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Re: Zandronum 3.0-alpha-160814-2010

Post#61 by Yrvyne » 6 months ago

doomjoshuaboy wrote:Your updated compiler worked thanks a bunch!!!!!

You're very welcome!
I already received suggestions on how to improve it.
This is a learning curve for myself, which is why my progress is slow.

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Re: Zandronum 3.0-alpha-160814-2010

Post#62 by Retro Gamer » 5 months ago

That is true, but it can't download alphas that don't exist like in the case of the missing Zandronum 3.0-alpha-160814-2010 Linux build from

Sean wrote:"It already supports both alpha and stable versions. It will even download alphas for you."

I'll try grabbing your build and see how it runs on my Manjaro desktop.

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