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USQC- US Quake Community

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 1:14 am
by NationwideMoose
Hello everyone we are The US Quake Community. We were founded in January 2019 with the principle goal of bringing people of NA in one central location to play QuakeWorld, Quake 3, and Doom. We currently have 5 QuakeWorld servers: FFA, CTF, Duel, Movement training, and co op. We also have 3 of our own Doom 2 servers: DM, Duels and Survival. Our Doom servers are centered around a more classic feel. We currently host Doom 2 Wednesday night deathmatch every week at 8PM CST and are looking to find a day to host a weekly survival event. If you are interested in playing with us then please join the discord at