History from Clan [OSC]

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History from Clan [OSC]


Post by [CGS]KikaDrums » Fri Oct 25, 2019 7:01 pm

History from Clan [OSC]
Community Games Spot CGS
Beginning the history of the Community CGS in 2015, I have to start explained about the Comuninadade Drums Spot in 2011, which is a community for musicians that I, Duda Neves, Matt Pathella, Ricardo Magalhes, music teachers and drummers too, have created for all musicians and is active until now, well, as I also like to play and music, So I solved with Lejionator and DarkEnergy, create from CDS Community Drums Spot, we formed CGS Community Games Spot that for any type of players, having respect for each other players, it is free, it is only the friendship, union and respect between the members.
Since among the musicians I know, this is not happening, and I know a lot of musicians. Since I love shooting games specifically today I changed the name to [OSC] Official Shooter Center, which is a better name that only refers to shooting games in general . Clan of Zandronum, I have my faith that this clan goes forward !!! contact:
[FS]KikaDrums # 7102 in Discord. Community that changes today in memory of my beloved :heart: father.Thanks

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