Skulltag Skins

Player skins and alike for Zandronum & ZDoom.
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Skulltag Skins


Post by DevilHunter » Tue Jun 26, 2012 8:00 pm

There is also no hardlink to the st skins I see.. So here you go



If there is any I missed, feel free to let me know. I can't remember if I put the newCrashSkin into the skins folder. If not, you can get it Here

Old Link to STSkins



EDIT: fixed the optional skins link. It wasn't pointing to the optinal/skins folder

EDIT 2: Added in STSkinsV2

Link to STSkinsV2 - Basicly a pk3, containing all the StSkins, including the new Crash one. I left the skininfo lumps in there, and made a list.


Here is an updated STSkins pk3. Basicly just removed the DSTAUNT file from it so that if you have say.. a custom taunt to replace Carn's taunt, it won't overwrite it anymore.


EDIT 3: Fixed the links on this post.

I changed up my wads directory, so yea.. Updated Links.

EDIT 4: Added a link to STSkinsV2.1. Read above for reason why.
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