Avatars still down

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Avatars still down


Post by infurnus » Tue May 27, 2014 9:23 pm

To prevent my inbox flooding: Yes I am aware the forum avatars are not showing.
The system we use for avatars on Zandronum.com (which is also used on the tracker) is handled separately from the forums' MyBB software.

If you've visited the front page recently, you may have heard that Zandronum.com is being migrated to a new server. After the new server is set up, the forums themselves will be migrated as well.

You can visit the front page to check the status of the migration at any time.
If you see a white page with text, it's still being migrated, if you see the Zandronum logo and a darker background, then it's safe to assume it's been migrated.

You may also need to refresh the forum page to see avatars, though only attempt this once every 2 days/48 hours, as doing it more than that is not required due to the way the avatar system's caching works.
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