ONE-DAY ProgDuel 2v2 TOURNAMENT being hosted by Multiplayer Doom Federation

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ONE-DAY ProgDuel 2v2 TOURNAMENT being hosted by Multiplayer Doom Federation


Post by NationwideMoose » Tue Oct 15, 2019 8:47 pm

MDF ONE-DAY PROG DUEL TDM TOURNAMENT scheduled for Saturday, October 19th @4pm EDT/ 10pm CEST on ZANDRONUM.

There will be two divisions division A and division B. division A is for the higher skilled players and division B is for the newer or more casual players. Each division will have its own champion.
If there are not enough teams for two divisions they could be consolidated into one.

- Games will be played best of three except for the finals which will be best of five.
- Your team will be randomly assigned another team to play once in the server both teams will call a coinflip the winner gets to pick the first map. The loser gets to pick the second map. If a third round is needed another coinflip will settle who gets to pick.
- Games will be played first to 50 frags.
- You can only choose the same map once per match up. In other words you cant choose the same map for the third round of your match up that you played on the first or second round.
- There will be 4 servers up for the event two NA and two EU which location will be determined by majority or a coinflip in case of a tie.
- Each team in the divisions will play each other once before it is determined who will progress to the semi finals/finals.
- Take a screenshot of the screen after the round is over to avoid any disputes.


Pack for the event- progduel2.pk3
MDF Discord:

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