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Testing a CLIENTSIDE script fix

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2013 5:43 pm
by Torr Samaho
Since it was recently discovered that Zandronum doesn't handle CLIENTSIDE scripts during map resets properly causing some kind of mods to be impossible when map resets are involved I made a fix for the issue. I'm not sure though if this fix breaks anything else, so I would be very happy if this fix would receive some more testing.

Here you can find a testing binary and more information on the bug.

RE: Testing a CLIENTSIDE script fix

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2013 9:02 pm
by ibm5155
:O that can explain why many of my scritps didn´t worked on zm09. I´ll test it right now

Didn´t fixed =/

The lights still red when mission failed, and when it was raining you can see the rainfall =/

Test wads:Skulltag_actors,Skulltag_data126, zh-beta26,zh-beta26fix2,zh-mappack8a,zh-testpack_r6.
Map tested:zm09 (I abused from clientsides)

Since I´m talking about zm09 I´ll show another but when mission fail
[spoiler]Before Lava flood
After lava flood
Map restarted after fail the mission
Dead when I touched the sector with lava before the server restart

so here´s the result with this binary test
[spoiler]A normal area
After the mission failed dead by white face

The why it´s weird and red is because when he kills you, it transform the map on a nightmare (red lights, nice musics, dead marines apearing everywhere) it should only affect dead spectators, but when the mission fails and reset, the map still looks like when you were dead (it shouldn´t happen =/)[/spoiler]