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Zandronum 3.1-alpha-211030-1716


Post by Kaminsky » Sun Oct 31, 2021 9:55 pm

Thank you to everyone who provided us with feedback on the previous beta build! There were a lot of regressions and crashes that needed to fixed, so here's another beta to cover them all. With the way things are looking with 3.1, we think it would be a good idea to test for another week unless any new major issues show up. Now would be a good time to test out 3.1 if you haven't already before we go forward with the final release. :wink:

Here is the full Mercurial changelog:

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changeset:   10631:b2481d649f59
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed the server sending color codes in the hostname to RCON clients.

changeset:   10632:29ca4865441a
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed the wiki links under the help tab in the server console window.

changeset:   10633:64c593e0162c
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
"sv_shootthroughallies" and "sv_dontpushallies" now apply to actors designated to a player's team.

changeset:   10634:d0c7ef866114
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Did more cleanup in ChangeSpy and fixed dead spectators being unable to spy on enemy players in teamlms if lms_spectatorview was enabled.

changeset:   10635:72dea92ff701
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Changed some char pointers into FString objects. This particuarly fixes a crash when clients tried calling a flag vote on Linux servers.

changeset:   10636:e6fda3d9a7da
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Changed the default value of "sv_noflagvote" to true. Server hosts will now have to enable this vote type in case they're okay with players changing game settings.

changeset:   10637:1e8f828d6169
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Compatibility flags can no longer be used in a flag vote.

changeset:   10638:431ddc8a6c27
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed some misleading information in the version history.

changeset:   10639:69d7f3b61b9b
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed a crash that occurred when restoring certain CVars modified by ConsoleCommand back to their original values upon exiting the game.

changeset:   10640:719961fae9fa
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed a server crash that occurred if the player changed their class then joined spectators.

changeset:   10641:c635d7933912
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed the RCON login menu from opening instead if the user tried opening the save menu in an online game.

changeset:   10642:671f6c0bf343
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed only movement commands that arrived too late from being ignored. We must also ignore backup weapon select commands that arrive too late.

changeset:   10643:ae2750a2491f
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Changed the object of the LastMoveCMD pointer member in CLIENT_s, from ClientCommand to ClientMoveCommand.

changeset:   10644:94e24a5f2126
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Added a check in SERVER_ResetClientTicBuffer to ensure that the client is valid.

changeset:   10645:07aa30b6be5f
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Fixed the client's last movement command and gametic not being updated when a backtrace isn't performed.

changeset:   10646:366f5d10bc73
tag:         tip
user:        Adam Kaminski <>
Added more debug information to sv_smoothplayers_debuginfo.

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