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Zandronum 3.1-alpha-211128-1928


Post by Kaminsky » Sun Nov 28, 2021 9:19 pm

Thank you to everyone who provided more feedback on the skip correction's performance! Last week's testing revealed that there were still problems that needed to be addressed: weapons were becoming desynced, shots sometimes felt delayed or were being dropped, and lagging players still stuttered on their ends in some cases, regardless of what they set cl_backupcommands to. This new build should cover any known issues with the skip correction, along with several other minor bug fixes.

Another change worth mentioning is that modders can now change the result value of some ACS EVENT scripts to do interesting things like:
  • Decide on whether or not chat messages will get printed on the screen with GAMEEVENT_CHAT.
  • Change how much damage will actually be inflicted on an actor with GAMEEVENT_ACTOR_DAMAGED or GAMEEVENT_ACTOR_ARMORDAMAGED. The latter is a new event type that unlike the former, triggers just before an actor's armor absorbs any of the damage.
Any new feedback on the changes to the skip correction is greatly appreciated. Happy testing everyone!

Here is the full Mercurial changelog:

Code: Select all

changeset:   10716:d0d2de6f5714
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Only append "Co-op" to the end of "Survival" on the countdown screen if survival hasn't been renamed to something else.

changeset:   10717:811e5641a116
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed players not spawning on coop spawns when playing cooperative game modes with teams.

changeset:   10718:7c3511500e0d
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed players on different teams still being treated as allies in cooperative game modes.

changeset:   10719:ceda93cb4457
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Merged all the server commands that updated a team's score into one single command: "SetTeamScore".

changeset:   10720:7ba3a676b877
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed a crash when showing the scoreboard on team-based game modes that players earned kills in.

changeset:   10721:82a0c2990c18
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
The backtrace is no longer cancelled if the player didn't press any inputs for all late commands.

changeset:   10722:bb3e60a8bec3
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed non-backup weapon select commands from being processed by the skip correction.

changeset:   10723:8ff4cd1e0346
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed weapons being delayed or desynced, and shots being ignored for lagging clients in some cases, which were caused by the skip correction.

changeset:   10724:5470d1304712
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed lagging clients still feeling jittery on their ends due to the skip correction.

changeset:   10725:a9f4423847ec
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Added support for deciding the outcome of certain game events by changing the result value of ACS EVENT scripts.

changeset:   10726:c363af79fb90
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
The result value of GAMEEVENT_ACTOR_DAMAGED event scripts can now be used to change the final damage that the target will take.

changeset:   10727:3ee6f181216f
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
- The result value of GAMEEVENT_CHAT event scripts can now be used to determine whether or not the chat message will be displayed. The saved chat message no longer contain color codes either.
- The cleaned chat string without color codes is now also sent to bots.

changeset:   10728:aeda7ffcd0bd
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Allow players to reactivate the ThrustThing and ThrustThingZ line specials during a backtrace.

changeset:   10729:ca40f5867644
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
The skip correction no longer thrusts a player after performing a backtrace anymore.

changeset:   10730:33f7f8b86568
tag:         tip
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Added a variant of GAMEEVENT_ACTOR_DAMAGED that is triggered just before an actor's armor can absorb any damage, called GAMEEVENT_ACTOR_ARMORDAMAGED.

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