[MyBB] Forum update changelog

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[MyBB] Forum update changelog


Post by infurnus » Tue Jan 14, 2014 2:59 am

EDIT: This is deprecated since we moved to phpbb

I'll try to update this post the best I can when/if we issue minor forum updates (ie not MyBB or PHP version updates, etc.)

(The following will contain update info, latest updates at the top; Month/Day/Year)

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* 12/7/2014
- Thursday Night Last Man Standing event sub-forum added.

* 11/2/2014
- Fixed issue for some users seeing "no permission" warnings.

* 10/4/2014
- Fixed some missed typos and errors in the forum guidelines, updated impersonation section based on user feedback

* 10/3/2014
- Updated formatting in Forum Guidelines (now v4.0), & added blurbs to Ban Evasion and Warnings sections based on moderator suggestions.
- Fixed issues with admin rights and control panel, should fix rare 'no permission' messages.
- Added some stuff from staff notes to this public changelog

* 9/26/2014
- Fixed some formatting with the Forum Guidelines (now v3.5).

* 8/23/2014
- Fixed up clan subforum rights for legion

* 8/16/2014
- Anti-spam stuff should be better (added disposable email domains to disallowed emails list)
- Fixed a few rare theme glitches, MCP should also be cleaner and easier to read now

* 7/25/2014
- Complete rewrite of main rules (wording/verbosity only) & extended the guidelines a bit. Registration agreement now only contains main rules and has a link to the guidelines and further clarification.

* 6/1/2014
- Dealt with some mysterious elusive spambots/proxies. Hopefully the spambot filter won't catch innocent users!

* 4/6/2014
- Updated forum guidelines & registration agreement to have a specific clause about impersonation of other user's names via unicode/letters/numbers.

* 4/1/2014
- Re-added cheesy Igor post icon for April Fools due to user requests.

* 3/13/2014
- Updated group permissions to fix threads/subforums not being visible to users.

* 3/1/2014
- Cleaned up some minor issues, backed up forum & attempted to prepare for updated and/or future plugins.

* 2/14/2014
- Fixed up all the community/event forum groups (both the generic one & the specific FNF, SNS, etc. ones).
- Removed old Igor post icon from April Fools.

* 2/4/2014
- Cleaned up forum groups & forum group leaders
- Tried to fix post moderation (was somehow set to 2 years instead of the normal length which is just a few months)
- Adjusted MyBB's automated moderation/suspension settings further, no longer bans automatically; bans must now be given via Banning system.

* 1/24/2014
- Made MyBB's automatic suspending/banning less quick on the draw & adjusted anti-spam filter's sensitivity to have less false positives.
- Updated and fixed old/incorrect settings & group permissions.

* 1/13/2014
- Added StopForumSpam plugin; less spambot registrations.
- Added some newer forum graphics, removed some old/unused graphics.
- Fixed some control panel issues admins & moderators were having.
- [font] tag regex made more specific; font tag now uses a whitelist based on MyBB defaults and web standards (Comic Sans MS is defined for god knows why).

* 1/11/2014
- Updated a few usergroups to have the same settings that the Registered usergroup does (ie. birthdays were not showing).

* 1/8/2014
- Added and/or updated missing/old sub-forum descriptions.

* 12/19/2013
- Updated usercp.php avatars page.

* 12/13/2013
- Changed signature settings to be slightly less conservative (512 to 640 char limit).

* 12/1/2013
- Updated rules blurb in Clans section & announcer acct. post to be up to date.

* 11/25/2013
- Fixed users being able to edit trashed posts.

* 11/20/2013
- Tinkered with settings to reduce server load.

* 10/23/2013
- Tinkered with & cleaned frontpage .css footer code, link icons area will now dynamically resize to fit more icons (only works horizontally/left-right).
* 10/21/2013
- Fixed signature height limit, & made signature preview in usercp have same height limit.

* 10/18/2013
- Fixed up some issues w/ themes & site css/dcss (removed CSS1 era !important tags for example)

* 10/5/2013
- New theme and stuff! http://zandronum.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=3618

* 10/1/2013
- tried to fix issue http://zandronum.com/tracker/view.php?id=1528 (a cheap hack though)
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