031


Post by Combinebobnt » Wed May 02, 2018 3:02 am

woah whats this 1 at the end of the 3?

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Re: Zandronum 3.1-alpha-180429-2031


Post by mifu » Wed May 02, 2018 1:55 pm

Found that this alpha causes stuttering in game. See for more information

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Re: Zandronum 3.1-alpha-180429-2031


Post by The real Apaul27 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 4:52 am

Is this build is based on the latest version of GZDoom?

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