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Q-Zandronum 1.3.1


Post by geNia » Tue Dec 13, 2022 3:32 am

Q-Zandronum 1.3.1 has been released!

Hopefully all known bugs have been fixed and newly added ones aren't serious enough to cause another update so soon.
You can get the engine build from Q-Zandronum website
  • Moved chat input out of the bottom left corner because it overlays other UI elements.
  • Fixed singleplayer bots not playing jump sounds.
  • Fixed deathmatch warmup not resetting map actors.
  • Fixed double the amount of blood spills in multiplayer.
  • Fixed jittery model interpolation.
  • Fixed change level delay still being active if you `changemap` after the game ends.
  • Fixed the game showing incorrect player stats when spectating someone who killed another player.
  • Fixed full path texture patches not loading.
  • Fixed incorrect obituary messages in multiplayer games.
  • Removed the "press +strafe to double tap" feature.
  • Added +GROUNDSECONDJUMP and +USER4JUMP second jump flags. For details go to Q-Zandronum wiki.
  • Backported A_GiveToChildren, A_TakeFromChildren, A_GiveToSiblings and A_TakeFromSiblings from Zandronum 3.1.
  • Backported RGF_NOSIGHT and RGF_MISSILES flags for A_RadiusGive from Zandronum 3.1.

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