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Clan Forum Rules


Post by Alice » Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:50 pm

Creating a new clan thread
  1. The purpose of this forum is to allow people to announce their clans and provide any necessary information regarding them. Additionally serves as a record keeper of active/retired clans.
  2. The first post of a clan thread must include this information about the clan: name, members, type (competitive/development), basic rules of recruitment/membership.
  3. It is recommended that the first post of a clan should include this information about the clan: date of creation, objective.
  4. The first post of a clan thread should look neat, be easy to read, navigate and collect all the necessary information.
  5. The first post of a clan thread must not be offensive, discriminating towards other clans or users and should not agitate any form of hostile discussion.
  6. It is advised to notice the respective moderators if the clan becomes inactive/retired via PM or a reply to the thread, so that they can keep this place nice and clean.
General posting
  1. No idiotic posting. Posts in the vein of competitive spirit, good! Posts which include 18 curses, 6 racial slurs, and no useful content, for example, are not allowed.
  2. Try to include content in your posts. Feel free to wish a clan luck, but try to contribute to the thread as well!
  3. Set up clan matches in "Tournaments & Matches."
  4. For anything not mentioned here, the general forum guidelines still apply.
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