712 Hud Display (Weapons, Hud, Crosshair skins)

Player skins and alike for Zandronum & ZDoom.
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712 Hud Display (Weapons, Hud, Crosshair skins)


Post by Shane » Sun Feb 03, 2019 9:52 am

This is a weapons, hud and crosshair skin replacement for doom. It features custom sounds and sprites, many of which the sources have been lost to time.

All the weapons minus pistol, fist and chainsaw have been rips from stomper.wad and the pistol originates from one of the armas wads, unsure which in particular, modified by me to have a second hand underneath. Features two new crosshairs for slots 8 and 9

All the sounds I cannot recall at this time besides the easy ones like rocket launcher being from quake and teleporter sound is from hexen. Sorry I don't have much information about these sounds at this time, this was more of a personal project for personal use, so I never bothered to log my sources properly.

Regardless it's here if someone wants to use it in their skins folder, feel free: huddisplay712.wad

And here is a video showcasing the weapons:

phpBB [media]

and a picture of the new hud


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Re: 712 Hud Display (Weapons, Hud, Crosshair skins)


Post by Ænima » Fri Feb 22, 2019 2:02 pm

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Doom64: Unabsolved: New weapons, monsters, and gameplay features for coop !

: a pack made by our community

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