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Zandronum 3.1-alpha-211116-0614


Post by Kaminsky » Wed Nov 17, 2021 4:00 am

Thanks a lot for the valuable feedback on the last beta! There was some major issues with the skip correction, and other bugs where the "connection interrupted" message kept appearing that needed to be resolved right away, so we're back with another beta for you! Particularly, the skip correction now extrapolates a player's movement for 3 tics by default, down from 10 tics, and for up to 7 tics maximum, down from 35 tics. It would be very appreciated if server hosts could enable the skip correction (sv_smoothplayers) to verify that it works without any problems.

This build also includes the "nextmap" and "nextsecret" vote types submitted by DrinkyBird, and a new executable icon for Windows users made by Medicris years ago. Happy testing everyone!

Here is the full Mercurial changelog:

Code: Select all

changeset:   10647:845474b7e3e7
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
SetDeadSpectator can now revive dead spectators while the game is waiting for players or in the countdown sequence.

changeset:   10648:3e9b2a7c87a8
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed a "connection interrupted" issue that newly connected players got if cl_startasspectator was disabled for them.

changeset:   10649:f93ae13e9596
user:        Joshua Surace <>
Fixed a Mac OS compile error.

changeset:   10650:cbcf4b7629d8
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed players being frozen and the level being changed a second time if it was previously changed during the results sequence.

changeset:   10651:1277abe169f9
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Removed an extra frame from the InMenu icon's animation loop.

changeset:   10652:4195a66bfce9
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed player names not being truncated properly if they're longer than MAXPLAYERNAMEBUFFER.

changeset:   10653:b92572d5324d
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Let clients set a sector's friction level in P_SpawnSpecials, since the server only tells them about a sector's friction level if it actually changed.

changeset:   10654:29b6efb9754a
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Make sure we've read the entire byte stream of a CLC_SAY command before making any important checks. Also added a check so that clients can't maliciously send private messages to themselves.

changeset:   10655:d0f765f6f32a
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Added another check so that clients can't maliciously send private messages to invalid players or bots.

changeset:   10656:2aa7d2d14c84
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed timestamps appearing twice in private messages containing the "/me" prefix.

changeset:   10657:c173e5330ea9
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed "MoveLocalPlayer" from still processing a player's movement if the current update was outdated.

changeset:   10658:2d11dcb1f248
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Replaced sv_noprivatechat with sv_allowprivatechat, which adds a third option to limit private messaging to teammates only.

changeset:   10659:53ddc68c073e
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Always try to find a valid receiver to send a private message to, even if there's not enough players.

changeset:   10660:7d7d643fa942
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
The scoreboard now tries to draw multiple limit strings on the same line in order to condense the height of the scoreboard's header as much as possible.

changeset:   10661:a040fb4c3bf1
user:        Sean Baggaley <>
Added new nextmap and nextsecret vote types.

changeset:   10662:779c0cee0182
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Increased the hold time of the "waiting for players" message slightly. This helps mitigate the message from fading out too early in rare cares.

changeset:   10663:074f3c7323a1
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Added the CVar "sv_respawndelaytime", which allows servers to decide how long players must wait before they can respawn.

changeset:   10664:9fe0350a5dec
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
sv_shootthroughallies and sv_dontpushallies do not affect P_LinePickActor, and can now also be ignored by actors with the FORCEALLYCOLLISION flag.

changeset:   10665:a51d8a86b547
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
The client now sends their gametic to the server whenever they want to change teams.

changeset:   10666:4d05e27f93b2
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Inform clients exactly how much longer they still need to wait before joining, changing teams, or suiciding again, not how long they should at least wait for.

changeset:   10667:e03a5479405f
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed GetCurrentGamemode leaving an unwanted prefix at the beginning of the string.

changeset:   10668:1894ada73498
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
P_AimLineAttack now ignores allies if sv_shootthroughallies is enabled, unless forced in certain cases. This particularly fixes the BFG's tracers still hitting a shooter's teammates even when the flag was enabled.

changeset:   10669:639ca9f82a4d
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Reduced the maximum number of tics the server can extrapolate a player's movement to 7 tics and changed the default value of sv_extrapolatetics to 3.

changeset:   10670:fde2d563b84c
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Renamed sv_backtracelimit to sv_backtracethreshold and added a maximum threshold of 96 map units.

changeset:   10671:1d9b848f6646
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Don't start backtracing a player until we receive at least one movement command from them on time.

changeset:   10672:2a8e39f05de1
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Reset a client's extrapolation data whenever they die or spectate.

changeset:   10673:2606aef8c88c
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed how the server resets the client's tic buffer when they respawn properly.

changeset:   10674:af5f7cc70236
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Backed out changeset: c173e5330ea9

changeset:   10675:d81388a0a045
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Backed out changeset: 9845eca15f99

changeset:   10676:cb34acd5c3f4
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Always update the movement of the local player even when they're extrapolated, but just send them their last known position and velocity.

changeset:   10677:8e76037d9f99
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Added the function server_ShouldPerformBacktrace, to organize the skip correction's backtrace code better.

changeset:   10678:afefcf7e3a13
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed the skip correction's debug messages.

changeset:   10679:6df57ca8b67a
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Added the function SERVER_IsExtrapolatingPlayer.

changeset:   10680:f5ab31e97afb
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Don't perform a backtrace on a player who teleported or took environmental damage during extrapolation.

changeset:   10681:bc20ac60c941
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Added sv_respawndelaytime to the gameplay options menu.

changeset:   10682:715be8c2051e
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Replaced the executable icon with a more sleek, modern design originally made by Medicris.

changeset:   10683:2ee508e5a1bd
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed an incorrect line.

changeset:   10684:df949425b45b
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
SetPlayerClass can now assign random classes to players.

changeset:   10685:521fe08784b8
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed CVars with the CVAR_SERVERINFO or CVAR_SENSITIVESERVERSETTING flags from being synced with clients without RCON access.

changeset:   10686:efc0e1e15b4b
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Have the server notify the clients about any changes to the skip correction's settings.

changeset:   10687:45ab0df22a47
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
The backtrace now hijacks the unlagged sector's reconciliation to restore the ceiling/floor of all sectors to what they were when the player was being extrapolated.

changeset:   10688:89fb6be7a545
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed SetPlayerClass not checking for invalid players, and not informing clients about a player's new class.

changeset:   10689:444e5d616540
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Stop SetPlayerClass from choosing random players if they're supposed to be forbidden.

changeset:   10690:827056fa4e59
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Made a minor cosmetic change to the backtrace code.

changeset:   10691:6efa764c923f
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Don't perform a backtrace on a player who activated any specials during extrapolation.

changeset:   10692:e59c29f7a11b
tag:         tip
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Don't let players activate a thing's special by bumping into or using them while being backtraced.

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Re: Zandronum 3.1-alpha-211116-0614


Post by dr_lawlz » Wed Nov 17, 2021 6:22 pm

need zcc_interpolateweapons for smooth frames implemented cuz I cant go back after using that for so long

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